Friday, May 19, 2017

Bandalettes Review

Summer is almost here and so are Bandalettes!

Do you have thigh chafing when you don't wear pantyhose with your dresses? I just recently fell in love with Maxi dresses, and though its only spring, I cannot stand the thigh rub. It drives me bonkers!

These lace thigh bands are 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex, making them pretty stretchy.  They can be worn under dresses and skirts. I've heard they can be used as a fashion accessory with shorts, but I'm a bit old for that. I imagine it would be like a lace trim under shorter shorts?

Bandalettes even has a solid band for athletic or active situations.  The lace is lightweight and very airy. I have not tried the active version.          

Bandalettes are the only band I can find that has two bands of non slip silicone to keep the product in place. There has been no rolling or bunching as I wear them, and that's fantastic. You don't want to be pulling at them as you try to go about your day.

Bandalettes are available in 6 sizes and at least 10 colors.  

Amazon has a huge selection of colors!

Sizing video

The sizing is pretty close to US pants sizings;
A – 2-4;
size B – 6-8;
C – 10-12;
D – 14-16;
E – 18-20,
F – 22-24.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Meoded Crystal Brush Paint

Meoded Paints sent me this BEAUTIFUL Crystal Brush in white. It is a stunning glitter paint. You can check out their page detailing their Crystal Brush product.

For this product, I applied the Crystal Brush in a crosshatch pattern starting with the corner so it didn't leave a harsh line. Then I worked my way around and filled in the middle. You can even buy extra glitter to add!

Checkout the sneak peak I did on a FBLive. as well as the FB Live I did.

Once it dried (about 2 hours), I went over it again using the same cross hatch pattern. This paint fully cures within 7 days. This area isn't highly lit, so its really hard to appreciate the beauty of this paint. I really want to paint every wall with it, but I don't think Mr. Crazy Life would appreciate that.

They produce decorative paints, Authentic lime plaster, concrete look and more.

One of my favorite things about this company is their products are eco friendly,  and low VOC. I noticed this right away as I was painting the area I use for my pictures.

If you want it fast, you can buy it on amazon and even buy extra glitter. This is a GREAT product for a kids room. As I get more pictures and paint more items, I will update this blog post.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

WOW Baking Company Review

Mr Crazy Life  is Gluten free, and Little Crazy Life is corn free. Finding quality treats that are ok for everyone (while tasting good) can be tough.   We don't eat treats often, but apparently Mr Crazy Life has had a sweet tooth lately, because he has been into these like mad! I barely had time to take pictures and I didn't get all of them! He ate 5 of the big cookies!

WOW Baking company is dedicated to making soft, delicious products that are wheat free and gluten free all while tasting amazing. That is a tall order. 
WOW Baking Company  make their products right here in the Pacific NW. They make them in small batches with high quality natural ingredients (which I LOVE).  They use real butter, vanilla and natural cane juice.  They Never use Hydrogentated oils, refined sugar, or artificial flavors. Something a mom can feel good about. Their products are certified gluten free, GMO free and won a 2012 GOLD Sofi award!

WOW Baking has bagged cookies, single serve/wrapped cookies, brownies, tubs and Cake mixes!

The new maple squares and key lime white chocolate are probably my favorite with Lemon burst being a close second.

They have Gluten Free (GF) resources on their page as well as recipes for their cake mixes.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Twig Brush review

It is a Natural teeth cleaning twig. The twig is made frp, the  Salvadora Persica Tree. This twig is said to prevent tooth decay, plaque,  gum disease and freshen/whiten teeth. No toothpaste or water needed!

When you get your twig brush there is a slight odor. I left mine out for a few days to see if it would go away and it did.

Once you are ready to use, you make a scored line all the way around the bark ½ inch from the end. You then nibble on the end of the exposed brush to start forming bristles. The duration in which this lasts depends on how much you brush your teeth. They typical trim on the twig brush lasts 3-5 days. I have found I can get a week out of the bristles because I always forget to take to work with me.

We switched to natural toothpaste years ago because of the chemicals contained in normal toothpastes. Don’t get me started on SLS!
The eastern world has documented this method for a very long time.

The Twig Brush has natural antiseptics that help eliminate bad breath. Contrary to what you may know, bad breath actually stems from the gut, not the mouth. However the antiseptics hale kill harmful microorganisms, causing bad breath, mouth ulcers and gum disease. We actually swish with 3% food grade peroxide as well.

