Monday, February 27, 2017

Wisp Broom and hand wisp review

The Wisp sent me both their full size telescoping broom and their hand wisp. Wisp was founded in 2012 by innovator and entrepreneur Eben Dobson.

The full size wisp broom can be adjusted anywhere from 21" to 52" with the telescoping handle! That makes this PERFECT for anyone in the house.

Wisp is a telescoping broom that has a 90 degree angle. The handle extends from 29" to 51" and has a cradle to hang the broom and the dustpan when not in use. The Wisp is extremely light weight.
All models of the Wisp use Bristle Seal Technology that use short, dense, 90° angle electrostatic bristles. It is said to give a squeegee-like effect. I’m not positive about that, but I do know that the floor is definitely cleaner with one pass than multiple with a regular broom.

WispPan has 4 pressure points for a smooth, clean seal to the floor. Gentle foot pressure on the dustpan holds it in place and all the debris goes into the dustpan easily without having to move it multiple times. The pan also has combs to clean out your broom bristles.

The bristles are much sturdier and dense than a regular broom reducing the effort needed to actually sweet the dirt. The 90 degree angle makes it easy to get under things without losing the debris you are sweeping. I can usually get everything in one pass! How is that for a timesaver!

I have used the full size Wisp on hardwood floors, tile, carpet, upholstery, and stairs. It is said to be good for pet hair and auto interiors as well. It’s sleek, ultra-lightweight design cleans hard to reach window screens, staircases, or ceiling corners. Unlike brooms, the dense bristles create a squeegee-like effect against the surface, reducing allergens in the air and resulting in faster cleaning. The width of the full size is about 12"


The MiniWisp has the same features as the BigWisp, just in a handheld version which is 6.5 x 1 x 7 inches

The garage wisp is 24" wide.

RiverTree Life oil planner and label review - Essential Oil Companion Organizer and label giveaway

RiverTree Life  sent me this awesome essential oil organizer. It is a mint green, with a magnetic closure.

This is the thickness of the binder. Organizer size is approx 9.2 x 7.5 x 1.2 inches. Page size is approx 5.8 x 8.3 inches
The first tab in the EO Organizer is "My oils". This page has room for the name, purchase date, safety indications, notes and storage information.  Each section has 20 pages.
 My blends section - Ingredients, reason, date, notes, ingredients and portions.
A great way to record the blends you give to family/friends. Has a spot for their name, reason, blend information and date.

This notebook is a way to compile your notes, results, and various information all in one binder that comes complete with pen loops and pockets.
This is An exclusive product of Rivertree Life, the industry leader for designer EO accessories.

* Keep all your inventory, recipes, and favorite oil recipients in one easily accessible place.
* Record data about your oils when you purchase them.
* Never again forget how long ago you bought this oil or which blends need that oil.
* Record your blend recipes when you make them along with a list of who you made that blend for.
* Document oils gifted to your friends and family and make notes about their feedback.


What better way to label your blends than with these super fun labels! 120 Prism Weatherproof Poly Labels for Essential Oil Products + 120 Matching Rounds.

Check out my previous reviews for Roller balls, masculine labels, and nasal inhaler  and another nasal inhaler review.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

zipbuds juiced 2.0 glow in the dark ear buds review and giveaway

ZipBuds sent me a pair of their glow in the dark juiced earbuds. Check out my review of the slide sport review as well.

My first impression of both pair of zipbuds is the quality. They don't feel heavy, but there is a good weight to them. I like the simple packaging and the fact that there isn't a ton of extra packaging just to make them look impressive.

ZipBuds juiced have  angled earbuds for a better fit. Each package also comes with small, medium, and large ear tip sizes. I really like the angled fit. As I mentioned in my previous review It makes them feel like they are a custom fit to you.

The juiced earbuds could benefit from the non tangle cord technology instead of the nylon cord. I haven't noticed major amounts of tangling, so its not a deal killer for me. I've actually been using this pair at my desk plugged into my computer. Its great for training videos since I am in a cube right next to another gal.

ZipBuds have an L/R printed on them so you don't have to guess which goes into which ear! That's a small time saver and gets you working out faster or like me, training videos or conference calls. Others have color coded cords like the sport slide.

