Friday, December 27, 2013

Snails safe nail polish giveaway

Snails (safe nails) sent me a mini  framboise collection gift set for my honest review (and giveaway) .
I am always on the lookout for safe ways for my daughter to enjoy nail polish without the toxic ingredients. Snail polish is all natural, non toxic, and washes away with soap! The little matching bows were a great touch

While my 5 year old prefers something with staying power this is a great option for weekend or temporary wear. My daughter isn’t able to wear polish to school so this has been a great solution for her to put on at night and its gone by school time. She still feels pampered and yet I don’t have to use toxic polish removers to get this off by school. It’s a win/win. There are three simply ingredients in their polish: Water, acrylic polymer, and non toxic color. The colors are soft and not neon which I like. I believe in letting children be children and not contributing to societal views in having them, girls especially, grow up before their time.

They now have nail art pens!! What a great idea!  

Dibutyle Phythalate (DBP), Toluene and Formaldehyde dominate many children’s nail polishes currently on the market. I have learned from their site that these and similar chemicals are banned in Europe due to their links with cancer, birth defects and other illness.
From Snails website
“Since 2011 we have been helping children enjoy imaginative play minus harmful chemicals. With uniquely safe nail polishes that are:
100% European-made: our kids nail polish satisfies the strictest cosmetics laws in the world
Non-toxic: no chemical substances in our natural children’s nail polish
Completely water based: simply wash off with soap and water — no harsh nail polish remover required
Packaged lead-free: only pure Italian glass bottles — custom designed for kids — bear our nail polish
Stain free: forget colorful blemishes on clothes, carpet or floors. SNAILS Kids nail polish is entirely soluble”
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Egyptian Magic skin cream review and giveaway

Egyptian magic sent me a product to review for my honest opinion.

I found this product to be a bit heavy but I I found if I let it melt in my hands (similar to coconut oil) it went on better. It would be nice if they had a slightly lighter version maybe with slightly whipped in texture. I do like to use this on my elbows, around my eyes, and my neck/chest. I am showing a little age there due to sun exposure. This product kept my skin soft all day long.

This product is made of Olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee propolis. This product has wonderful healing properties for people with eczema and psoriasis. I have used it on a rash that kept appearing and it was gone within 2 days. Now I apply once a week and it has not been back since. LOVE! Egyptian magic is a solidified oil based product. You can take a small amount in your hands to soften it to an oil state and then apply. Check out their site for many uses!

There are people trying to counterfeit the product so that might just be a testimony on how good it really is it. 

You can see who endorses it in Ebony, InStyle, BE (France), Eurowoman, People StyleWatch, Rachel Zoe’s Blog, London’s Metro Newspaper, O magazine, Elle (Norway), US Weekly, Vanity Fair, Better Nutrition, People Magazine, InStyle, and Harpers Bazaar (Australia) to name a few.
Their website states “Egyptian Magic is an all-natural skin cream made from six of nature's most powerful moisturizing and healing ingredients. For more than 20 years we have been blending these ingredients using our unique, proprietary process based on a formula that was created thousands of years ago in the land of the Pharaohs. The result is a luxurious cream with moisturizing and nourishing properties that are legendary among celebrities, the fashion industry, even doctors and hospitals. With that support, Egyptian Magic has grown exclusively through word-of-mouth to be one of the most popular and widely endorsed skin creams in the world.”
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Little passports learning kit review and giveaway

Little passports  sent me this adorable learning kit for my personal review.

