Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Guzzle Buddy Review

 Guzzle Buddy sent me this wine glass for review.

This is AWESOME!! Funniest product ever! This is great for entertaining, parties or a unique gift.
Pouring is boring!!! Do you suffer from wine wrist? Get this instead and Plug it and chug it!

Guzzle Buddy Guzzle buddy can alleviate all of this!

The only thing I noticed is that there is no flow back valve, so the wine goes back into the bottle. However, if you plan on drinking the whole bottle, it doesn't matter. ;) Using this as a regular wine glass really isn't optimal. However if you want to be the life of a party, this is probably for you. It is intended as a gag gift.

This needs to be hand washed, and is a great addition to your party wares.


Monday, March 28, 2016

Spectrum Diversified Nail polish holder review and giveaway

Spectrum Diversified sent me 3 models of nail polish holders. As a mom of a girl, one will be going up in my closet. I'm half tempted to mount a frame around it and hide it behind a hinged picture. HMMM Pinterest challenge??

Having kids in the house makes it difficult to keep things organized. Or is this just my house?

Countertop/Wall Mount 3-Tier Nail Polish Holder is probably my favorite model (SKU288BY70). It’s a countertop or Wall Mount polish holder. My daughter makes lip balms so this is great for both that or my 54 nail polishes pictured. This model has a metal containment bar all the way around instead of an open back. This is purely esthetic for me. This holds 33-66 nail polish bottles depending on their size. It is made of steel and is very sturdy. It stands about 13.25” high, 13” wide, 2.75 deep and weighs about a pound. 

 The Scroll Wall mount 3 –Tier (SKU437BY) is my daughters favorite. That’s mostly due to the fact that it looks fancy and “princess-y”.  I'm looking for small cups to hold a variety of makeup items for her. This is awesome for any kids room. You can use it with little cups and put pencils, art supplies or makeup too. This unit is about 15.25” high, 12.5” wide, and 2.75” deep. It weighs about 1.8 pounds and holds 30-60 nail polish bottles depending on their size. It is made of steel.

Euro Wall Mount 3-Tier Nail Polish Holder (SKU454BY) is the last model of nail polish holder that Spectrum Diversified sent me. It’s a very simple sleek design that would look great with any d├ęcor. This would be beautiful near a vanity to house your polish. If you don’t have 30-60 polish bottles you could put small cups on the top tier to house makeup, brushes etc. This unit is 16” high, 11.5” wide, 3”deep and weighs the most at 2.1 pounds.  You could even use this steel rack as a spice rack.

The Grid organizers pictured are a variety of sizes. These are great to help organize your drawers in your pantry, kitchen or bathroom. You could use them on pegboard in your garage or to organize your desktop as well. These are made out of the same sturdy steel as the nail polish holders.

As I search Spectrum to browse the other products I love how they are all quality materials. I clean A LOT having a younger child at home and visits from the big kids and the grandkids. Here are a few products that are worth mention.
I really like the
large shower caddy as we have one refinished tub and cannot put things on the ledge anymore.

Check out the Ashley stacking trays and baskets.  This would be nice under the sink to keep in a guest bathroom, or for every day items in the master or kids bath. It keeps it out of the tub and less cleaning and picking up for mom!

We have a pantry that’s deep but hard to reach everything. Organizing it is a huge chore. Ive been switching to mason jars for everything that I can, but there are always a few things that cannot be switched out of its packaging. These might be a great solution in a few sizes for those hard to organize areas. Ashley Large and medium baskets could corral a lot of the loose items.

Now enter to win!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

GoSports Playground Ball set Review

GoSports Playground Ball (Set of 6) with Carry Bag and Pump, 8.5"

This pack of 6 8.5 inch rubber balls, carry bag and pump is awesome. We always lose balls for some reason. These are the same that many schools have for elementary school. They are the perfect size for 4square, dodgeball, kickball, wall ball or handball as they aren’t oversized.
The surface of the ball is textured so it helps with grip even if it gets wet. The set comes with red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. I would love to see a rainbow/tie-dye one! They came deflated and individually wrapped in plastic bags, a mesh bag, and comes with a hand pump/needle to inflate.
GoSports has a quality guarantee which makes purchasing this item a no-brainer. The balls have a good weight to them and hold air well. I did get this through amazon, so it’s not a verified purchase. I received this from the company for my honest review.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

GoSports Gorilla Ball Review

GoSports Elephant Skin Dodgeball Set with Mesh Carry Bag (Set of 6), 6.25"

This set has 6 dodgeballs with a mesh carrying bag. It has an “elephant skin” type feel to it and is squishy. It’s made to not have any sting on the skin like rubber playground balls.