ZipBuds juiced has a zipper that doesn't tangle. LOVE that! That's one of my pet peeves.

ZipBuds also have a noise eliminating microphone and a sleek volume control. ZipBuds have really good clean sound with  minimal distortion of sound.
Patented Never Tangle Zipper Cable
  • Legendary Durability

  • Precision Tuned Zipbuds Drivers: Power & Clarity

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Option - Light up the night!

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    Saturday, February 11, 2017

    SOL Organix Luxury Sheets Review

    SOL Organix sent me a white organic queen sheet set. 

    SOL Organix uses only Fair Trade Certified organic cotton to produce ethically made bedding. Their  products are made from non-GMO long-staple cotton seeds from India. They are said to produce the softest & most durable organic cotton fibers in the world.

    I love that they use NON-GMO and organic source materials for their product. As I read more about SOL, I think about how we try to eliminate chemicals in our every day life, eat as organic and Non-GMO as we can. Having used these sheets, I am rethinking our choice of bedding. We spend 1/3 of our day in bed, why would we sleep in chemicals?

    Look at how well it is packaged and presented.
    The outer cover is a cute bag! I couldn't get the sheets in the bag after the fact, but I'm a terrible sheet folder. I just stick them all in the pillow case. This queen SOL sheet is very light and breathable, while being extremely soft.  One thing I did learn is that SOL uses a single Ply yarn which produces a soft sheet instead of other companies who use 2 or 3 ply yard to make the thread count appear higher. This also makes the sheet more coarse.

    The first night when I got into bed, I immediately felt like I was in a hotel. The sheets were SUPER soft.
    Both the top and bottom of the sheets are marked so there is no guess which is the side of the fitted sheet and which is the top or bottom. This solve a problem for me in trying to determine while making the bed!
    In addition to providing high quality products, with every bedsheet purchased, SOL organix donates $7.50 to the charity you nominate. They partner with Childrens Defense Fund (Ending child poverty), Water4 (providing water), Hope for Justice (ending slavery), The fund for animals (saving animals), Autism Society(improving lives), and Smile Network (giving smiles).

    Wednesday, February 8, 2017

    Ihome Zenergy Portable Sleep Therapy Speaker

    Ihome sent me the  iHome Zenergy iZBT5 Portable Sleep Therapy Speaker. This model doesn't stand upright as well, but its the portable version and I didn't expect it to.

    This portable system is about half the size of the bedside model.

    .Check out the bedside model review here.

    We put the portable unit in Little Crazy Lifes room. She LOVES it. THe portable unit has Built-in sound therapy with 6 sound modes: (Zen, Storm, Ocean, Nature, Heartbeat and White Noise).
    The 6 color Light Therapy modes have the same color settings as the bedside model.

    The sleep timer on this portable light therapy speaker gradually decreases volume and brightness, which is great for kids! You can also wirelessly stream audio from your Bluetooth-enabled devices.
    There is also a Speakerphone with built-in microphone, digital voice echo cancellation and answer/end control. How awesome is that? There are power, pairing, charging and battery LED indicators.

    My daughter loves the aurora setting on the portable as well because its a bright cheery color that lights up her room while providing calming sounds. What she DOESNT know is that when I open her door in the morning, I turn on the nature sounds and gradually increase them until she wakes up.

    Ihome zenergy bedside sleep therapy speaker

    . Look at all the options on this thing!! I will list the buttons starting with the top clockwise
    Light therapy mode
    mode select/call
    2 alarms
    play pause/presets
    minus/plus settings
    sound therapy mood button (middle)
    sleep 1
    sleep 2

    Once you plug the bedside speaker in, this is the default setting. The time is on and no lights are on. This light therapy creates a very calm and beautifully lit space to end a day (or wake up to) especially in winter! The combination of light and sounds help slow down your breathing and heartrate to relax you.

    The light therapy mode has several settings. The aurora is one of my favorite setting. The color starts in the top right  and then cascades down to  the bottom left. SO beautiful!

    There are five white noise sounds for the sound therapy option.
    On the back panel there is a time set button, Bluetooth pairing button, aux-in jack, USB charging port, DC jack and FM antenna.

