Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ZIPaboo review and giveaway

I was sent this long sleeve ZIPeeze onesie for my honest review.


How I wish I would have had this when my girl was tiny! This makes such easy access to the diaper. This would be great in the middle of the night. I love how both legs stay in and you don't have to almost undress the child in the dark. 

The fabric is SUPER soft, and the available patterns are super sweet. The colors are muted and soft which I adore. There is a single snap by the neck

The logo is embroidered.
Now win one for your little one! :)
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Monday, April 15, 2013

NUWI review and giveaway

Nuwi sent me 2 yummy quinoa smoothies to try!

 What a nice change of pace! They sent me the blueberry smoothie. It was really good and thick. It is gluten free and organic which I loved. The drink seemed a bit high in sugar for my likes but my husband added chocolate protein to it after a workout. It was pretty tasty that way. The website says "No preservatives. No sugar added. And only 160 calories."
Here is the ingredient label.  There isn't a lot of protein in here, but if you need a gluten free change of pace, this might fit the bill!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hammer & Tuffys Gluten Free Granola

Hammer & Tuffys sent me samples of their amazing hand roasted gluten free granola. Check out their story.

You can now get their granola on amazon!! 

I first found out about this granola at my local Whole foods market where there was a sampling. Upon sampling I decided to buy a bag. Over the next three days my daughter and I ate the whole bag, leaving only crumbs for the mister. I think I need an intervention!!! I was able to talk briefly to Mr. Sarvis who was extremly nice. These are very well balanced in sugars, carbs etc.
The mister couldnt even wait for me to get home and get pictures of the bags. Hence the open bag on the right. This is the best granola I have ever tasted whether it be gluten free or not. You can see all the flavors on their website.

Barn Dance Blueberry Granola Blend

Banana Bread Granola Blend
Red Tractor Granola Blend

The only blend I havent tried is the chocolate cherry chili... You bet that will be in my cart next time. The mister asked me to portion size this out into snack bags because he couldnt stop himself from eating it. I find myself sifting through the bags to find the giant pieces that havent been broken up. My daughter takes it as a snack for school, after swimming lessons, or even as cereal with almond milk for breakfast.

NOW enter on rafflecopter to get your own bag and begin your new granola addiction.
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