They are 6.5” so they are great for smaller hands to play with. They don’t bounce like playground balls but they are meant to be an alternative for contact sports like dodgeball.

GoSports has a great quality guarantee as well. I did get this through amazon, so it’s not a verified purchase. I received this from the company for my honest review.

Friday, March 25, 2016

GoSports Inflatable Duck

GoFloats Giant Duck PartyTube Inflatable Raft, Float In Style

This is awesome! I cannot wait until the summer gets better so we can inflate this bad boy! There is a Duck, flamingo, and a swan. I want each one because they look so fun. You could tie up a light cooler on one and tie it up in the water to help keep afloat at a river if that’s your thing. However it would be fun for a home pool party as well.  

The price point is very reasonable considering that the construction looks really good for this type of float. It is made from high quality raft material and comes with a patch kit.  The valve is a “quick inflate” type so it’s supposed to inflate 10 times faster. The valve does look slightly different that other valves Ive seen.

The measurements are about 45” wide and 32” tall which is perfect for kids about 12 and up (that can swim). The hole in the center is made to fit an adult, so I would make sure all tweenagers have life jackets if you are using this. That’s just my mom-vice (Get it, Mom advice, Mom-vice?). I will update once I inflate it. If you use a pump it’s supposed to inflate in 1 minute or 10 by mouth.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

GoSports Ring Toss Review

GoSports Premium Wooden Ring Toss Game with Carrying Case. We have another version of this from GoSports and it’s a blast.

The rope rings change the skill needed to toss them onto the pegs. It is super fun for kids and adults. It contains an x target, carrying bag and 4 rings. The target is about 3x5x18 inches. The outer 4 white posts are worth 20 points, and the middle red ring is worth 25 points.

The rings appear to be made of sisal rope with a wooden red bead. We are able to use this indoors since its been rainy and spring really hasn’t started yet. Ring toss is great for hand eye coordination and problem solving for kids. It says 1-4 players but there are only 4 rings. I would like to see more rings or add on pack with more rings. I did get this through amazon, so it’s not a verified purchase. I received this from the company for my honest review.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Purse Pouch Review

Car cache sent me this purse pouch for review.

If you have kids, this is the coolest product you didn't know you needed! I have had my purse nose-dive off the front seat at least once a work on my way to and from work. Then I have to pick up everything when I arrive at my destination.  However I usually only have my daughter or I in my car, so on a normal day this wouldn't be an issue. On the weekends (for me) would be the best use of this since we have more people in the car. I don't see myself using this during the week as much as I do on the weekend when the seats in the car are full and there is no where for my purse.

Purse Pouch alleviates this! You simply attach the drawstring in the front opening of your console, Clip the buckles around the exposed headrest supports and it creates a cup for your purse.

This model has a small pocket for miscellaneous items that you don't need in your purse. Chargers, gum, gloves, etc.

This takes under two minutes to install, and is SO awesome. You will be buying this as gifts for all the women in your life if they have kids or families.

Monday, March 21, 2016

HollyBeth Organics review

HollyBeth organics has some AMAZING stuff! There is such a wide variety of items that it was hard to choose.
Their mission statement is awesome. They focus on simple natural ingredients that are non toxic and help maintain a world of beauty.  These are all things I try to live on a daily basis.  As a company they also use earth friendly packaging and shipping.

Eye Cream This is 100% Organic USDA certified. This was the very first product and by far the best seller. The eye cream has Camellia oil which offers UV protection. You have to love that!! A little goes a long way! The jojoba and sweet almond oil helps moisturize.

Lemon Lime Shea Butter Cream – This is also 100% organic USDA certified. This stuff smells fantastic! Shea butter helps protect and heal skin. HollyBeth Organics uses infusion process with lemon and lime essential oils.

Orange peppermint shea butter cream 100% organic pepperpint and orange peel essential oils make this my favorite out of the three. I LOVE The combo.

I am very natural in my skin care regimen, so these products are items I would use on a daily basis. They are natural and appear to be very pure and gentle on the skin. They absorb really quickly and leave my skin super soft.

For those concerned about what items you use on your skin, these appear to be a pretty clean choice.