“Little passports is your child’s ticket to an exciting global adventure. Inspire a love and understanding of the world as your child learns about a new country every month.  
There are two versions with the characters Sam and Sofia. One is a USA Version and a World edition Their goal is to inspire your kids learning and learn about geography, history, culture and language.
Little passports is a monthly subscription and each initial kit comes in a cute little paper suitcase. We have reused this suitcase for other things as well. You can use it to keep an easy to find snack stash in the car, crayon or marker storage, a deck of cards, store barbie clothes and accessories, Legos for grandmas, and much more.
The world edition is recommended for ages 5-10.
Explorer Kit for Month 1
  • A fun travel suitcase with a letter from our globetrotting characters Sam and Sofia
  • World wall map
  • Travel passport
  • Fun stickers, an activity sheet, and access to online games and activities
Country adventure kits for future months
Sam and Sofia visit a new country every month and send your child:
  • An adventure letter
  • Fun souvenirs
  • Stickers for your child's suitcase, passport, and map
  • Photos from that country's sites
  • Online games and activities in our Boarding Zone
The USA edition is designed for ages 7-12 and includes:
Discovery Kit for Month 1
  • An introductory letter from Sam and Sofia
  • USA Field Guide
  • USA Scratch Book
  • USA Wall Map
  • Disposable Camera and Photo Scavenger Hunt
State adventure kits for future months
Sam and Sofia visit 2 new states every month and send your child:
  • A 32-page activity-packed journal covering 2 states
  • Stickers
  • Pop-out Models
  • Postcards
  • Access to more information and activities online
You can subscribe monthly or a set number of months. The world edition we received was fun.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stay Away Monster Spray review and giveaway

Stay Away Monster Spray was sent to me for my honest review.

This spray is:
-non staining
-no colorant

Any parent knows how precious sleep is. My daughter occasionally wakes up with a bad dream, makes shadows into something scary and doesn't want to go to bed. This should really be named Go away scary things spray. We spray a few sprays every night before bed, and she has one by her bedside in case she wakes up.

This has worked like a CHARM! What a brilliant idea! :)

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Vinyl Disorder review and giveaway

Vinyl Disorder sent me this decal to review with my honest opinions.
The vinyl came in a tube like this.

I have a vinyl cutter but could not cut phrases this large. In working with this vinyl it was very easy to pull away from the backing. The lettering stayed on the transfer paper fairly well. I found that rolling the backing off slowly using an edge of the counter worked best.

After slowly peeling the transfer paper off at an angle, this is what you see. I love that Vinyl Disorder worked with me in matching the colors to my d├ęcor. Customer service was amazing and highly recommend their company.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No Slip Gator Grip review and Giveaway!

No Slip Gator Grip sent me a bathtub mat to review and giveaway. This product is seriously awesome. They are a great touch for kids, adults, seniors and pets alike!! This product reduces the chances of slipping in a wet tub. They are made of polymer psuedo/rubber and chemically resistant to mold and mildew.

There is a self adhesive backing to stick to your tub. Just make sure there are no bubbles on the underside that can trap water, and wait a day or two before using the tub again to assure a seal.

The review item was 42" x 16" and fits most standard size bathtubs

"Easy to Clean.  Gator Grip mats were originally developed for use on Jet Ski's and boats, so they had to be EASY TO CLEAN and very durable.  GatorGrip mats are even used on US Coast Guard Boats.  Try Gator Grip in your bath tub, shower, boat or Jet Ski.  Nothing provides more traction when wet that Gator Grip"

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Child Safety & Sanus ALF109 TV mount review

I want to take a moment and review tv and furniture tip overs for a moment. I received a Sanus ALF109 TV mount to review and blog about this important issue. This was pretty easy to install and is very secure on the wall. The mount turns the tv side to side a pretty good distance. We have had a tv mount before and this is a very good quality and allows for a range of different flat screens to be used.

As a parent we look for the safest car seat, some make homemade baby food, look for BPA free plastics, refuse plastic toys, cloth diaper, selectively choose vaccines, use outlet covers, baby gates, coffee table bumpers, fireplace gates, door knob covers, window locks, play yards, bike helmets, knee and elbow pads and the like. One thing that is often overlooked is tipped tvs or furniture.

SafeKidsworldwide  shows a clip of the today show showing video of tip overs and how dangerous they can really be. They have a point of view camera showing the impact which is equivalent of an infant falling 10 stories. A mother who lost her child at two years old to this tragedy speaks.