Silica acts as an abrasive that removes stains and deposits from the tooth surface, in turn, whitening your teeth.

Sodium Bicarb also has an abrasive property that helps whiten. The ADA even recommends bicarb in commercial toothpastes.

When the twig brush is used it forms a layer over the enamel from the Natural resin, protecting your teeth.

The Miswak also contains naturally scented oils that serve two separate functions; saliva flow and fresher breath.

The nice thing about twig brush is they offer a money back guarantee within a week. However, my suggestion, it takes a few weeks to get used to the change in brushing so keep trying it!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Pom Maker - Maya toys review

Maya toys sent me the PomPom Wow to review.

This is a kit to keep kids over 5 busy. My guess would be 5-7 is a good age range for this item. It’s a self contained pom pom maker, so it al closes for easy storage. This is a cute little station to decorate pom-poms that can be used for decorating picture frames, pencils/pencil holders, mirrors and anything stationary. I’ve noticed with the pom-poms if they get too wet or played with too much, they fall apart, so I would not use them for items that are moved around a lot.
This comes with 75 encapsulated pom-poms, Adhesive dots, pop pom trays, water tray, blotting cloth, paintbrush, pipette, stamp pads, watercolors and glitter gel pen.

The pom-poms are in a sort of capsule type wrapper. You can drop colored water into them to soak up and color the pom pom ends, push them into the stamp pads, put glitter gel on them.

Little Crazy Life will still pull this out when she needs something to do.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sleeping Partners Tadpole Chandalier Lamp in Sapphire Pink

Sleeping partners has sent me a pink sapphire Chandelier Table Lamp. I have received a few of their other products here.
Sleeping partners has very durable high end products that last. I have tried many kids products that seem to break after a few months. This has not been my experience with Sleeping partners products.

The Table Lamp is a chandelier-style table lamp that coordinates with other items in their line. It comes in clear, pink, and purple.  
This Standing lamp has is 20” tall with acrylic beads and gently hang on a wrought iron frame. The cuts on the beads scatter the light and really lights up the room. The Chandelier Table Lamp plugs into any wall outlet.

There is an On/Off switch on a 54" cord and it uses a single  25 watt candelabra bulb. It is UL listed for the US and Canada.
This would be great in a baby/toddler room (away from the crib of course) or on a tall (secured) bookshelf. Little Crazy Life is 8, so she uses this chandelier lamp by her bed. It really adds a grownup feel to her room.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Lumo Lift Posture Coach Review

Lumo Lift has a posture coach that can help train you to have better posture in as little as 2 weeks. They also have a Lumo Run.

I'm about to air my dirty laundry about my posture. I don't know about you but I sit at a desk all day long and my posture is terrible. I get lazy and I don't pay attention. Since wearing this device, I realize how bad it really is. My back hurts a lot. I have noticed my lower back gets tired while sitting up with the Lumo. However my core has become a bit stronger and the lower back has found a bit of relief. I'm pretty excited to see how much better it gets over time with continued use.

The Lumo Lift actually doubles as a pedometer to track your steps, distance and calories. This data can actually promote a healthier, active lifestyle. If you KNOW better, you DO better. Knowing this data helps you change your habits as well.
The Lumo lift has a magnetic clasp that attaches through your clothing.

You put the magnet on top of your shirt, while putting the Lumo unit against your skin under your shirt right below your collarbone.
Click the Lumo one time while in comfortable seated position. Once you set that position, It will gently vibrate when you are out of position for an indicated amount of time. You can also change the target posture at any time by clicking the Lumo once.

The app will display and track how much time you sat in the indicated position.
Lumo Lift does not track or provide posture feedback while in movement, during activities such as walking, running, or driving.

Lumo is Compatible with iOS 10 and up, Android 5.0 and up (excluding tablets).

The Battery life appears to be about 2 days, but charges quickly.  Simply place the Lumo on the charging pad and plug into your computers USB port.

Lumo Lift keeps the data stored for 4 weeks, but once its synced with the cloud and the app it will keep the data for its lifetime.

The Lumo Lift sensor is made of Electroplated thermoset plastic and weighs 11.50g. The magnetic clasps are Rare Earth magnet. 1.00g.
Lumo lift is not water resistant.