Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sugru Moldable Glue Review

Sugru sent me their home hacks pack. This is an air dry moldable rubber glue. These come in several mint size tins like the rebel tech kit.

You can buy them in packs of colors like black/white, black/white/grey, multi-colors, classic multi , or single colors like black, white, blue, brown, pink, red, and clear.

This is not the first chance I've had to use this product, so I didn't use their idea pamphlet.

 For this project I used the silver grey Sugru on the hood strings of my coat. . The metal was secured by a few thin strings of thread and have fallen off.

With this pack of Sugru I replaced a missed zipperpull on my coat along with the strings for my coat.  I rolled up the product into 4 balls. I took one ball and took a small piece of and mashed it into the string to get it into the fibers. I then took 2 balls of Sugru and placed one on each side. I then gently squeezed them together while shaping the product around the string into the shape I wanted. Once air dried for at least 24 hours, you are good to go!

I wish I had pictures of the old projects I've done. Sugru has been used it for toy repair (I reattached Sven the moose's head), Toothbrush holder hooks, cabinet door bumpers, bumpers for a vase bottom, replace a missing dice, to secure a ribbon to the back of a jewelry holder, replace a doorstop, fix a dent in the wall and cabinet, replace a worn heel on a pair of flat shoes, dome ring holder, hook for jewelry in the bathroom and so much more.

Sugru is SUCH a versatile product.  I find myself looking for ways to use it. All the projects I have done seem to hold. When you are done with something its super easy to remove as well. This could be great for apartment dwellers, renters, or even those with less than stellar home repair skills.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Simply Earth subscription box review and giveaway!

Simply Earth sent me their March subscription box! $39 a month and you get all this!!!!!! The oils alone are worth at least $50! The site says their oils are 100% pure.

This box contains melt and pour soap base, two 5 ml drams, 2 soap molds, recipe cards, and 5 essential oils (Bergamot, Anise, Wintergreen, Patchouli, and a blend of tranquility). There are also two labels for your dram diffuser blends, but I misplaced them.

Simply Earth donates 13% of their profits to end human trafficking. That's quite a way to give back.

Simply Earth does a fantastic job of providing full size oils that can be used in future boxes or other creations that you choose. How fun! I would like to see other recipes on their site categorized by the months box. That would be great to have other recipes based on the oils received.

Check out my Facebook live video making the Citrus Soothing Oatmeal soap above

I also made Facebook lives for the Orange Cream Exfoliating Soap,  and Citrus Woods Exfoliating Soap. I didn't think this would smell like citrus, but apparently the Tranquility blend has orange in it. :) This is one of my favorites of the four soaps.

I originally thought these were unknown boxes each month, but it looks like you can check it out on the website. Then you can decide if you want to skip a month.


Be Green packaging review

BeGreen Packaging sent me a selection of their compostable/recycled containers. These are much like what food companies use to prepackage food. Only, now you can prepackage your own lunch and feel like you are eating out! 
Don't these lunches look fabulous? I'm getting hungry just thinking about them. I love the fact that these are using recycled material and they are a better choice than plastic that can leach into your food. Just remember not to microwave the lid! BeGreen is great for those who don't want to mess with stainless steel containers, and who are concerned that plastic may leach into their foods.

Even leftovers look amazing in BeGreen packaging!

There are so many uses for these. I make molded chocolates for fun, and you can even make them and send them for teacher appreciation week

Monday, March 27, 2017

Cool Gear Review

Cool Gear sent me some really fun lidded cups. We have a rule in our house that nothing leaves the kitchen/table without lids. We've had too many spills on the carpet, and tea doesn't clean up well. This is their mason jar cup. I LOVE this one.  You can drink with or without the straw.
This Hawaiian Beauty is your typical lidded straw cup. When it gets knocked over, very little liquid spills. This is my favorite because of the Hawaiian print and just how much it holds.

These pretty bags are reusable bags. Talk about saving a TON of money and waste on plastic bags. They easily wipe clean and are ready to use the following day. I love the bright prints. Its almost like unwrapping a surprise every day in your lunch! :)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

ink & Volt planner review

Planning and productivity as a working mom (out of the home) is important to me. I want to be successful in what I do and what I bring to my day job, as well as in the evening to my family, and my followers. Success is an individual perception based on your individual circumstances.

Do you have a goal for the year that you want to work on? My goal is to grow my blog while bringing you . my readers, things that are useful. I also want to do this in an organized/efficient manner while minimizing its time impact on my family. 

I waste so much time during the day. For example, I recently installed a time tracker on my phone. Why? I needed to know how much time I spend and how often I picked up my phone. It was a SHOCKING experience. I had 97 pickups in ONE day for an average of 2 to 30 minutes at a time. I won’t even tell you my total  time for the day. Its actually embarrassing. This experience taught me how much time I am wasting, when I am wasting it and really brought light to the fact that I need to work on being present in my life.  If you’ve seen my recent Facebook live videos, you can see I’m working on revamping my current blog area and organizing how I do things. This is also why you will also be hearing my little helper occasionally as well. She WANTS to help, and learning some of these life skills will benefit me as well.

This is where Ink & Volt comes in.

The Volt planner is designed to help your success with a layout that helps you lay out your goals. You can set yearly, monthly and weekly goals. FABULOUS!