    What I REALLY love about this bedside sleep therapy speaker is that you can control it from your phone, set alarms, nature/ocean sounds before the alarm, or music via Bluetooth.

    The shape is perfect for a small corner and takes up such little space.

    Friday, February 3, 2017

    Mr. Beams NetLight SpotLight review

    Mr. Beams NetBright SpotLight  are motion activated with auto shut off like other lights, but they contain NetBright technology. This allows the lights to communicate with each other so when one senses motion all others on the network activate. This is FANTASTIC!

    NetBright spotlights are great for home security and perimeter lighting. This will make your whole house light up outside if something or someone comes close to your house.

    We are set back from the road slightly and have a cul-de-sac next to us. This allows us to install ourselves, and not have to hire contractor come install all the wiring. Talk about easy added security! This will help you be safer when you come up to your house as well.

    These spotlights are great for the elderly so they can see their pathway lit up as well and prevent falls in darker areas that a light cannot be installed. This is especially helpful during power outages during the winter.

    Each Netlight has 200 lumens and is motion activated from 30 feet. If you are closer to the road, you could just angle them down a little bit. They have great customization for your house.           
    Mr Beams NetBright Spotlights have a 20-second auto shut off and cover 400 sq ft light coverage. While these are weatherproof, I would still install them under a protected area under the eaves. 

    The spotlights are Battery powered by 3 D-cell batteries per light, not included and have a light sensor to prevent activation in daylight. For the most part the batteries seem to have a great life and don't need replaced very often. If you angle the lights to have less range by pointing them closer to your house, you will make the batteries last longer, as well as prevent them from going off all the time.

    Thursday, February 2, 2017

    Chedz Cheese Snack Review

     Chedz sent me a selection of their cheese snacks that are made from natural ingredients. Here is a list of their ingredients they use.  

    Hall Brands was founded by Susan Hall, a former program manager for Intel Corporation who became a stay at home mom after having her first son. 

    To be honest, we have tried the plain mild cheese before and we loved them. I was not aware they had so many flavors. They are made right here in the pacific northwest! These remind me of cheese straws.

     The chia has a nice crunch due to the chia seeds, and same cheese flavor and texture.

    The spicy wasn't over powering, and not spicy like I thought it would be.

    They have a store locator on their site because you will want to use this for so many things. we mostly eat Chedz straight from the bag, but you can use them in salads, soups, dips, or with beer, wine, cocktails, coffee and more! check out the recipes!

    Since getting these we have eaten 3 bags already and its only been a couple days. These are SO GOOD. With 3 different allergies in the house, its hard to find one snack we can all share.

    These would be perfect for superbowl! #SuperBowlSnacks

    Wednesday, February 1, 2017

    Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson collection review

    Kandee Johnson (Celebrity makeup artist and Beauty Vlogger) partnered with Sinful colors.  I received six of the matte colors from the pretty vintage line. The colors are beautiful! I have never used matte colors, and I am LOVING THEM. Ive never seen a matte clear coat with glitter.

    Have you heard of Kandee Johnson? These colors are a great addition and add some great options for your nails. I recently purchased some nail stamping stuff and I think this could be fun to try on top of the matte polish. There are 3 other colors I did not get that I am hoping to find.

    Sinful Colors polishes are Toulene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, Camphor and DBP Free. They are also made in the USA.

    The pretty vintage line runs $1.99 per bottle.

    Sinful Colors Vintage Anime run $2.99.

    The polish is durable and easy to apply. The second coat doesn't have any streaking when applying and has a nice weight on the nails without feeling heavy. It has a nice shine. The topcoat is nice and thin without adding another full thick coat. I wish I could show you the other anime colors. They are GORGEOUS!

    **update** I received the rest of the Kandee Johnson line for you! I did a facebook live on it and I promised to put the colors here.
     Look at these beautiful colors! Peaches N cream, Licorice, Heart of Gold, flip Tease.
     Digital Dreams, cherry on top, Mermaid tail (freaking LOVE), mint sugar, pinksicle, Kandee Pink.
    Rock Kandee, dripping in pearls, Pink it up, kiss goodnight

    Check out my previous review of Sinful Colors here.