They have Retail locations and a blog if you want to read more about them.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

GoSports LED flying disk

GoSports LED Light Up Flying Ultimate Disc, 175 grams, with 4 LEDs (Blue, Red, White or Green)

We had our first sunny day yesterday! What a perfect day for this!!  Its still too cold to use it at night, but this is a blast. It extends your play time.

Each Disc has 4 Ultra-Bright Red LEDs and they add such a fun aspect to get the kids outdoors. The disk itself is soft and pretty comfortable to hold. The on/off button is easy to operate.

This is such a fun disk with the lights. Once the weather gets (and stays) nicer, we will be able to be out later with this. Another thing this does is allows you to FIND your disc when its been thrown too far. ;) No more lost discs!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

BallaSox Review and giveaway!

Ballasox started out with a foldable Ballet Flat that has a floating spandex lining. This is meant to encase the foot like a sock.  This prints and lining help its popularity of the Ballasox Ballerina Flat in Brazil. With the addition of a matching tote bag you are ready to go at all times! The tote bag is great for keeping flats handy for when your feet are tired from other shoes.  

When first brought to the US, Ballasox was introduced as a sister brand of the Corso Como line. However, Ballasox has gained its own notoriety.

A successful Spring season in 2015 introduced sneakersespadrilles, and sandals. Fall 2015 brought different versions of the popular Ballet Flat with new trims and color combinations.
This particular shoe (Monica) Color blocking contrasts make a sporty, trendy option. This and all the ballasocks ballets have a cushion-lined insole.

This shoe is SO comfortable, it may become my favorite shoe for the spring! I wear a size 11 and its often hard to find a shoe that fits. This is a fun shoe and it should definitely fit into your wardrobe!
It has a Man Made Sole, Round Toe, Leather Upper, Elastic trim and is made in Brazil.

Enter to win!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016 review

Beessential Natural Skin Care & Body Care Products- sent me their lavender honey collection.
Beessential makes natural skin care products by hand from start to finish, from their bee hives to your home. They use fresh, pure honey, beeswax and Propolis from their family farm in Ohio. All of their body washes, body creams and hair care products are free of harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens and PEG.

Lemon Lavender Lip Balm has been awarded the best lip balm by Total Beauty for three-years running. Each natural ingredient we use can be read about by clicking on the ingredients tab located on their product pages. This is made with essential oils, vitamin E, Shea and Cupuacu butter, beeswax, propolis and honey.

Lavender Hand & Body Cream with soothing Bergamot is thick and wonderful! It really hydrates the skin. It is made with Lavender Essential Oil, Skin-softening herbal extracts, Shea & Cupuacu Butters.

Handmade Lavender Soap with Honey. This is SO pretty to look at. The marbeling is beautiful and I didn’t want to use it! This soap is hydrating, smoothes the skin, Mild, nourishing, natural and scented with natural Lavender Essential Oil. It smells AMAZING!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Furinno Desk 14054EX review

Furinno 14054EX A frame computer desk is the subject of review today. This is a great kids desk that still looks great in your home.

This A-frame study desk is for my 7 year old to use for a designated homework area. I might steal it for the blog instead of using the dining room. ;)  It is designed to fit your space, your style and your budget. It has a built-in desk hutch to serve as stationery storage. It is simple and functional. 

Here is a picture of the parts. The off colored piece is the back of the desk, so it needs to be put against a wall.
This unit is made of CARB compliant composite wood and it has a simple industrial look. The Furinno desk is about 20-25 pounds and measures 19.1 x 31.5 x 35.5 inches. It seems pretty sturdy for the price and is great for kids. I wont mind if this desk gets beat up as its very affordable. Putting it together was very similar to most put together furniture and nothing out of the ordinary.

The instructions were good, however pay VERY close attention to the screw sizes. There are no indications in the instructions of what size to use and one nearly pushed through the top of the desk, Luckily we noticed so the blemish is pretty small. I imagine with use it will eventually need a small patch done.

Overall this desk was worth the money. Its inexpensive and looks nice while saving space in your home.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Green Esthetics Argan oil Review

Green Esthetics sent me a bottle of their Argan oil  I have never used this specific product before, but I have used similar products.

This is Pure Virgin, Cold Pressed Argan Oil that is 100% natural containing no chemicals or preservatives

Argan has benefits for your skin. It has been known to reduce wrinkles and lines. This is done by stimulating skin cell renewal, increases skin hydration and elasticity, and combats free radicals. It can also be used to treat burns, acne and to reduce scaring and stretch marks for many.

