Monday, March 28, 2016

Spectrum Diversified Nail polish holder review and giveaway

Spectrum Diversified sent me 3 models of nail polish holders. As a mom of a girl, one will be going up in my closet. I'm half tempted to mount a frame around it and hide it behind a hinged picture. HMMM Pinterest challenge??

Having kids in the house makes it difficult to keep things organized. Or is this just my house?

Countertop/Wall Mount 3-Tier Nail Polish Holder is probably my favorite model (SKU288BY70). It’s a countertop or Wall Mount polish holder. My daughter makes lip balms so this is great for both that or my 54 nail polishes pictured. This model has a metal containment bar all the way around instead of an open back. This is purely esthetic for me. This holds 33-66 nail polish bottles depending on their size. It is made of steel and is very sturdy. It stands about 13.25” high, 13” wide, 2.75 deep and weighs about a pound. 

 The Scroll Wall mount 3 –Tier (SKU437BY) is my daughters favorite. That’s mostly due to the fact that it looks fancy and “princess-y”.  I'm looking for small cups to hold a variety of makeup items for her. This is awesome for any kids room. You can use it with little cups and put pencils, art supplies or makeup too. This unit is about 15.25” high, 12.5” wide, and 2.75” deep. It weighs about 1.8 pounds and holds 30-60 nail polish bottles depending on their size. It is made of steel.

Euro Wall Mount 3-Tier Nail Polish Holder (SKU454BY) is the last model of nail polish holder that Spectrum Diversified sent me. It’s a very simple sleek design that would look great with any décor. This would be beautiful near a vanity to house your polish. If you don’t have 30-60 polish bottles you could put small cups on the top tier to house makeup, brushes etc. This unit is 16” high, 11.5” wide, 3”deep and weighs the most at 2.1 pounds.  You could even use this steel rack as a spice rack.

The Grid organizers pictured are a variety of sizes. These are great to help organize your drawers in your pantry, kitchen or bathroom. You could use them on pegboard in your garage or to organize your desktop as well. These are made out of the same sturdy steel as the nail polish holders.

As I search Spectrum to browse the other products I love how they are all quality materials. I clean A LOT having a younger child at home and visits from the big kids and the grandkids. Here are a few products that are worth mention.
I really like the
large shower caddy as we have one refinished tub and cannot put things on the ledge anymore.

Check out the Ashley stacking trays and baskets.  This would be nice under the sink to keep in a guest bathroom, or for every day items in the master or kids bath. It keeps it out of the tub and less cleaning and picking up for mom!

We have a pantry that’s deep but hard to reach everything. Organizing it is a huge chore. Ive been switching to mason jars for everything that I can, but there are always a few things that cannot be switched out of its packaging. These might be a great solution in a few sizes for those hard to organize areas. Ashley Large and medium baskets could corral a lot of the loose items.

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  1. My favorite is their Large Shower Caddy. This would be very useful in our shower!

  2. I like Contour Countertop Hair Care Caddy.

  3. I like all of it the iron holder is neat.



  6. I loved the Countertop & Wall Mount 3-Tier Nail Polish Holder the most, but they have some great things I would love to have