Monday, August 27, 2012

Zenoobi (Dolphin Organics) Review/Giveaway

Zenoobi was kind enough to send me a Dolphin Organics frangrance free lotion for review and a $15 giveaway voucher for a purchase of anything on Zenoobis site.

These reviews are always my own opinion and there is no compensation for the blog posts.

As you can see the ingredients are all natural or organic. No artificial ingredients are used.  This lotion is a  blend of organic aloe leaf juice, organic calendula flower extract, lavendar flower extract. I have a mild lavendar sensitivity and this didnt bother my skin. There is also sweet almond oil in this product, so if you have a nut allergy.. this version might not be for you.

This lotion was really thick and soaked in well. There wasnt any residue or greasy feel to it.

I am very pleased with this lotion and thankful that companies look for ways to come up with organic and natural products for children and adults alike. I like that I can use the same product as my child and am a firm believer that if you cant pronounce it... then it shouldnt be on your skin.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

MoonJar Review and Giveaway

I was given a moonjar for review and two to giveaway to my readers!

I am very excited about this product. Moonjar is a teaching tool for kids to learn about money management. I received a Classic Moon Jar. It is a 3 part tin with removable lids. The 3 part tin/rubberband comes with a family guide to encourage goal setting and discussion and a passbook for the older kids to track the change.

Prior to receiving the MoonJar, we were using a giant yogurt container. If my daughter does things without being asked she can earn coins. I think as a parent it is our responsibility to teach our children about money at a very young age. If they learn now that money does not grow on trees, they are more apt to be responsible and use critical thinking as they get older. My daughter now finds money on the floor or on the sidewalk and she tucks it her her purse until she can get home and save it for a toy.
Every time we empty the saving jar we put it in a bag for her to pay the cashier. When we get home we talk about how good it feels to buy our own toys. We then set a goal for what she is saving for next.

Now with the Moonjar, we have two other categories to talk about. The spend jar is going to be used for saving for a princess, the saving jar is for a Rapunzel doll, and the share jar is going to be used to save money for a toy or coat o take to the neighbood family shelter. We already take her outgrown toys to the shelter so she is familiar with the facility.

If we dont teach our children about money.. they will learn from people or things that they see. Do we want to leave their their impressionable minds and financial views on money to random chance? I want to teach her to be responsible for her own financial future so she doesnt have to be dependant on anyone.

Please go and Like Moonjar on Facebook! They have more products like a book entitled "how the moonjar was made", and a business book for kids. "Noom and Raj start a business, The ABCs of Money." It teaches the ABC's of financial literacy as the characters build a business. These might be in my shopping cart very soon.

For my readers
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Monday, August 13, 2012

KeVita review and giveaway

KeVita sent me coupons to try their sparkling probiotic drinks. I was not compensated other than coupons. I have a few coupons for a giveaway below on rafflecopter. KeVita is Dairy, gluten and soy-free. It is a certified organicly kefir-derived culture. On their site it says "Certified Organic KeVita™ culture is combined with either reverse osmosis purified water, tea or coconut water. Also added are the finest organic cold pressed plant extracts, organic fruit puree or concentrates and organic flavors for an unparalleled taste sensation."

The first two that I tried were the Living Greens and the Mango Coconut.
The living green was a nice green flavor with the kick of carbonation, but want my favorite. My 4 year old however liked it and drank quite a bit.

Next I cracked open the mango coconut. It was a great mix of the two flavors that didnt override eachother. It had a very crisp taste to it. I really like this combo.

I am hooked on these. I have since had the Strawberry Acai and the Pomegranate. The mango coconut is still my favorite.

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