Argan has been known to hydrate hair adding shine and reducing frizziness and split ends. Argan contains antioxidants to repair the hair and scalp on a cellular level and reduce dandruff.

Benefits for Finger Nails and Cuticles are Fortifying fingernails by making them stronger while softening the cuticles. Green Esthetics suggests to dip your fingertips in a solution of 50% argan oil and 50% lemon juice.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Go Raw review

Go Raw junk free food has sent me some of their sprouted cookies and pumpkin seeds.

YUM! Go Raw products are full of enzymes that help our bodies digest food to get the most nutritional value. Their motto is “raw food is alive!”

Their product is seed based. By sprouting their products they wake up the dormant seeds and start the germination process which in turn unlocks their nutrition as well.

Apparently there is no phytic acid which can block absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. The sprouting process lowers the phytic acid allowing for absorption of the minerals and vitamins.

The products hold an organic certification, and provide jobs for 100 people in their 65,000 square foot facility.

They hold certified organic, non gmo, certified Gluten free, certified Vegan and Star K Certified!!!!!!! Go Raw is a tasty way for guilt free snacking!

They taste AMAZING and I ate a whole bag in one sitting. Thank goodness they are guilt free!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Go Sports LED light up cones review

These are fantastic!! We haven't used them outside yet. These are great to train or play in low light conditions. We've been using them in the house to practice skills and also for obstacle courses. The bright LEDs in the cones allows for them to be seen up to 100 yards.
Go Sports sent me these LED Sports cones. They have LED elements in the top and use two CR2032 batteries. The batteries last up to 24 hours. of run time.  

The LEDs produce a solid or strobe light effect. One push on the top for solid, two for strobe, and a third to turn them off.  These are about 5.25" x 5.25" base and 9.25" in height.

We just got their 4” pop us soccer nets as well and this has created hours of fun in the house during the last of the rainy season her in the Pacific Northwest.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Plugable Technologies review

The first item is the Plugable Power 2015 5-Port USB Smart Charger with 40W Power Adapter
This awesome USB-C5TX can help solve the dwindling wall outlets. I know our house is always in need of finding an open outlet. This problem has been solved in the office because of this USB 5 port smart charging ports in a single compact unit that only uses one outlet. Before we had multiple cords on the floor in a jumbled mess. It was a disaster trying to figure out which cord was what. Not anymore!!

The main features are as follows.;
·         Charge up to 5 devices simultaneously at up to 2.4A per port
·         Up to 40 watts, 8A to share across all 5 ports
·         Supports tablets, cell phones, MP3 players, and other USB peripherals
·         Five dedicated smart charging ports that automatically select the best charging mechanism for the device
·         Built-in power supply using a 4-foot standard IEC 60320 C7 AC power cable

The second item is my personal favorite.
The Plugable PB-WA5K is a lightweight combination high-capacity portable battery pack and USB charger. I don’t always charge my phone at night if its above 50%. 

The design of this product allows you to smart charge your devices and the PB-WA5K’s internal battery at the same time. I leave it plugged in to keep the battery charged for the times I have to grab it and charge on the go. I can put it in my purse and still use/charge my phone while daughter is in her extracurricular activities. This gives you the flexibility to continue charging your devices while also recharging the internal battery to use when on the go.
·         -2 Smart Charging USB Ports
·         -Smart Charging Integrated Ciruit (IC) enables attached USB devices to charge at the maximum rate
·         -Up to 2.4A per port (3.4A, 17W total when connected to AC outlet) and up to 2.2A per port, (2.2A, -11W total when on battery mode)
·        - High Capacity 5,000mAh internal Lithium-Ion battery
·        - Flip-out US AC power plug for easy storage and recharging on the go
·        - Unique shake to power on feature
·         -Mutli-color status LED indicator
-To turn on the charger, simply shake it quickly side to side and the status LED will light up.  For a list of tested devices and charging rates, please see the charging FAQ.
P-lease note the charger has 2.2A total available power when in battery mode. When drained, some high-power devices may not charge until the power bank is plugged in to AC wall power.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sinful Colors - Kylie Jenner line

Miss Kylie Jenner has now partnered with Sinful Colors to release 20 colors in her line of polishes (Precious metals and crown jewels). I received six of them, plus the sinful colors topcoat. I wish I could show you all of them! The colors are beautiful!