Did you know in 2011 that a child died every ten days from a tipped tv? In the last ten years a child visits the emergency room every 45 minutes due to a tv tipping over on them. If this post can save even ONE life, I have done my job. provides these tips
*assess  the stability of the televisions (and furniture) in your home.
*Mount flat screens tv’s to the wall to prevent toppling of stands
*If you have a large heavy old style cathode ray tube (CRT) tv, place it on a low stable piece of furniture. *Use brackets, braces, or wall straps to secure – Straps are less than 20 dollars to secure tv and furniture to the wall.
Check out the 2013 Overview of Child injury Morbidity and mortality in the US.
TV tip-over infographic

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wexy biodegradable bags review and giveaway

Wexy Bags sent me their lunch and munch bags for my honest review.

These bags have adorable monsters on them, but would like to see more characters and some for girls.
The things I love about this product is that they are BPA free, biodegradable, disposable, and recyclable. They are made of 100% recycled material and made in the USA.
If you sign up on their website you can get emails with flash sales!! These bags are a bit longer than most sandwich bags which I love because they actually fit graham crackers!!
Read the story of how Wexy was created and visit their blog.  The characters are as follows.
Sammy the surfer eats foods that are gluten and dairy free.
Bailey the Bubble maker loves to eat organic foods.
Scout the soccer player loves making healthy snacks.
Dusty the Diver loves to eat raw foods.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hand in hand soap bar review and giveaway

Hand in Hand soap sent me a few bars to sample in White tea, Orange Blossom, and lavender. These smell so good! They sud and clean really well. There is NO Palm oil in the bars which makes me happy. Check out their blog

Here are more reasons that I LOVE this product!  

  • 50 sq ft of rainforest saved for every bar purchased 
  • Made in the USA!!!
  • 100% vegetable based, vegan, organic ingredients, gluten-free, biodegradable, palm-free & cruelty-free -
  • Fair Trade USA certified 
  • Natural Products Association certified 
  • All shipments include carbon offset and eco-friendly packaging  
  • Paraben-free & petrochemical-free 
  • Fair trade certified
  • Palm oil Free - Did you know that palm oil is a very common ingredient in many organics? I learned from that while palm oil is common, the environment is damaged for its productions. Over 80% is derived from Southeast Asia and leads to clearing of tropical rainforests. United Nations Environmental Programm predicts palm oil industry could wipe out 98% of Indonesia's remaining forests in the next NINE years. These palm oil farms have been linked to declining biodiversity, degradation of soil, and carbon emissions. There is also the issue of land rights and disregard for local communities.
  • Green packaging and green shipping. The soaps paper is made from 30% recycled material. After each order is placed, Hand in Hand Soap  purchases a corresponding carbon offset so each shipment becomes carbon neutral. Carbon offsetting is a way to counterbalance or compensate for the greenhouse gases produced during shipment. They reduce carbon footprints by supporting projects which remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere through
  • 1 bar of soap & 1 month of clean water donated for every bar purchased  - Here is an excerpt from the hand in hand website “Each year more than 5 million people, mainly children, die in impoverished areas of the world due to respiratory infections and diarrhoeal diseases. These diseases kill more people in a year than HIV and malaria combined.The majority of these illnesses are caused by the lack of proper hygiene and clean water. Studies have shown that hand washing with soap can reduce nearly half of these infections that ultimately lead to death. Prevention is key. Simply put, a bar of soap can save a life.”
White Tea ingredients: Sodium Rapeseedate, Water, Sodium Cocoate, Glycerin (Vegetable), Organic Cocoa Butter, Rosewood Oil, Ginger Root Oil, Myrtle Oil, Sodium Citrate, Organic Shea Butter, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, and other natural Ingredients

Orange Blossom ingredients: Sodium Rapeseedate, Water, Sodium Cocoate, Glycerin (Vegetable), Organic Cocoa Butter, Orange Peel Oil, Cornmint Oil, Tangerie Peel Oil, Sodium Citrate, Organic Shea Butter, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, and other natural Ingredients

Lavendar ingredients: Sodium Rapeseedate, Water, Sodium Cocoate, Glycerin (Vegetable), Organic Cocoa Butter, Lavender Oil, Rosewood Oil, Myrrh Oil, Sodium Citrate, Organic Shea Butter, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, and other natural Ingredients

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Personalized Stamptastic waterproof name stamp sent me this AWESOME Stamp to review with my own thoughts. The website states “A new fast way of naming all your belongings! A personalised stamp usable on fabric, metal, wood & plastic. No more sewing or ironing on labels. No more losing your pencil case or P.E. kit! Now you can just stamp everything! Transparent block for accurate, easy positioning. The ink will last wash after wash.”


