Friday, October 30, 2015

The Olie review and giveaway

 The Olie has some very adorable and unique items.  Check out their story here. :)
The blanket is SO cute for the younger set! This would be GREAT for Christmas or baby shower!
This blanket is SO Sweet! It is soft fabric on one side, and black/white cotton damask on the other. It has a sweet pink ruffle.

The only thing I think that could enhance the product is double stitching for the ruffle. Either way it truly is adorable.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

SkyBell Review

SkyBell sent me one of their doorbells to review.
 This is an wonderful addition to any wired home.  The innovative features serve as an extension of your home security system as well provides ultimate convenience and peace of mind. 
 The system arrived well packaged in a slick presentation box.  Installation of the unit in place of the existing doorbell was simple and took just a couple minutes.  There was no complicated wiring or configuring.  The SkyBell looks great and looks clean at the entry of the house. 

Syncing the unit to your phone isn’t complicated; however, it’s important to follow each step precisely.  It took a couple hours from start to finish.  My router caused some of the delays; however, this is where SkyBell’s customer service comes in to the picture.  They asked very precise questions in order to resolve the issue.  Once the router issue was resolved the app made the remainder of the installation easy. 
SkyBell has a fabulous live interactive video and audio.  A normal doorbell requires you to either look through a peephole or to open the door to find out who’s there.  SkyBell resolves that problem by being able to do this with your phone in your home or away at work.  
The video and microphone can be set to activate by motion sensor, when the doorbell is pressed or on demand. The simple to use app manages these options and allows the user to make tweaks to match the features to needs.  Immediately after installing the system I rang the doorbell while my wife was at work 10 miles away.  Within a few seconds I could hear her and I was able to have a conversation.  The video she saw from the app was clear and the microphone produced great sound.  Over the next few weeks I found myself testing the SkyBell to make sure it was reliable and would work when the family needed it to.  It never failed once and I found more to like about it as time went on. 

The wide-angle lens covers the entire porch of the house so it doesn’t matter where a person is standing when they ring the bell or if I have the motion sensor set to on.  Setting the motion sensor to on is a great feature if you’re expecting a child to come home at a certain time. 


The night vision mode on the camera is clear and is a great feature if you have your porch light off.  Lastly, the theft guarantee is an awesome free insurance plan.  In the unlikely case of your SkyBell being stolen the company will replace it free of charge.  For security and convenience the SkyBell can’t be beat.  Don’t consider it a novelty that wears off.  After a few months of use I’m finding that the SkyBell is exactly what our family needed.  For the money you can’t go wrong! 

I have also found this extremely useful when I'm running late and meeting someone at the house. I can answer from my phone and let them know I'm running late without having to give my phone number or text/drive.

You can also download clips to your phone as well!! :)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Kidorable review and giveaway

We have had previous experience with Kidorable. They have always been fantastic and the little one LOVES their selection of products. This time we received a pair of mermaid boots and umbrella.
Apologies for the pictures as its been raining here and I haven't been able to get any good pictures with good lighting.
The umbrella follows the same color pattern as the boots below. In addition the handle is a sweet pink seahorse, Velcro strap, and the mermaid fins are actually on the top of the umbrella. How adorable is that?!

The boots have an adorable scalloped edge in pink with a sweet purple mermaid tail in the back.
The boot itself is blue and has a mermaid on each boot, with fish, coral, bubbles and a shell in pink, yellow and purple. The bottom of the boot has great traction and goes with the mermaid line of a raincoat, knit hat, gloves, scarf, mittens backpack and umbrella.


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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dickies Student Bag Review

Dickeys student bag  has a great basic bag for the younger set. It is basic but tough. The website shows the basic colors of tan, black, blue, green and brown. These two colors are FANTASTIC! My daughter already chose her bag for the year but this will be a great day bag that hopefully will keep my purse empty of kid stuff. If all goes well, it will be her next school bag. With it being a “student bag” I would also like to see corresponding lunch pails that could possible clip on.  That being said this is a wonderful basic bag for school, a day pack, commuter bag, or even a bag to keep as an emergency bag. We always keep a bag with snacks, water, first aid stuff, socks, and an emergency blanket in our cars,  so this will be great for our family preparedness as well. i

Exterior Dimensions: 17.5" x 13.5" x 6"

 Things I love

- Ergonomic padded S-curve shoulder straps
- large main compartment
- Front zip compartment
- Fully padded back panel which cushions
- Side water bottle pocket
- top haul loop


Monday, October 19, 2015

Cuddle Muff review and giveaway

CuddleMuff sent me this adorable pet bed. But wait! Its more than that!!
Pets LOVE to be with their pet parents! However the claws on our furry friends can cause unwanted damage and fur on our couches.

Many times families move their pet to a spot on the floor or their cat tree. Cats really like privacy and some like swaddling to calm anxiety just like a baby/child.

Check out some of the testimonials for Cuddlemuff. There are some adorable furry friends on this page!
 A cat needing privacy (much like our new kitten) will hide behind or under furniture. Little Crazy LOVES snuggling the kitten which the cat loves because she will burrow into the blanket. NOW we can put this product on her open cat tree to provide warm and cozy place for her to rest.

I love that its adjustable! It can be completely open, or velcroed on one end to make more of an envelope, or velcroed on both ends to make a muff shape.

It can protect furniture while reducing pet anxiety, and is completely portable. Anytime a cat feels secure, their anxiety subsides and tension decreases
 100% Polyester and is recommended to Dry Clean. Patent pending!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Xyron Sticker maker review and giveaway

Xyron sent me this sticker maker for review and giveaway. This is a hand little version of the bigger units that are out there.

These units can replaces messy glues and other adhesives for smaller projects. This is very handy for a quick project or attention grabber.  This little guy applies an edge to edge acid free adhesive to items up to 1.5-inches wide and about the thickness of a nickel
There are refill cartridges that are super easy to replace and economical. These are perfect for die cuts, buttons, flat gemstones and so much more. The unit measures 4 x 4 x 2.
First put any image in the top of the x.
Gently pull down the tape. The bigger units have a handle which I think would be nice. There is a clear tear bar to separate your sticker from the roll.
Rub the top of the image and peel back the clear top. VOILA!!!
This is an awesome little tool ESPECIALLY with little ones!


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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Marshall Pet Products Review and giveaway

Marshall Pet sent me some awesome stuff for our cat!
The bed bug play area is adorable! We have tucked this gem into a corner for the kitten to play. She isn’t big on playing yet but this was super easy to put together.

There is an opening in the bottom for the animal to snuggle into if they wish, For a kitten I would suggest spraying the play area with cat nip.  The matching ladybug toy vibrates and is so fun!

The enzyme cleaner is wonderful. Our 14 year old cat who recently passed away  used to pee on cement in our garage instead of his litter box. This seeped into the  metal base of the A/C unit corroding it. This product was able to neutralize the odor. Previously the odor would always go into my husband’s office due to it being the first room in the venting pathway. Not anymore!!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Lost my name book review

Lost my name is a personalized book with your childs name and is ADORABLE. The story line is based on the letters of your little ones name and the quest to get them back.

The girl/boy wakes up to find her name missing. OH NO! She/he begins her quest as she “was ever so courageous”.  Along the way she meets different characters that begin with each letter of your child’s name and gives them the letters to collect.

At the end “she felt so tired and weary, her head one happy whirl. What a quite amazing courageous girl – called” YOUR CHILDS name.

This project was thought of by three dads and an uncle. How amazing! Help make their little project HUGE!