Wednesday, December 30, 2015

E hydrate review

E-Hydrate sent me a sample selection of their products to review.

These are AWESOME For on the go. The powder is in a premeasured container and all you do is add water! Mr. Crazy life is keeping these in his backpack for days he forgets lunch.

The hydration drink mixes,  protein on the go, and the gel packs are perfectly measured for easy use.

Hydration drink mixes come in an adult and kids version.
Feel great and stay hydrated all day long with great tasting natural fruit flavors.
E-hydrate's hydration + energy drink mixes are may be added to any liquid to deliver vitamins, minerals and more electrolytes than the leading sports drinks. 0 sugar, 1 carb and 4 calories and sweetened with sucralose. E-hydrate is healthy hydration.

The Whey protein on the go comes in chocolate and vanilla.
Finally, protein is portable and convenient. Just add water and shake to enjoy delicious, premium protein anywhere, anytime, straight from the pouch.
Protein On-the-Go is made from natural ingredients with the great flavor you crave and the nutrition you need in the world’s most innovative pouch. E-hydrate Protein On-the-Go delivers clean, natural protein with only 150 calories and just 4 grams of sugar per pouch. This is portable. protein.

E-hydrate BCAA + Energy Gels is an Innovative blend of Branched-Chain Amino Acids including leucine, isoleucine and valine which accelerate protein synthesis and muscle development. Advanced BCAA's paired with natural sugars and carbs help fuel and repair your body during and after strenuous activity. No artificial colors, 10 grams of sugar, and only 40 milligrams of caffeine.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

BladeBuddy review and giveaway

Do you want to make your blades last long and get a better shave? Check this out!
Blade buddy sent me this most awesome contraption!
You simply swipe your razor forward on the blue pad with a bit of shaving cream.
Blade Buddy maintains the sharpness of your razor blades for months, saving you money, reducing waste, and eliminating nicks, cuts, razor burn and ingrown hairs!

By using this product you smooth out any nicks or dents in your razor blades which saves you money and planet earth! How cool is that?

This product REALLY works and creates a smooth shave for both men and women!

Enter to win yours here and join the #shaveolution
You've got to try it to believe it!

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dr cool moon light review

Discover with Dr. Cool has the COOLEST products. They sent me this moon light.

This thing is fantastic!! You can change the color of the moon light to match your room OR your favorite color!
Things I love about this...
-automatic 20 minute timer with auto shutoff.
-glow in the dark remote
-a real meteorite and activity guide
-detailed lunar landscape
-shows the phases of the moon

This is great for girls and boys of any age! It truly is an adorable night light. Its battery operated so it saves on the battery life. Its fun AND educational!!

RiverTree Life Inhaler review and givewaway

 River Tree life sent me this fantastic nasal inhaler to use with essential oils!

This is extremely high quality! Its made of aluminum and glass and is refillable!! All you have to do is resaturate the cotton wick inside! You can also order new wicks for a different scent!

This is a great option for when you cant diffuse oils (like work).

Keep it handy (pocket, purse, backpack, work bag, desk, diaper bag)

I pulled this informational graphic off the RiverTree Life website to show you just how easy it is!

  Here are a few of my favorite products that I would love to try one day.
-and so much more (like the designer spray bottles - WOAH!)
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Light Stax review and giveaway

Light Stax  sent me this fantastic LED Light-Up Building Blocks Starter Set.  There are 12 blocks and a power base.  These are intended for ages 3 and up. These building blocks glow! This is so cool. I only wish the starter kit was bigger. 

The blocks are built from a power base and each block lights up as you stack them. You can even use your creation as a nightlight! How amazing is that?
There are 3 light modes…Solid, flashing, and fading that turn off after 15 minutes. While this is a fun set, you definitely need a larger set to make the really awesome stuff. Each power base can light up hundreds of light stax blocks. 

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U-lace review and giveaway

sent me this shoe laces to review.
OH MY GOSH! These laces are THE BOMB! Sure, tying shoes is a life skill, but these simplify my life! No more tripping over shoelaces, buying new shoelaces due to wear, or retying shoes because they came untied or aren’t tight enough. This simplifies a morning routine by giving you back at least two minutes of your morning.
U-lace was created to empower people to use color however they want! You can choose school colors, match your outfits, lace them in different patterns and use those patterns to make your shoes loose or tight. U-lace creates independence and individuality! The original product was customizing laces but has added products and design features in a mass produced venture.

Tim Tally has single handedly changed laces in a super fun and creative way.  I am going to be counting all my shoes and ordering a bunch of these. No more lacing my shoes? YES PLEASE!


 These laces just push through with their hard ends. Notice the two sides of the lace that acts like a butterfly and keeps the lace in place?