This is a clear acrylic block with customized text.
I love that the block is clear because it allows for perfect positioning every time!  The name after it is stamped lasts through many washings which I tested.
I stamped my girls ballet shoes, lunch box (Soft waterproof lining and fabric handle), Inside of shoes, coat, sweatshirt, Leap pad, backpack and more. This would be great for dance troop costumes, school supplies, sports gear, cell phone, ipads, camera bags, purses, sunglasses, and ANYTHING involving kids. You could also use this for dishes you want returned if you take treats to events.
This stamp is a GREAT product. I only wish now I had one with her name and our cell number or email address for lost items to be returned. What an amazing option for sewers and those who DON’T. Quick and easy! 
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bumble Bar Review!

I received a variety (chocolate chip, original, and almond) of Bumble bars to try and give my honest opinion.

With Mr. Crazy Life being Gluten free, I am always on the search for snacks that are less processed and gluten free. These bars are not very large but they are amazing, organic, gluten free, usda organic, vegan approved, kosher, and only around 100 calories. If you like sesame seeds these might be for you! The texture is slightly chewy and has the yummy flavor of sesame seeds.

An example of the ingredients on the almond bar: Sesame seeds, brown rice syrup, flax seeds, evaporated can juice, almonds, vanilla extract, cinnamon, sea salt Tocopherols (natural vitamin e), sunflower/safflower oil.

Bumble bar INC is located in Spokane Valley Wa. “Buy a bar, help build a school! Every BumbleBar directily aids in community development and the construction of a school in Ethiopia.”

QSquared dishes and silverware review and coupon code

I was sent the items below to review by qsquarednyc. These items are ADORABLE and make mealtime very fun! My daughter loves all the fun colors. It is nice to have something around that’s NOT princesses or other characters. We try to limit that but it has a way of sneaking in. This is a fun product for those after school snacks.   Q Squared NY has offered a 15% off  with the coupon code: CrazyLifeAsMom
The utensils have held up well with use and dishwashing. I try to hand wash when I can but, seriously, who has time? With work, school and chores (top that off with Little crazy Lifes school, sports, playdates and birthday parties) time is definitely stretched as it is! I KNOW you parents can relate!!

The dishes are all melamine so cannot be microwaved. They clean up quick and easy if kept up on. I don’t like to wait because I am afraid the patterns might come off eventually.

I was on QSquaredNYC and saw that they had adult dishes with patterns I love. HOLD THE PHONE.. They have a breakfast in bed setup! Oh yeah… that might be a gift that just arrives one day at the house as a blatant HINT!

Cheeqy 3pc set 14$ -Mirror-polished stainless steel.   ABS plastic handles.  Dishwasher safe.  Printed handles are treated with Xtra Wash, our unique technology that keeps colors looking like new after hundreds of washes.
Rock Paper Scissors set -Mirror-polished stainless steel. ABS plastic handles. Dishwasher safe. Printed handles are treated with Xtra Wash, our unique technology that keeps colors looking like new after hundreds of washes.
14oz Square - Blue Tumbler 7 -
100% highest quality melamine. Dishwasher safe (top and bottom rack). Heat resistant. Lightweight and durable. Not recommended for microwave use. Minimum order quantity is 4.
4" Square Deep Dish (Orange Leopard - Blue Python and Green Zebra) 7 -100% highest quality melamine. Dishwasher safe (top and bottom rack). Heat resistant. Lightweight and durable. Not recommended for microwave use. Minimum order quantity is 4.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Washi Tape Review and Giveaway


I received 2 packs of Washi Tape Pretty Tape for my honest review.

