Friday, January 27, 2017

Illumibowl toilet night light Review

Illumibowl sent me their motion activated toilet night light. If you have kids this is a MUST! No more accidents, especially with little boys!

Illumibowl has a sensor on the front, along with a battery compartment. The small piece to the left is the light that hangs on the inside of the bowl. My daughter loves this because she doesn't have to fumble for the light during the day time. Her bathroom has no window and is probably the darkest room in the house. She now doesn't even have to turn on the light day or night!

Another nice thing is that there is no need to leave a night light on at night. We can see my daughters night light from our room and it drives Mr. CrazyLife nuts to see it at night.

The suction cups secure the Illumibowl to the outside of the bowl, and the light, just under the lid.

The colors rotate through a series of colors or you can select one color. This is probably one of the items that you never thought you needed. This has been so nice at night!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

ZipBuds review and giveaway

ZipBuds sent me a pair of their slide earbuds. My first impression is the quality. They don't feel heavy, but there is a good weight to them. I like the simple packaging and the fact that there isn't a ton of extra packaging just to make them look impressive.  

ZipBuds have comfort anti-slip coating and angled earbuds for a better fit. Each package also comes with small, medium, and large ear tip sizes. I really like the angled fit. It makes them feel like they are a custom fit to you, which is important. You don't want to be messing with your earbuds when you are trying to get your workout in.

ZipBuds have a color coded left and right earbud cord so you don't have to guess which goes into which ear! That's a small time saver and gets you working out faster! ZipBuds also have zipperless zipper technology that don't tangle. LOVE that! That's one of my pet peeves when trying to get started on a workout. I have a hard enough time being motivated to workout. 

ZipBuds also have a noise eliminating microphone and a sleek volume control. ZipBuds have really good clean sound and minimal sound distortion.

This is the description on their site.
  • Powerful bass and dynamic clarity at any volume
  • Military Grade Bulletproof Fibers for supreme durability
  • Zip-Fit  Earbud Stability System
  • Sweat and water resistant to handle tough workouts
  • Sport Fit for Optimal Comfort
  • Next-Generation Tangle Free Technology
  • Noise-Filtering Microphone & Control
  • Lifetime Guarantee

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Green Goo (First Aid Salve and Natural Deodrant) Review

Little Crazy life has started to need something for the underarms. Hold me! I'm not ready for this roller coaster!
I have been looking for a natural deodorant that isn't full of aluminum or other junk that her body doesn't need. I have tried so many brands only to have them fail me. Its either the stink or wetness under the arms. GROSS! This is their high performance, plant based, and aluminum free deodorant stick.
Little Crazy Life has been using this for a few weeks. No more stink and its not filling her body with toxic chemicals. It contains Organic shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, calendula flowers, chamomile flowers, aluminum free baking soda, arrow root, sunflower oil, beeswax, lavender oil and thyme oil. ALL ORGANIC! Amaze-balls!

Next up is the GreenGoo 100% all natural first aid salve. I have used this to heal chapped lips, a burn from my pressure cooker, scrapes on the family, and severely dry hands due to the winter weather.
This has Organic olive oil, plantain, chickweed, yarrow, sage, calendula, st johns wort, comfrey leaf, gum benzoin, myrrh, chapparal, vitamin e oil and beeswax. It also has lavender and rosemary essential oil which is great for healing!

After trying both of these GreenGoo products for a few weeks, I am hooked.

Check out their GreenGoo For animals, Dry Skin stick, or just get a combo pack with a few products. There are so many products to choose from, that I'm excited to start looking into more. They have Mama and baby products, tattoo care,  intimates, sunblock Nursing cream and more!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

NuNaturals Review

NuNaturals Sent me their NuNana, Dutch Processed Cocoa, Collagen, Gellacious Gelatin, liquid stevia, and powdered stevia. As always, with anything you consume or use on your body, please do your own research as well. What is right (or not for us) may be the opposite for you. Be diligent, and listen to your body.

The NuNana banana flour and dutch cocoa make GREAT recipes. I used this for a huge batch of chocolate banana pancakes for breakfast and the freezer for later. They freeze REALLY well. I have added the cocoa to protein shakes, muffins, and made homemade cocoa with it (using honey).
We also received Collagen and gelatin which we have been adding to protein shakes.

NuStevia has Cocoa Mint syrup, cocoa syrup and a simple syrup. We limit our sugar so this has been a great alternative if you are looking at reducing your sugar consumption. These are all sugar free and calorie free. I have used the cocoa mint and cocoa in hot chocolate, protein shakes, pancakes and many other things just to add a bit of sweetness and another flavor. I notice a slight aftertaste if I use too much, so less is more. You could also use this in coffee, ice cream, oatmeal, or baking treats. You could even make a sugar free frosting or whipping cream!

NuNaturals has alcohol free Clear NuStevia, Vanilla NuStevia, Lemon NuStevia. We used these to add a bit more flavor to recipes. 5 drops (.25 ml) (approx 1/4 dropperful) is as sweet as 1 tsp of sugar. This is actually really good in tea, coffee, or lemonade! They suggest yogurt, but I don't do dairy so cannot attest to that.
These are to-go packets of the cocoa syrup! This is great if you want to order a steamer or coffee at your local coffee place and save some cash and lower your sugar!

I also had White Stevia Powder packets but lost my picture of them.

From what I can tell all their products are free of saccharin, aspartame, sucralose, artificial sweeteners, msg, preservatives, soy, milk, synthetics, artificial colors or flavors! Fantastic!

Friday, January 6, 2017

We Love Colors Review

We love Colors sent me two sets of tights. One in my size, and one in a kid size. I originally thought these were exercise leggings, but these are footless tights.  They have a few products that I would love to try especially the exercise leggings.

These tights are great for under skirts in the fall or spring when there is a bit of wind and keeps you covered if the breeze picks up. As a busy mom, these might be my new best friend. The could also help with thigh chaffing if its warm where you are. I'm trying to get back in shape so I don't have this problem, but these appear to be a great alternative in the short term.

Microfiber Footless Tights  are available in two different lengths, Capri or Ankle length. If you want good coverage and more stretch,  I would buy a size up from what you measure. These have a slight sheen (when stretched) to them as well.