My daughter likes her shoes tight so I chose the 5 star and modified it. That’s exactly what U-laces are for! Each pair of laces come with a lacing pattern guide (shown here)
These laces are great for those with dexterity issues, special needs, or low frustration levels.
Take two minutes to enter this giveaway and you might win and get many more minutes back in your day! Make sure to get two packs. They are sold by individual packs so you can customize each pair of shoes.
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GoSports Dice review

Go-sports giant Dice sent me these to review.
I absolutely LOVE these dice!! They are large and very solid.
These can be used for any existing board game that requires dice to take it up a level. I am looking forward to using these this summer outdoors. The dots are heat stamped and wont come off.
Amazing quality and come with a canvas bag for storage. If you are a family that likes to play games, this is a MUST HAVE! I never knew I needed this until now!
The package comes with 6 sanded wooden dice.
Dice measure: 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.5"
Indoor/outdoor use
canvas bag

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Aesthetica Cream Contour Kit review and giveaway


Aesthetica Cream Contour Kit
Ive never used a contour kit. While the instructions were clear it took a bit of time to get used to it. This is definitely not a weekday routine for me….yet. Perhaps as I get better at it, I will be able to cut down the time. I have 30 minutes to myself to prep for work before the little one gets up. Perhaps when I master the use of it I will post pictures, but I don't want to scare you all.
Aesthetica Cream Contour Kit has 6 creams that blend to accentuate, define and highlight features.  Three Contour shades are for sculpting your natural features while downplaying problem areas, and three creams that enhance your favorite features. These creams are such beautiful color and texture. The contouring sponge is so pretty and shaped to help you get the best results. I would LOVE to see the other kits and accessories!
 The Contour Kit has removable and refillable pans which is fantastic. No more having multiple packages because you have to buy another kit for one or two colors!! The kit has a mirror and easily thrown in a travel bag.
 Æsthetica founder was only 12 when she bought her first eyeshadow. She bought a contour kit that had no helpful tips or instruction. She gave up for weeks until she realized her friends shared her frustration. She teamed up with leading makeup and developed the first product under the Æsthetica Cosmetics, a Contour Kit. Æsthetica headquarters are in Miami and has multiple kits, brush sets, beauty sponges and blush sets. This brand gets mentions on E! News and in  Life & Style magazine.
 Æsthetica is extremely passionate about educating and doesn't just launch without interactive tutorials, clear guides, Q&A segments and awesome before and after’s!
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Sunday, December 20, 2015

My Buddy Tag review and giveaway

My Buddy Tag sent me this really neat alert bracelet.

There are some cool features for a piece of mind.
-Out of range alert
-Water safety alert/Submersion alert (to help prevent drowning)
-panic button feature
-child ID in the wristband
-Email with last seen location
-IPhone and Samsung Compatible.

This is a great device for young kids, kids at camp, as well as children who tend to wander or have special needs. I would imagine this could work for a pet as well.

I would have had little crazy life wear this all the time when she was younger! Even now if we are in a crowded area I would totally have her wear this. Piece of mind is better than a lost child.

Buddy tag works with iPhone 4s and newer, Samsung Galaxy s4 and newer, Note2 and newer and Android 4.3 and later.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Daddy & Company review and giveaway - Messenger bag

Daddy & Company sent me the ultimate of man bags in exchange for my personal review.
Are you ready for this bag? I don’t think you are ready for this jelly!
Daddy & company has some pretty fantastic products, and this one is NO exception. Now even dad can be decked out with stylish baby gear!

I've been lucky enough to work them before and you can see my previous reviews here and here  Their site states "Dad-centric apparel and accessories has expanded to include quality products for Expectant, New, Active, and Experienced Daddies.  Due to this exciting expansion, we've decided Daddy & Company more accurately represents our ever-growing line of products for all dads."

I love this company for unique presents for dads and dads to be. This year they are going to have  new line of Daddy Products, new designs,upgraded Daddy Diaper Packs, Matching Dad & Toddler T-shirt sets to name a few. How exciting!
This messenger bags has two oval access ports on the sides for bottles/ water bottles/ sippy cups etc.
Their patented ergo strap and front pocket access (while closed) is amazing for a dad on the go. 
The interior is HUGE and has a Velcro divider in the middle and TONS of pouches for organization.
The interior can hold a 15” laptop and comes with a wipe holder and changing pad.
The back features adjustable stroller straps so they fit any stroller bar. I found it extremely helpful to hold extra coats, towels, or even a picnic blanket. This appears to wipe clean for the most part but easily washed as well. Its extremely sturdy and a great product for any dad (or mom).
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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

spinmaster review

Spinmaster sent me a few items to review. These are so fun and adorable!!

Little Charmers 8 inch lavender doll

This doll is SO adorable. Ive never heard of little Charmers until now. This 8” doll is absolutely adorable. She has big purple eyes that grab your heard, and pretty brownish purple hair that comes with a brush. This is a simple doll without a lot of extras. This would be great for kids with sensory issues.