I have never worked with washi tape before. For my first project, and guaranteed success, I chose to do a light switch cover for my daughters room to start. I took a plain plastic cover and started in the middle of the light switch and wrapped the edge under the backside. I then matched up the pattern with the next strip of tape until the light switch cover was complete. The tape was strong and easily positioned when I laid it down crooked. I tried ripping the tape from the top edge where I cut and it ripped easily, but when I snipped a section, where the switch goes in, and pushed on it which did not rip easily. This resulted in the tape slightly bunching but it was easily fixed. This was before I fixed the bunching. But how adorable is this? I was able to smooth out the bumps and kept the extra on around the corners so it held down after I screwed it onto the light switch. We are in the process of moving so I didn't install but will update with a picture of it installed in the new place. :)
Now that I am hooked on Washi tape its time to go find new uses for this stuff! I LOVE it!! You could use this on a myriad of projects and for decorations that need fresh looks! I have been browsing for days now. There are SO many ideas, so little time! Here are some of my favorites

Decoration: Mirrors, cupcake stands, closet doors with insets, Corkboard borders, picture frames or a faux matting, jaxx up plain vases, cover cardboard letters for a child's room, paint a canvas in contrasting color and then do a chevron or abstract pattern on top, abstract wall art, baseboard or wall border, wrap around clear or frosted candle holders, wrap around rim of indoor potted plants, jazz up acrylic serving trays, or Christmas ornaments.

Kids: Washi tape race track on the floor, put a few strips of the tape across a plain colored not card for pizzazz, Headbands, wrap pencils to make them fancy, cover metal band aid containers for holding Band-Aids, mints, or little treasures, jewelry, transform jars into simple vases, coasters, wrap cheap plastic bangles with tape for fancy jewelry, step stools, or a door frame.
Gifts: For those who like to bake print a tag slightly smaller than your plain food grade boxes and take the washi tape to tape the boxes closed while holding your tag in place.  

Practical uses as well, wrap around phone chargers (if not a universal charger) to distinguish whose is whose, wrap a clear jar to make it a decorative pen holder, Use the tape to cover the home keys on a keyboard if your teen is learning to type (you may want to write the letters on top of the washi tape), or wine glass tags for guests.
NOW enter to win a $20 credit to Pretty Tape.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I heart keenwah review and giveaway

I heart keenwah sent me these yummy snacks for review.

The bag I sampled was cranberry cashew. They were so yummy that I forgot to take a picture! They are  certified gluten free.  Its hard finding good gluten free snacks! These are a bit chewy and sweetened with REAL ingredients. I had to stop myself from hiding the bag from everyone. :)

The ingredients are natural and whole. quinoa (whole grain quinoa, quinoa flakes, quinoa crisps), cashews, tapioca syrup, raw sugar, dried, cranberries, honey, almond oil, baking soda, salt nutrition per serving: calories (120), total fat (3.5g), cholesterol (0mg), sodium (130mg), total Carbohydrate (20g), protein (2g)

Here is I heart keenwah's story. " i heart keenwah was started by four friends: fiteh, ravi, sarah, and terah. after touring bolivia and learning about the versatility of an awesome little seed called quinoa, we returned home frustrated by the lack of ready-to-eat quinoa options. we decided to do something about it and got to work in the kitchen, mixing quinoa with other all-natural ingredients to craft a crunchy, sweet treat that satisfied our cravings."

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Heart Strings Chewelry review and giveaway

Kid Companion Chewelry sent me this red/pink heart for my honest review.
KidCompanions Chewelry is free of BPA, lead, latex, PVC and Phthalates.
They have a breakaway clasp for safety and conforms to ASTM Safety standards. The Cotton necklaces are hand dyed.

Pierrette and Lorna d’Entremont, daughter and mother, are co-owners of SentioLife Solutions, the makers of the sensory tool line “KidCompanions Chewelry“. The original KidCompanions chew necklace was invented by Pierrette in 2007. Our sensory oral-motor tool is still made in Canada and sourced in Canada and the United states.  Our sensory chew necklace is a SAFE chewy/fidget that brings parents peace of mind and the user comfort, calming, and satisfying of sensory and fidgeting needs Read their story here. This product is designed by someone who knows and understands special needs.

