Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mavogel glass roller bottle, eyeshadow pot reviews
Clear acrylic eyeshadow container come in a 25 piece or a 50 piece set. It is a fantastic and classy look. the black lids make it look very sharp. The containers are durable and the lids fit snug. great for homemade beauty products or craft items as well.

 6 piece 10 ml roller bottles in violet,   blue,  and pink. 
These are a fantastic size for essential oil blends with carrier oils! I have a bag that holds 20. The metal roller ball is much better than the plastic that I had previously. They application is much smoother. This also comes with a dropper to fill the containers which is helpful. the tops fit snug to avoid leaks.

Pack of 6 5ml amber roller with 3 ml dropper these smaller bottles are great for kids or your purse. We keep this bottle filled with a focus oil and upset stomach blend for the car on the way to school. This gives my daughter access to choose when she needs it. The lids fit securely and the metal roller ball is a huge bonus for even application. This also comes with a dropper to fill the containers which is helpful.

These clear containers come in a 25 piece  or a 50 piece set and have secure lids and are great for a myriad of homemade beauty essentials as well as crafts. The clear plastic makes it easy to see what is inside and how much is left.

plastic graduated pipettes are nice disposable options for measuring lipbalm base into tubes or pots. These are extremely nice and reusable options for filling and measuring essential oil blends into the roller balls above!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dreamup toys review and review

Dreamup Toys sent me their railway block platform. This is an extremely genius idea! This combines the love of TWO toys into one. Having three kids of their own, they developed this product to assist with a stability issue within playtime at their own household.

 By combining shapes and textures this can also facilitate flexibility in play (especially those with sensory issues) and thinking, creates different ways to play with their toys and helps kids brains to think differently. 

Dreamup is a wooden railway block platform that connects to wooden train tracks just like the standard pieces. You can use them on the floor for stability and stack compatible duplo blocks on them, or use the duplo as a support for a dreamup platform and use duplo on top as well! SO many options.

I was trying to find duplo to show you pictures, but Im still on the hunt. Just when you think you have saved every piece of childhood, you cant find one duplo!!!!!!

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Elf Works review and giveaway

ElfWorksLane sent me this ADORABLE bell!!!

Oh my goodness. This site is absolutely fantastic!! There are 14,000 gifts to choose on their site and they even have a search feature. In spending some time thinking about people on my gift list I found something in every search I did! Shop a really fun store without worries that the little ones are going to break something!!

Like their facebook page and submit a holiday video to win $500 certificate to their store!

What they are really known for is their I believe bells packaged in a sweet red striped box. Inside the lid there is a gold insert that says “ I believe”. How adorable is that?? Our Elf is bringing this decoration to our house the day after thanksgiving. It has an incredible two tone sound that is stunning.  It is a very heavy bell that is made with a traditional casting method. The bell rests on reindeer snow fluff during shipping, and has a sweet red velvet sack with a red leather lace tie. Remember, this is a decoration and not a toy.

The people are what make this place even more fun. The people who work in this store have found hope. Some have been laid off, going to school, or a second chance at a job.

There are SO many things I want to review from here! Please make sure to enter this giveaway and their contest to make this a success. Perhaps they will do another review/giveaway if we make this a great turnout!
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Made Good foods review

Made Good Foods sent me some amazing snacks!! These babies are school friendly!
They combine healthy food, quality ingredients, nutrition and amazing taste! Their bars and bites are Organic and school safe! How fantastic is that? They have whole grains, low sugar content and taste fantastic.  They are peanut free, non-GMO, organic, vegan, gluten free, Canada organic certified, low glycemic, AND Kosher!! WOW!

First of all the story behind this company is outstanding.

Between the bars and minis we had apple cinnamon, chocolate banana, chocolate chip and strawberry. Chocolate always takes first place in our house with two females!!  The one thing I love about this product is there is a full serving of vegetables! The vegetable powder is made from spinach, tomatoes, carrots, beets and shitake mushrooms.

