Thursday, March 10, 2016

Plugable Technologies review

The first item is the Plugable Power 2015 5-Port USB Smart Charger with 40W Power Adapter
This awesome USB-C5TX can help solve the dwindling wall outlets. I know our house is always in need of finding an open outlet. This problem has been solved in the office because of this USB 5 port smart charging ports in a single compact unit that only uses one outlet. Before we had multiple cords on the floor in a jumbled mess. It was a disaster trying to figure out which cord was what. Not anymore!!

The main features are as follows.;
·         Charge up to 5 devices simultaneously at up to 2.4A per port
·         Up to 40 watts, 8A to share across all 5 ports
·         Supports tablets, cell phones, MP3 players, and other USB peripherals
·         Five dedicated smart charging ports that automatically select the best charging mechanism for the device
·         Built-in power supply using a 4-foot standard IEC 60320 C7 AC power cable

The second item is my personal favorite.
The Plugable PB-WA5K is a lightweight combination high-capacity portable battery pack and USB charger. I don’t always charge my phone at night if its above 50%. 

The design of this product allows you to smart charge your devices and the PB-WA5K’s internal battery at the same time. I leave it plugged in to keep the battery charged for the times I have to grab it and charge on the go. I can put it in my purse and still use/charge my phone while daughter is in her extracurricular activities. This gives you the flexibility to continue charging your devices while also recharging the internal battery to use when on the go.
·         -2 Smart Charging USB Ports
·         -Smart Charging Integrated Ciruit (IC) enables attached USB devices to charge at the maximum rate
·         -Up to 2.4A per port (3.4A, 17W total when connected to AC outlet) and up to 2.2A per port, (2.2A, -11W total when on battery mode)
·        - High Capacity 5,000mAh internal Lithium-Ion battery
·        - Flip-out US AC power plug for easy storage and recharging on the go
·        - Unique shake to power on feature
·         -Mutli-color status LED indicator
-To turn on the charger, simply shake it quickly side to side and the status LED will light up.  For a list of tested devices and charging rates, please see the charging FAQ.
P-lease note the charger has 2.2A total available power when in battery mode. When drained, some high-power devices may not charge until the power bank is plugged in to AC wall power.

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