Are you a fan of Kylie Jenner or no? Regardless of that fact, these colors are sure to be a great addition to your polish collection. Like the other Sinful Colors polishes they are Toulene, formaldehyde and DBP Free. They are also made in the USA.

These are affordable and really fun colors in this collection. These cost about $2.99. The black bottle is actually a topcoat. The Gel tech polish seems a bit thicker than the regular line.

Check out my previous review of Sinful Colors here.

Sinful Colors bottles with black caps are the valentines day collection.
The love bombs glitter polish has sweet lavender and pastel blue glitter with heart shaped glitter as well. These run $1.99 per bottle.

Sinful Colors are made in the USA and are free of 5 chemicals. They are Toluene, Formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DPB, and camphor. With a daughter in the house we try to limit our exposure to chemicals.
Sinful Colors can be found at retailers like Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite aid and other mass retailers.

The polish itself seems to be durable and easy to apply. The second coat doesn't have any streaking when applying and has a nice weight on the nails without feeling heavy. It has a nice shine. The topcoat is nice and thin without adding another full thick coat. 



Thing Chargers Review

ThingCharger sent me these devices for my honest review.

I am SO excited about this review! I have been watching them while they were trying to get backers and watching the developments via weekly emails. ThingCHARGER has gone on to be the most successful crowdfunded mobile accessory of all time!

In the box I received three thing chargers and a 30 pin tip. T
hingCHARGER provides a simple and clutter free way to charge your devices. Just plug thingCHARGER into any wall outlet. The underside of the device hides two USB outlets, just in case you need to plug in. You can easily charge any phone, tablet or reader from any brand. The outlets on the front exactly match the prongs on the back, so you can stack two or three thingCHARGERs together for a super-convenient charging station. They DO have surge protection!

The story of thing charger via their site. “One day, while fooling around with an 'award winning' charger that wobbled, had messy wires and a host of other flaws, it dawned on Seymour that a simple box which allowed a device to stand on top and charge would solve all the problems… Amy agreed: "Most of your ideas are pretty dumb" she said lovingly, "but this is great! Go to the basement and don't come out until you've built a prototype."

Go check them out. This has to be one of my favorite new products that solve a HUGE problem!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Travel Halo Review

The travel Halo is designed to make sleeping while sitting up a comfortable experience. It was invented by a guy, Mike, who traveled a lot and was looking for a better option.

This is extremely helpful if you are traveling, or while you are sick!
This will run you about $25. The travel halo is pretty compact and has a carrying pouch. This could be really helpful for road trips! This is small compared to many of the u shaped products out there.
The travel halo has two pads on the back to keep your head from falling one direction or the other causing cricks in your neck. The front has a flap of fabric to shield your eyes from sun and distractions. I don’t know that I would personally use this on public transit, but for a road trip, absolutely!

The travel halo is made from high grade blend of cotton, polyester, and Spandex. Its stretchy so it fits nearly any size head. 

What I LOVE about Travel halo is that the partners are Army vets. The Travel Halo gives a 20% discount to all former and current US military, just give them a call!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wearsafe Tag Review

Wearsafe sent me this wearsafe tag to review. 

It is a wearable personal safety device with bluetooth. When wearing this item, you simply press the button.. A Wearsafe alert with audio will let your friends know you need help.

The App is simple to navigate and easy to use. It makes sending alerts, managing multiple networks, pairing Wearsafe Tags and receiving alerts a smooth process.

The monthly subscription is about $4- $5 a month to to send alerts* and your network members can download the Wearsafe App for free to receive alerts. This is great for those with aging parents who might be unable to reach their phone if they have fallen. Also good for athletes, college students and anyone who needs extra assurance.

Unboxing video to come!
The alert features are fantastic. When you press the button on your Tag, critical information is sent to your selected network of family and friends. They will be able to coordinate an appropriate response through the private group chat, or, if necessary, send this critical information to emergency responders.

The best part about this is it keeps your phone hidden up to 200 feet away and you can still alert people (and keep your phone hidden until you can call)  discreetly with this wearsafe tag. Can you imagine all the loved ones that could be helped with this?

Find out how it works here.

These devices are only $39! This is a great item to have for your kids as they grow up and move on. As a parent, I would definitely buy this to give to my older kids. Its great peace of mind. It also gives me peace of mind with an aging parent as well.