 In looking at their site, I noticed they have raw fruit and nut bars as well as sprouted bars. YUM
These are amazing nuggets of goodness! I want to try all of their flavors now!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

North Texas Excess baggage company review and giveaway

North Texas Excess Baggage Company  sent me these ADORABLE essential oil bags!
These are the regular size bags and hold fourteen oils. Four slots are bigger to hold thieves spray, hand sanitizer, or 15ml bottles. The others ten slots will hold any size bottles you want but my favorite are the 10ml roller bottles. Place your hand on the outside of the bag to support the bottle you are trying to get into the elastic.
 I love this on so many levels. Now I can have all my roller bottles in one spot!! YES!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!! Now to find enough blends to fill it!
They zipper pulls are so adorable! Such a sweet touch to a perfect bag. Thanks to North Texas Excess Baggage Company for this review and giveaway.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Mavogel glass roller bottle and artificial gourd review

Mavogel sent me a set of 3ml Roll on Glass Bottles to review. These came in a set of 6 to be used with Essential Oils. What I love about this brand is they use amber glass which helps keep the essential oils in a dark environment and they have a Metal Ball which rolls smoothly and can be capped with a Black Plastic Lid. 
The metal roller balls fit snug to keep the glass bottles from leaking and provides a smooth application of the essential oil blends inside. This 3 ML size has great portability to throw in a purse. We keep a focus blend in the car for Little crazy life to use before school and this is a perfect kid size! 


Secondly Mavogel sent me this fun autumn mixture of artificial gourds and pumpkins. There are an assortment of 12 gourds and pumpkins. I put them in a glass bowl to display on a buffet with some other pinterest ideas.  The average size is 3”, and is perfect for table decoration, or in a bowl or basket. If you add pinecones this could also look really neat in a hurricane vase topped with a battery operated candle. 
The artificial gourds and pumpkins just took my holiday decorating up a notch! 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Joya essentials review and giveaway

I received samples of the following Joya Essentials oils.  They all had great scents and it was fun making a few spray blends with distilled water.
Clary sage can treat stress, anxiety, nervous tension and depression. Its known for treating women’s issues and its soothing properties to help respiratory issues, relaxing muscles, and can be added to baths, body lotion, foot soaks or diffused.
Geranium is extremely diverse and has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. It’s known for balancing sebum which is thought to be a common cause of acne/dry skin. Geranium stimulates the lymphatic systems and helps relieve PMS bloating, edema and swollen ankles. YES PLEASE!
Joyas essential oil is steam distilled from organic leaves grown in South Africa.
Helichrysum is known for anti-inflammatory properties and can help those in emotional pain. One cool thing I love about this balm is it’s an analgesic, skin healing and supports the healing of burns! Joyas oil is steam distilled from organic plants in Corsica.
Frankincense – Ive never had a chance to experience this without a blend. I am in love with this oil for many reasons. It’s an anti-inflammatory, expectorant, and can be used for muscle pain and trauma. It’s both helpful for emotional/mental and physical symptoms.  Joyas oil is steam distilled from the Boswellia carterii tree in Somalia. I have Meniere’s and Frankincense is  said to help.
Siberian Fir is an oil I have not been able to try until now. Needles and cones are distilled creating a very nice Pine scent! In the diffuser it creates a wonderful scent for those days I haven’t had a chance to clean. Siberian fir diffused helps kill microbes and keep germs from spreading. The days I do clean I have a nice oil to kill and deodorize. This is a great oil to blend with a carrier oil for areas of inflammation, pain and swelling.  Joya states “Emotionally, this essential oil circulates positive energy and promotes strong self-image, forgiveness, and self-acceptance.” Joyas Siberian fir is steam distilled from cones and needles of the Abies Sibirica tree in Siberia.
Upset stomach blend was made to soothe digestive issues.  It contains ginger to reduce stomach pain and nausea. Ginger originates in southern China and has been known to settle the stomach. Ginger is a tonic for digestive issues which seems to be a key factor for the Upset Tummy Blend.
Joya Essentials will make custom blends… Shut the front door?! How cool is that!! “The products we custom blend range from therapeutic blends, to botanical skincare products for face, and body such as body lotions, body butters, bath salt or scrubs, facial masks, anti-aging facial serums, facial creams and moisturizers, facial toners, acne solutions and much more.”
These were sample sizes so I didn’t get extended use out of them. It would be very interesting to continue with a few of them and see the longer term benefits.
Check out Joya Essentials pinterest page for more ideas!

