Sunday, March 20, 2016

GoSports LED flying disk

GoSports LED Light Up Flying Ultimate Disc, 175 grams, with 4 LEDs (Blue, Red, White or Green)

We had our first sunny day yesterday! What a perfect day for this!!  Its still too cold to use it at night, but this is a blast. It extends your play time.

Each Disc has 4 Ultra-Bright Red LEDs and they add such a fun aspect to get the kids outdoors. The disk itself is soft and pretty comfortable to hold. The on/off button is easy to operate.

This is such a fun disk with the lights. Once the weather gets (and stays) nicer, we will be able to be out later with this. Another thing this does is allows you to FIND your disc when its been thrown too far. ;) No more lost discs!

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