Bunchems, Pets Creation Pack

This is a pack of black  spikey balls that stick to eachother. You can squish and connect them and then pull them apart. This pack has 60 pieces and 11 accessories to build a dog, pooch or a cat.

The only thing is not to get them stuck in your hair!!!! This is great for kids who like simple projects that don't like to get dirty or sticky.



Text cool Bracelet studio is a super fun project for kids! Its geared towards the older kids around 6-10.  You use the patterned bracelets in the text wheel to press the letters into the bracelet. There are also emoticons on the wheel as well. There are no batteries required. This is a SUPER fun toy for kids to express themselves with fun sayings.

Knits Cool knitting studio assembly is pretty easy and everything snaps into place. The nice thing with this studio is there is a place for everything to be stored and is much easier than knitting the traditional way. The instructions are a bit confusing for the age bracket who have no experience knitting, so I watched a few you tube videos. There is not much yarn so I would suggest getting an inexpensive skein of yarn to pair with it.

These are going to make great presents to help Santa out with his shopping. I already am planning on purchasing a couple knits cool studios to give as gifts. They look super fun!


Kachava review

Kachava sent me this cool superfood shake!

Things I love about it is its plant based and has over 70 superfoods in it!
It was a bit thick but I just used a bit more milk alternative to make it a thinner consistency. This also provided more of a meal with minimal calories. Mr Crazy life and I shared one and it was so tasty.

with multiple food allergies and sensitivities in the house I am happy to say that this is dairy ,GMO, gluten, soy, and preservative free! Because its plant based its vegan and also has no artificial sweeteners, flavors OR colors!

Sinful Colors polish and Hard Candy eye shadow review

Hard Candy sent me and eye shadow palette and sinful colors nail polish to review.
The Hard candy eye shadows were in a set of three and had a mix of great colors that go from modest nude colors and skin tones to brighter bolder colors. Very fun with a metallic ring around the palettes. They are available exclusively at Walmart.  

The nail polish was fun and ironically I bought the silver two days prior not knowing. It has more of a gel consistency and is great for a slight sheen over the top of polish. It was hard to catch this in good light because it reflects so many colors that its a beautiful polish. I used it just on the top half of my nails and put a heavier coat on the tip of my nails.  These are affordable and really fun colors in this collection. I picked up about 4 colors at target for $1.99 each.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thames and Kosmos review and giveaway

Thames and Kosmos

Originally I was going to do the reviews separately, and then I realized with Christmas coming up fast that this would be a great bundle to review!

#1 -Flower and leaf press. This is a pretty basic and awesome leaf press! I love that the kids have hands on access to put the flowers and leaves in the press and wrap the string around. Its going to be hard to make LCL wait for these to dry! If you are giving this as a gift you will want to precut some paper to fit in the press as it acts as a barrier to keep the flowers and leaves from sticking directly to the base. After you put the cardboard down, then a flower or two, and another piece of cardboard, you sandwich it all with the two green bases. Put the zig zag presser fin in place and wrap the string around the entire press multiple times.  Beware, it will take 5-7 days for them to dry completely!

 #2 – crystal geode
If you have a rock obsessed kid, this will be awesome. You get to make a hollow rock and grow crystals inside it! My daughter FLIPS over stuff like this! :)

#3 Cosmic colors – these are really fun cosmic stained glass projects. Mix the primary colors to create new colors.   
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Stamptastic review and giveaway

Stamptastic limited sent me these cool stamps and ink pads.

This is a clear acrylic block with customized text. There is one that says "Merry Christmas from all of us" (I exclude names for privacy) and one that says "lovingly handmade by little crazy life"

I love that the block is clear because it allows for perfect positioning every time!  The name after it is stamped is clear and so awesome. We will use this on all our Christmas cards this year. I'm a bit behind, so this should save me a bit of time by having little crazy life doing some of the work. I try to write a little note in each card. 

Stamptastic also sent me their awesome stamp pads! These are so rich in color and don't appear to dry out too fast.

While it may be too late to order for Christmas this year, order for next year! These are well worth it. Super high quality and affordable.


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Sturdi Cat Products review and Giveaway

Sturdi Products sent me some really cool products.

Sturdi Pet Pyramid – look at this thing! How amazing is this? The Velcro at the top allows for attaching to a railing, a hook, or a heavy duty curtain rod. Since our kitten is small, we decided to use the curtain rod at first. We have since moved it to a railing in our sunken basement until we can get a suitable hook. This pet pyramid is fantastic. When I unpacked it, crazylife kitten jumped right into it and got cozy. We had only had her for a week at this point, so I was a bit surprised.  Enter below for your chance to get one!

The foldable large and extra-large Black SturdiBox will have SO many uses. The Sturdibox is extremely durable. The extra large is currently being used to house all of the kitten toys, and the smaller one as an additional bed tucked under a side table. For some reason my pictures disappeared of the bins but you can see them here.

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