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Smart Mom Teething bling

Smart Mom Jewelry sent me these awesome teething bling necklaces!

These are made for mom, and safe for baby to chew on! The front is cute and smooth, and the back has texture and nubs to help massage babys gums.

Smart Mom is made for adults to wear and made of food safe silicone also which is also medical grade. The cord has a breakaway clasp for safety.  The jewelry contains no phthalates, BPAS, PVC’s. lead or latex. They are CPSIA compliant and hold the European CE Mark for safety and FDA approved.

These are great for older kids although they don't recommend . If you have your older child wear these, please take caution in knowing if your child is mature enough to wear and not bite through the teething bling. They are not the intended age bracket. Little Crazy Life likes to chew her fingers so I thought I would try these adorable necklaces disguised as pretty pendants!  These are great for older kids who may need chewelry to help them focus. Some kids need an output without drawing attention to themselves. It’s hard enough to be a kid, but to have anxiety issues as well can be hard to deal with. My daughter loves these as she has anxiety issues. She likes the idea of the jade square next but be worn as a diamond. Being in elementary school its about looking grown up without bringing attention to yourself.  Again, monitor your child for ability to not bite through these as smart mom does not intend for them to be for older kids.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Earth Elements Organics review and giveaway

Earth elements sent me this fantastic kit!

First off lets review the Earth Elements Organic chamomile, Lavender, Comfrey and lemon balm oils.
Comfrey - Do not ingest due to potential liver damage or internal/external while pregnant or breastfeeding.
Comfrey is a cell proliferator that stimulates cell growth and promotes skin regeneration. It has many phytochemicals such as allantoin. Allantoin helps form new skin cells, which in turn, helps would healing! This is great for a drop on the cotton portion of a bandaid on a clean wound. There are so many uses for this oil! Just to name a few, skin moisturizer for skin elasticity, reduce swelling, inflammation and sores. This can also be used as an antiinflamatory for bruises, pulled muscles, bunions, and sprains!  This has potassium, calcium, phosporus, protein, vitamin A, B12, and c.  Another cool thing..  Soak leaves in rainwater for a few weeks and you have fertilizer! WHAT?!
Chammomile – This helps aid in wounds, cuts and burns, helps calm irritated skin, and eczema. If mixed with lemon balm oil this works great for insect bites!
This oil can be added to a cup of hot water and used as a vapor to breathe or warm towel on the face or chest to break up phlegm. This oil can also be used as a carrier oil for essential oils! Little crazy life makes a balm for scratches and “Boo Boos”, so this will be a fantastic addition.  

Lavendar – This can be used as a vapor much like chammomile. Lavendar can elevate mood, relax muscles, joint stiffness, swelling and muscle inflammation. Lavender oil can help build immune systems and help with sleep issues. We use lavender ALL the time in our house.
We have used lavendar essential oil to help with burns, so I'm assuming this could do the trick as well. Lavendar also cleans the air which is why we diffuse it especially in the evening. Avoid lavendar during epilepsy and fever.
Lemon Balm Oil – Lemon Balm is a calming solution that also helps with chest issues. The lemon balm has a cooling effect that could be helpful with fevers and nervousness, as well as warmth to respiratory and cardiovascular systems. What I love about lemon balm is you can mix it with lavender oil to help with nervousness and insomnia. Lemon balm has been known to treat gout which a painful arthritis. Insect bites can also be calmed with lemon oil as can PMS!!! TAKE MY MONEY! ;)

