Monday, March 7, 2016

Travel Halo Review

The travel Halo is designed to make sleeping while sitting up a comfortable experience. It was invented by a guy, Mike, who traveled a lot and was looking for a better option.

This is extremely helpful if you are traveling, or while you are sick!
This will run you about $25. The travel halo is pretty compact and has a carrying pouch. This could be really helpful for road trips! This is small compared to many of the u shaped products out there.
The travel halo has two pads on the back to keep your head from falling one direction or the other causing cricks in your neck. The front has a flap of fabric to shield your eyes from sun and distractions. I don’t know that I would personally use this on public transit, but for a road trip, absolutely!

The travel halo is made from high grade blend of cotton, polyester, and Spandex. Its stretchy so it fits nearly any size head. 

What I LOVE about Travel halo is that the partners are Army vets. The Travel Halo gives a 20% discount to all former and current US military, just give them a call!

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