There is a version with a longer lanyard for the caregiver to wear for a teething child and the other version for those who chew and fidget to wear. These could be an option for those who chew their nails or those with sensory processing issues. They come in a variety of colors that are muted or undyed. They have chewelry in circles or hearts. It might be harder for boys to wear this as they get older with social pressures, but I believe the hearts just look like a piece of normal jewelry. The stigma isn’t as high for girls wearing things like this. As a parent I believe this product is a very good solution to keeping their hands, clothes, or whatever else out of their mouths. Every child is different but this might be a great thing to try for your child! Especially if there are changes coming such as a new baby, moving or school. We are moving and putting little B into a new school the SAME week, so it will be interesting to see if this product helps. So far this has seemed to break my daughters nail biting habit!! :) VERY happy about that!
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Sibu Beauty Review

Repair & Protect
I received Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Facial Cream from Sibu Beauty for my honest review. 

I am careful with what I put on my skin. I was very pleased with this product and most of its ingedients and price point especially for moms who may not always have the ability to buy high priced natural products. This goes on very easily and I actually use it twice a day. It absorbs very quickly. I use the extra to rub on my hands. :)
The day dream has sea buckthorn and omega 7 fatty acids. Check out the Omega 7 fatty acid benefits. It is very light and has a nice citrus smell without being heavy or greasy.  It is paraben-free and cruelty-free, and contains NO dairy, yeast, wheat, gluten, sodium or preservatives.

I am not a fan of the alcohol in it but pleased there are no parabens or unnecessary color.

Sibu Beauty products are 100% natural and contain no dairy, wheat, gluten, sodium, yeast or preservatives. They are ethical and cruelty free. Sea buckthorn berries are a naturally sustainable resource growing wild at the source in Tibet. Additionally, our product packaging and literature is environmentally responsible, and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
From the website :
High in the Tibetan Himalayas (12,000 feet above sea level) grows a tiny but resilient fruit that resists the harsh weather conditions and high altitudes. The sea buckthorn berry fortifies itself against the elements by producing an array of powerful nutrients. With over 190 bioactive compounds, sea buckthorn is an unsurpassed source of Omegas 3, 6, and 9. And it's a rich source of the elusive essential fatty acid, Omega-7, an essential fatty acid vital to collagen production and healthy skin, hair and nails. Sea buckthorn is a natural product with 1300 years of traditional uses with the modern scientific research to back it up. Our superior processing techniques and our premium and exclusive source of sea buckthorn allow us to create a revolutionary group of beauty products.

This company is wonderful and I hope to try more products in the future.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stella and Dot review and giveaway

Blair Critch with Stella and Dot sent me this AMAZING moon dance stretch bracelet. It is
Shiny white bronze and hematite plated zinc beads that are set off by a duo of Czech stone black diamond pave orbs. It is 2" inner diameter stretches to fit. Lead & nickel safe.

The bracelet has a nice weight to it without being overly heavy. It is great for day or night. I am quite pleased with the quality of this bracelet. This would be a great piece to layer a few of their bangles or wrap bracelets with. Stella and Dot products are very fun and affordable to make you look amazing! Just another example that fashion can fit anyone's budget.

Check out all of the products available. Did you know Stella and Dot had purses? Oh yeah!!

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Banana Nuwi Drink review and giveaway

Nuwi sent me their newest flavor to review.. Banana! :) YUM!
I previously did a review of other quinoa drink flavors.

The banana was good and thick like the previous flavor I tried. It is gluten free and organic. Again the drink seemed a bit high in sugar but Mr. Crazy Life added chocolate protein to it after a workout. It was pretty tasty that way. The bottle is one serving at 160 calories, no GMO, soy or added sugar. Here is the informational page on the banana flavor. It makes a really good chocolate banana protein shake! :) This would probably be good in a smoothie as well.