Apres Ski Balm was made to help and protect skin from wind and sunburn. Raspberry leaf cold pressed extract as a base helps this product have a high level of antioxidants to help reduce the chance of burns.
Sweet orange balm helps with fine lines, dark spots and dry skin. It can be used on lips, face and hands with moisturizing effects, and help with aging defense.  Earth elements says it acts as a lubricant for an irritated respiratory tract, helps combat side effects of antibiotics, and helps heal mouth ulcers! Fantastic!
Peppermint Balm is a tie for my favorite. I love the fresh smell of this one. Earth Elements says this is a sinus and motion sickness aid. Rub a small amount under the nose or on your chest and inhale. Peppermint is a blood circulator and this is especially helpful to fight colds, flu, and sinus issues. This also helps with respitory congestion. Every night I go to bed the last week I have been having coughing fits…until this. Peppermint also has anasthetic properties as well as heating/cooling!
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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fit Organic Baby review and giveaway

Fit Organic sent me their baby laundry stain remover, Baby laundry detergent, and their carpet stain remover. 

 I'm pretty excited about this. I have reviewed their other products here.
Now for the new products!
The laundry detergent has a wonderful smell and texture and appears to clean well. This can be used in regular and HE washers.
The ingredients for all three are chemical free, certified organic by the Oregon tilth, not tested on animals, certified vegan, no dyes, no perfumes, no GMO’s, and safe for top loading AND High efficiency (HE) machines. WOW! That is fantastic!!
ONLY certified USDA Organic Baby Laundry Stain Remover
- Uses organically certified ingredients to power away tough stains
- Contains NO SLS (Sodium Coco Sulfate)
- NO dyes, artificial perfumes, GMOs, enzymes, or phosphates
- Not Animal Tested

Fit Organic Baby Laundry Detergent – My daughter has sensitivity to sulfates so finding a soap that is good for her has been a bit tough. This is a great product for any age!  Its formulated for tough baby stains which would be great for those tough kid stains too!
Fit organic baby stain spray – is tough on general kid AND baby stains!
Fit Organic carpet cleaner

What I love about them is they are CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC by the Oregon Tilth Company (OTCO).  They also are certified "Green" by the Eco-Scale/Green Seal company,  a cruelty-free company, and use non-GMO ingredients for all of our products as well as certified USDA Organic.

Fit Organic also has links to their  MSDS Safety data sheets! How cool is that?! That's a lot of confidence in their products and makes me love them even more.
Fit Organic uses NO SYNTHETIC DETERGENTS and NO ARTIFICIAL SURFACTANTS of any kind. Many other natural brands contain synthetic surfactants and harsh chemicals. I don't know about you but I don't want them in MY home!

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Magformers review and giveaway

Magformers sent me this really cool "Inspire" set.  They have different colors and sets based on your kids preferences.

 This set comes with 13 different geometric shapes in 6 colors, including sectors, diamonds, and arches through to super magformer squares and triangles the fun is guaranteed to last for hours. There is also a step-by-step idea booklet for specific builds. There are also 3  accessories and Step-by-Step instruction booklet.

These are Compatible with all MAGFORMERS® shapes and accessories. They have Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets for guaranteed connectivity and BPA Free HQABS Plastic.
"The fun is sure to last for hours with the ultimate MAGFORMERS®"  Little crazy life is all about princess, castles and everything girly. This set has been fantastic for hours of creativity.

The fine motor skills can really be worked of for kids of multiple ages. We really love this toy and plan to get more shapes to add to the hours of fun and imagination!
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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Noodle and Boo review

Noodle & Boo sent me this sweet set of products. Their motto is “When only the best will do”. This could be a great set of products for moms to be.
Their story is one of love and a need of products for ultra-sensitive skin. Christine Burger worked with professionals who had specialties in holistic and natural skin care. The company is named after the kids and their nicknames. SO CUTE!
The company is committed to use ingredients that have proven data and derived from natural and/or organic sources. The products are made in the USA which is SO awesome! They are made in an FDA approved pharmaceutical environment for quality control.

In looking at the ingredient lists of many of their products I see that Noodle & Boo use no parabens, Phthalates, sulfates, PPG’s, Dyes, GMO’s, Triclosan, Formaldehyde donors, BPA or Essential oils.
Their fun little luxuries line looks SO adorable!