The cover of the Ink & Volt planner is simple and very sleek, making it appropriate for work OR personal! The cover is made from a vegan material that is soft to the touch.

My biggest problem is that I know what I NEED to be doing, I just don’t do it.  I am very distractible and there is always something I need to be doing. Many times my ideas are so complex that I get overwhelmed and never start, or I start it and never return. My goal was to quit wasting time, and break my ideas into manageable pieces.

What I really like about this planner is the weekly journal prompts. These appear to be inspirational in nature which can lead to other thoughts in the blank space and more goals you wouldn’t have thought about. This is helpful to make your journal unique to you. 

The pages inside the planner are high quality, acid free and use soy based ink.

The Ink & Volt planner itself is 6”x 8.5”, has lay flat binding, Made in the USA, and has two page markers. I love this! Many times if you are looking in the future trying to plan a week its helpful to have it marked so you save time.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Eve Organics Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Eve Organics sent me a bottle of their hyaluronic acid to review. I have been using it since January, so approximately 2 months.

The instructions say to use 2-4 drops in the morning on a wet face.
It is 98% organic, gluten free and vegan. Eve Organics uses the strongest hyaluronic acid solution they can and suspend it in organic aloe vera. This is supposed to target fine lines and wrinkles. The serum does this by hydrating the skin.

There is a slight aloe vera smell, but the serum soaks in very quickly. You can see results of the hydration very quickly. I tried to take pictures to show you, but its hard to tell through photographs. The effects of this product are cumulative, so the more you use it, the more results you see. I started with pretty dry cheeks, so this has been of great help with this cold weather we have had in the Pacific NW.

Eve Organics start with a powdered form of hyaluronic acid. Instead of mixing this with water at 1%, Eve Organics mixes the powder with Aloe vera juice.

Ingredients are Organic Aloe Leaf juice, plant derived hyaluronic acid, lactobacillus ferment (plant derived preservative.

What I love the most about this product is that I can pronounce every ingredient, and I am not putting any chemicals on my skin. This is important to me as I know the effects of chemicals on my family. We try to eliminate chemicals as much as we can and this serum seems to be an amazing fit.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tadpoles blanket and chandelier Review

 Tadpoles sent me this SUPER cute and soft blanket set in yellow.
These blankets are 100% Polyester MicroPlush. The chevron blanket is the mommy blanket at 50"x60". My daughter LOVES this blanket and has taken it as her own.                 

The yellow I love mommy blanket is a 30"x40" baby's blanket. They come in pink, blue and yellow and are machine washable.

To give you an idea of size, this is little crazy life (4'6") holding up the mommy blanket!

This chandelier is SUPER cute as well. However I have to use stock pictures, as we are prepping to put our house on the market and this accidentally got packed up somewhere. Then, last weekend my computer died and I lost my pictures on my laptop and had deleted them from my email. I promise I will update this once I can get close up pictures again! I am so sad that I cannot show you the detail.
This would be super cute in a babys nursery in a corner. The light shimmers off of it and is a great attention grabber while you are trying to get business done. :)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

White Teeth Global LED Teeth whitener with Android/Smartphone adaptor Review

White teeth global sent me their Teeth Whitening Kit with LED powered by a smart phone (iPhone or Android). I was skeptical that this would work. This comes with a case for the mouth piece, the mouth piece, 2 different peroxide gel percentages, remineralization gel, mouth guard for applying the gel, and a shade comparison chart. I received extra gel for the review. Prior to using this kit, I have used natural toothpaste, whitening toothpaste as well as oil pulling. While all that is great, I really needed something to get my teeth a bit whiter. They just seemed off.

Enter white teeth global. Here is the mouth piece and on/off button. They both glow when the unit is on (and plugged into your smartphone). You simply paint the peroxide formula from the pen on your teeth, plug into your phone, and then put in your mouth and turn on for 20 minutes. The first few time I did this I noticed a slight sensitivity but it went away quickly. If you experience sensitivity you can use the remineralization gel.

Here is the on/off switch and tip for your smartphone. The android tip is under this one.
This is your mouthpiece when it is turned off.

The Teeth Whitener Light with 10 LED lights is powered by your smart phone or computer, and you don't need batteries. The light produced causes the teeth whitener gel to react faster. One thing I do like about this is there is no boil and bite tray.  

The light on this Teeth whitening model is supposed to produce more light than any other at home teeth whitening LED with 10 individual LED lights reacting on the gel. The lights are what speeds up the teeth whitening process.

I did not bother using the cheek retractor. I have used The white teeth global LED whitener about 10 times and I see a 2 shade difference so far. I do not smoke or drink coffee, but I love my black tea and creamer. I have not used it every day or I would probably see a much bigger difference. I usually put it in while I am doing my makeup and just play a FB Live video while I am getting ready.

I will not gross you out by showing you my teeth, because if you are like me, that wouldn't make for great reading and I don't want to subject people to close up of teeth. When I started using this kit, I was whitening once a week and was not seeing results. Then I realized I could use it daily! There was such a difference. I could see small daily improvements and I am smiling much more now.

In the end, I really like the White Teeth Global LED tooth whitener. It seems to work well for the price and doesn't seem to have a ton of sensitivity. I do like how its gradual so people wont see you one day and say "HEY! You got your teeth whitened". Plus there is no trip to the dentist!