It does have an organic agave nectar which I am not fond of. It has a different glycemic index than honey, but personally I think if they cut down the amount of agave it would taste better. I don't eat sweets though so perhaps that's why.
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kiss My Face Sunscreen review and Giveaway

Kiss My Face sent me a few sunscreens to review with my honest opinion.

I love that Kiss my faces sunscreens are Biodegradable, Gluten free, Paraben free, Phthalate free, SLS free, Vegan friendly, No animal Testing, No artificial fragrances.

These all rate very well on Environmental working groups (EWG sunscreen guide) which is another bonus.

Sun Spray Lotion Sunscreen SPF 30
"This formula is a remarkably effective sunscreen easily dispensed from a unique trigger spray. The creamy lotion offers broad spectrum SPF 30 protection that is water resistant. Best of all, our trigger has a locking mechanism to avoid unwanted S.I.T.s (squirts in transport)."
This is amazing. Mineral based and no chemicals. I don't have to rub it in to apply and can let me daughter do a bit of the work. BONUS for mom!! ;)
Kiss My Face Sun Care Oat Protein Sun Screen SPF 18
"The first non-chemical sun block utilizing patented ingredients derived from oats, oat protein complex, oat beta glucan with Titanium Dioxide (a naturally occurring mineral) and Aloe Vera gel. pH Balanced. 100% Biodegradable. Naturally waterproof, naturally scented"
This left a slight residue, but better than a sunburn.

Kiss My Face Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50
"Face Factor is the ultimate in natural sun protection for your face. "
This left no residue on my face and soaked in well with no greasy feeling. It works great under my makeup and makes me feel better knowing I don't use a chemical sunscreen on my families faces.
Our skin is the biggest organ on our body. Since we take such care on what our family eats, it just makes sense to be careful with what we put on our skin also.
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tangled Tantrum Detangler Review and Giveaway

Tangled Tantrum sent me a bottle of their product for my honest review. Check out their story here.

My daughters hair is long so we have tried several brushes made for tangles and to create ease of brushing them out. The brushes work, but need a little help. Normally I take a natural conditioner and water and blend it up in a spray bottle.

First off I love the label of Tangled Tantrum and that there are no parabens or alcohol. The smell is nice and not overpowering. They even have a section dedicated to the dangers of parabens! :) LOVE! I wish more people would know this information and spread the word.

Tangled Tantrum comes in a convenient spritz bottle and I have even used it for my hair to tame some of the fly aways.

Overall for someone struggling with a tangled mess of hair in the morning this is a great option. It lessens the pain of brushing out knots, but personally I wish it was a bit more natural. The main ingredient I do not like is propylene glycol. There are a few others as well as the colorant. That is a personal choice and no reflection on the product performance.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Red Apple Lipstick review and giveaway

Red Apple Lipstick sent me 2 tubes of their lipstick. 

 I will start with a description of Red Apple lipstick and the company itself. “We help women, especially those with gluten intolerance and other sensitive allergies, feel great, look great, get compliments and enjoy makeup again!.... Our philosophy is that you, and your body are important. High quality makeup with no nasty chemicals is great for your body, and your life.”
All Red Apple Lipstick products are certified gluten free, paraben free, soy free, dairy free and allergen free. They are also vegan, natural and cruelty free. Check out the lipstick ingredients here, register for free with their VIP club, and find how-to’s and articles on their blog.

First of all the customer service was AWESOME! I originally contacted them trying to match a color that has been discontinued by a natural lip shimmer maker. She took the time to go back and forth with me until we found the colors that were the closest.
Second of all the quality and vibrancy of these lipsticks are amazing. I put on one swipe and let it set. It lasted HOURS and felt weightless. Even while drinking my tea it barely came off on the lid of my cup.

 On the left is Drama and on the right is Paris. Paris has a nice smell to it! It even It’s a bit brighter than I thought it would be, but mixed with the drama it will be good for date night. Drama is the closest to the color I was trying to match. It goes on smooth and has a wonderful color to it. I AM HOOKED!

