Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kelly Kits Review and Giveaway

 Kelly Kits sent me this kit for review, and I have a giveaway of a 3 month subscription for you!

Kelly Kits is based on the idea of ‘art play’ .

This one was fun. My daughter painted with watercolors.....
 Then you sprinkle with salt and let dry.
Then brush off the salt. to reveal the spots of watercolor that were soaked up.

This was a super fun project. The water color dried a bit fast so perhaps a paper that wasnt so porous would have been a bit better.  All in all my daughter had a blast!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

ProGym Extreme Review

Gofit sent me this set of ProGym Extreme for my honest review and comments.

This set goes up to 75 pounds of resistance and comes with a exercise manual that is color and laminated. The training materials are excellent and offer workout advice for all fitness levels.

The handles are sturdy and balanced. The handles feel natural when gripping and don't create friction in the palms after repeated reps or sets.


Thesebands are marked by weight making it easy to make quick weight adjustments. They have quick change carabiners that are efficient and being able to add multiple bands with little effort is great.

The mister used them also and said he has never used a better quality system and doesnt expect them to wear out any time soon


Monday, March 18, 2013

WOW Toys review and giveaway

WOW Toys sent me this fun set. Poppy’s Pony Adventure.
My daughter "Freaked out" as she puts it.
There is an SUV, Detachable horse trailer, person, horse, jumping gate and a haybale.
Your little one is ready for a mini competitions with this little set.
It is a friction powered car with engine sounds and NO batteries. That is always a plus in my mind! :)
Now for the giveaway. The winner can choose between Poppy and Ernie Fire Engine

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Infuse Flavor It Pitcher and giveaway

HIC, Harold Import Company Sent me an Infuse pitcher by primula for my honest review.
I was in love with it when I saw it. We drink A TON of green tea, mineral water, and flavored water. We do not keep juice (unless its from the juicer), milk, chocolate milk or soda as options. This is a great alternative that is much lighter in the stomach for the spring and summer days!

Here are the items from left to right.

-The pitcher itself on the left will actually fit in the fridge door. It is BPA free and will handle warm to moderately hot water. I believe up to 190 degrees.

-The second item is a tea basket. This is awesome but I feel it needed to be a bit larger to allow the tea to move and swell properly. That might be because we like to have strong tea.

-The third item is the freezer core that you put in the pitcher to keep it cold. It stayed frozen for quite some time and didnt take up too much room in the tea we made.

-The fourth item is the fruit basket infuser. You can reuse the berries a couple times. We did this and then pureed it for a protein shake with almond milk.

Overall this is a fun product and great for the summer nights on the patio. This could also be a great way to keep Sangria at the ready. You just have to make sure the kiddos know not to touch it!

NOW Win your own for spring!!

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

SWYT Shoe Review and Giveaway

swyt culture Sent me two pairs of shoes to review for my honest opinion.
These shoes fit my daughter perfectly. Then tend to flip off the heel a bit but she doesnt seem to mind. I like the elastic strap that goes across to keep them while little B is playing. They are waterproof on the bottom and have good grip on the ground.

Now for MY shoes! Arent these adorable?

They are super comfortable. I have wide feet so they rub a little bit since the outside is molded. Im hoping they stretch a bit. I had to switch to flats instead of my standard heels once little B started running around. These have been great!

I wear size 10-11. These are the equivalent of a size 10.

NOW.. Enter to win  your own pair!
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