Thursday, May 30, 2013

Speed loss 2 day cleanse review and giveaway

Speedloss (Level 2 performance foods) is a weight loss product to lose up to 12 pounds in 2 days.. It is a 2 day detox program that boosts energy, jump start weight loss and burns fat. There are supposed to be no artificial sweeteners. I read about many celebrities that use this.
You receive a water bottle, container of Sedona Juice and a day one and a day two bag.  Each day has all of the packages numerically numbered to make it super easy to follow.  


Day one consists of 6 packages (which I estimate to be about 700 calories)
Pro-blend protein shake -I mixed with almond milk
Homeostat supplement pack – 3 pills – flaxseed – acai detox and acidophilus
smart soup powder – Mixed with hot water. Not bad/not amazing. I did not like the red dye or the sucralose.
 – superfood 5 drink – I mixed with water not juice. Its barley juice, spirulina and spinach leaf powder, probiotics, stevia, Policosanol and Metabolic herbs.
Cleanse 24 packet  - I mixed this and drank it fast. It thickens fast as it absorbs water. Not my favorite. It really didn’t get things “moving” out of my system.
– trim tea – senna, whorled marshmallow, persimmon, and papaya leaves as well as licorice root.
Sedona Detox juice

I am not impressed with the “Detox juice” as it’s a fortified juice very similar to those promoted for kids. I prefer juice straight from my juicer instead of juices from concentrate.

Day two consists of 3 packages –  (Which I estimate to be about 600 calories)
-Oat pro - I mixed with almond milk. It didn’t taste amazing to me and seems a little pasty, but wasn’t bad.
- Kicker powder -
-crave control supplement pack – polydextrose, artificial flavors, caffeine, acesulfame potassium, sucralose and yellow #6, b vitamins and green tea extract.
-Sedona Detox juice

As far as my results I did not see a significant weight loss, only 2 ½ pounds.

I was not hungry through the program but I am familiar with 2 day juice fasts. Your results, will of course, vary. I think this is due to only having 15 to 20 pounds that I would like to see lost. I eat clean and healthy 90% of the time, and this program didn’t create a huge calorie deficit, so I don’t think this was effective for me. I do like the fact that they recommend exercise with this program as diet alone will not cause significant weight loss.


With this program it is recommended in their flier to do 30 to 90 minutes of exercise each day with this program. For me that is not a big deal as I do about 30 to 45 anyway. However for those who are not used to working out this might be difficult.
The things I like about this program;
-Portions things out and details the program well.
-Lists water and exercise as key components for optimum results
-Has a plan to reintroduce food for a few days after being on the plan
-Use of whey protein and not soy

The things I would like to see changed
-The b12 that is used is cyanocobalamin. This has a much lower absorption rate that Methyl sublingual b12

-Use of non –nutritive sweeteners. These are not needed and many have sensitivity to them
-Very restrictive of calories, but this program is only 2 days so probably has minimal effect on the metabolism
-Smart soup has isolated soy protein, hydrogenated soybean oil and sucralose. Soy is the most heavily sprayed with pesticide and GMO crop.
-the artificial coloring, flavors and sweeteners removed.

*This items in this review were provided in exchange for my honest opinion. I am not a doctor or a medical professional. Your results will vary. Please check with your doctor before starting any program and contact them with any concerns prior to starting.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quest Nutrition Review And Giveaway

Quest Nutrition sent me a generous box of product to sample and give my honest review.

I am always looking for a good protein bar that is not choked full of sugar and useless ingredients and has high protein with minimal soy. Another requirement for us is that they are gluten free. These bars really fit the bill and we are HOOKED!  

Peanut butter cup
It’s hard to choose a favorite but because I do not eat candy anymore, but this is right up there near the top. It feels like you are eating something decadent but doesn’t have the super sweet flavor of candy so no guilt afterwards! It has a slight aftertaste but its not unpleasant.

Chocolate brownie
This was another favorite because, well, it’s chocolate. The only thing I noticed was it was a bit drier than the other flavors but the same texture.

Most of the flavors have a minimum of 20 grams of protein, low carbs and a TON of dietary fiber.  Most protein bars seem to be more like candy bars with high fructose corn syrup  when I read the ingredients. The first ingredient in these bars… Whey protein! When you read the ingredients. You do not see the word sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or any other junk ingredients.

I am studying to be a clinical nutritionist and I have to say Quest protein bars seem to be a very balanced product. The only thing I would like to see is a product made with pea protein. I have several friends who are gluten and dairy free and due to whey being a dairy based product they are not able to enjoy these. I was even going to split a bar with them if they had been dairy.
 NOW enter to win a 12 pack!
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sweet Blossom Gifts necklace review and giveaway


Sweet Blossom Gifts sent me this gorgeous necklace to review!

I was very impressed with this hand stamped necklace. It is thick enough that I could not bend it. I am giving this to little B for her birthday since I know it will hold up. This would be an great gift as a childs first piece of jewelry. From their website "This necklace features a 7/8" Sterling silver disc, hand stamped with a wonderful dandelion puff and "I wished for you" in a whimsical font. The Sterling silver disc is hand cut from 22 gauge Sterling sheet, stamped and tumbled and the letters are given a deep patina and given a slight brushed finish."

This company has several different artists and provides wonderful customer service. I definitely have them on my short list to order gifts from in the future. These are wonderful personal gifts that will make anyone feel special.
"Sweet Blossom Gifts is located in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC. We bring you quality jewelry and gifts for both adults and children, including great gifts for moms and grandmothers! Many items in our shop can be personalized and monogrammed for you. Hand Stamped Items and Cut Out Monograms are hand-crafted by talented artists. Sweet Blossom Gifts has something for everybody! If you like what you find here, please recommend our shop to your friends and family."

Now its your turn to enter for one of your very own with a choice of birthstone bead!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

G2 Bottle Cutter and art kit review and giveaway!

 DTI Crafts sent me this G2 bottle cutter and bottle art kits for my review. There is a keepsake bottle kit, 3 in one plant keeper, wind chime set and a luminary bottle art kit. These are so fun and easy.  
Upon opening this box I was extremely intimidated in assembling the cutter. I wish I would have thought to watch the youtube video!
Here it is assembled, but I believe I forgot one piece that also attaches the green piece that actually makes the score in the glass.
However I was still able to get a complete score around the bottle. Here they show how to effectively use the G2 cutter.
Tapping above the scored line was the hardest part for me. It wasn't separating so I tried a bit harder and put a hole in it. I will keep attempting this and post an update at a later date of my success. I need to watch some you tube videos and keep trying. I think it takes more than a try or two to get the hang of this awesome cutter. Think of the possibilities!! I wanted to get this posted even though I haven't had a successful attempt as of yet due to user error. ;)

My goal for this was to make some glasses or vases out of the bottoms, and use the tops as a cover for battery operated tea lights to make a hurricane candle effect.
Check out all Diamond Tech Crafts other items as well. I really would like to try the beading, fusing and Krafty Bloks. So many ideas are swirling through my head.

Do you want to win one of these G2 cutters? It would be an amazing gift or a fun project! As with all tools, make sure you wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying glass.

Enter now!

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