I would love to see a card mailed with all the colors printed on a sheet or at least those in that color family of the purchased lipstick. I think sometimes its hard to tell by looking at the stick of color. 

 The sticks and glosses are lab tested and are Gluten free, paraben, toxin and soy free! AMAZING! They are enriched with a gluten free source of Vitamin E, mineral based and made in the USA!

Enter to win a free full size item of your choice. I am here to warn you this will be VERY difficult.
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Monkey Balm review and Giveaway


Balmers naturals send me a stick of Monkey balm.

 Co-founder and product developer Meagan McMullin explained “I am the mother of 3 boys and nothing on the market would provide the results we needed to treat and heal their eczema. We literally spent months of trial and error before coming up with a natural product with no additives or preservatives that was gentle enough for a baby’s skin and delivered soothing results”

The main ingredient is Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoide.s) which has been used in eastern civilizations for centuries.

I completely believe that natural products should be tried before any other alternative, especially in children. Our skin in the largest organ we have and everything we put on it goes into our bodies.

I love how easily Monkey Balm goes on with an over sized stick. I have two dry patches on my face and these were gone after applying the very first time. Mr Crazy Life has feet that have been in army boots for decades (I will spare you the pictures) and this made a HUGE difference in his feet!

Normally you would have to put your hands in many of the natural creams and rub them on, but I absolutely love the monkey balm oversized stick. I don’t have to touch the actual prodct to apply it! I just grab the stick and apply! Easy Peasy! Even little Miss Crazy Life can do it.
The ingredients in the product are amazing. I use coconut oil a lot in my house, but the fact that this stick has coconut oil, castor seed oil, jojoba seed oil, cocoa butter, vitmain E, beeswax, seabuckthorn berry, seed and fruit oils and plant sourced Squalene make me extremely happy. Not one single chemical or fake scent!!  AMAZING! Where has monkey balm been all my life? All of these ingredients are moisturising and healthy for your skin….inside and out!

This will definitely become a weapon in my arsenal! I have read claims that this works on eczema, diaper rash, rough feet, dry patches of skin, and MUCH, MUCH more!! I wish I would have had this product when little B was a baby! I bet it would have done wonders for her dry scalp! Nothing but natural for this little girl!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Froose Gummies review and giveaway

Froose Brands LLC sent me two boxes of gummy moose for my honest review.

-made with whole grains
-gluten free
-made in the USA
-25% less sugar than other brands
-no high fructose corn syrup
-no artificial dyes
-supports digestive health
-kosher certified
-70 calories per pouch
-good source of fiber
My main reason for liking this product is that they do not have dye and high fructose corn syrup. I am seeing research linking many childhood issues with artificial food dye and high fructose corn syrup.
As a mom and a studying nutritionist I am extremely picky about what my daughter eats. These gummies are now in the mix of treats allowed.
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gotta Get It Boutique Clip holder Review and giveaway

Gotta Get It Boutique sent me this adorable clip holder for my honest review and opinion. I was able to choose the colors and personalize which is a great touch and makes an adorable gift.


The top of the dress is made of a minky-type fabric in and is super soft.

The personalized ribbon across the middle is a great touch and can add additional storage for clips or bobby pins.

The skirt portion is made of Tulle mixed with 5 white ribbons in matching tones. These are the perfect color and the gold adds just a touch of elegance for any princess.

"GottaGetItBoutique  has been a dream for a long time and started in October 2012. We are a mother in law daughter in law team who started this so I could stay home and still provide an income. We love seeing the smiles our things put on little girls' faces. On top of our bow holders, we make tutus, bows, headbands, daddy diaper bags, and personalized onesies, bibs, and burp rags!"

As a mom of a girly girl who likes headbands one of these is plenty, but if your girl likes clips I suggest getting two of these. Keep one in the bathroom for mornings, and one by the door so you can do a quick fix on your way out!  I think reversing the colors on the opposite clip holder would be a cute way to give a gift for twins!  These would be super cute in a little girls bedroom by a vanity so she could play dress up also!  SO many options! I think little B might just have a new obsession with hair clips now!

Win one for your little angel
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