Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Purse Pouch Review

Car cache sent me this purse pouch for review.

If you have kids, this is the coolest product you didn't know you needed! I have had my purse nose-dive off the front seat at least once a work on my way to and from work. Then I have to pick up everything when I arrive at my destination.  However I usually only have my daughter or I in my car, so on a normal day this wouldn't be an issue. On the weekends (for me) would be the best use of this since we have more people in the car. I don't see myself using this during the week as much as I do on the weekend when the seats in the car are full and there is no where for my purse.

Purse Pouch alleviates this! You simply attach the drawstring in the front opening of your console, Clip the buckles around the exposed headrest supports and it creates a cup for your purse.

This model has a small pocket for miscellaneous items that you don't need in your purse. Chargers, gum, gloves, etc.

This takes under two minutes to install, and is SO awesome. You will be buying this as gifts for all the women in your life if they have kids or families.

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