Thursday, May 30, 2013

Speed loss 2 day cleanse review and giveaway

Speedloss (Level 2 performance foods) is a weight loss product to lose up to 12 pounds in 2 days.. It is a 2 day detox program that boosts energy, jump start weight loss and burns fat. There are supposed to be no artificial sweeteners. I read about many celebrities that use this.
You receive a water bottle, container of Sedona Juice and a day one and a day two bag.  Each day has all of the packages numerically numbered to make it super easy to follow.  


Day one consists of 6 packages (which I estimate to be about 700 calories)
Pro-blend protein shake -I mixed with almond milk
Homeostat supplement pack – 3 pills – flaxseed – acai detox and acidophilus
smart soup powder – Mixed with hot water. Not bad/not amazing. I did not like the red dye or the sucralose.
 – superfood 5 drink – I mixed with water not juice. Its barley juice, spirulina and spinach leaf powder, probiotics, stevia, Policosanol and Metabolic herbs.
Cleanse 24 packet  - I mixed this and drank it fast. It thickens fast as it absorbs water. Not my favorite. It really didn’t get things “moving” out of my system.
– trim tea – senna, whorled marshmallow, persimmon, and papaya leaves as well as licorice root.
Sedona Detox juice

I am not impressed with the “Detox juice” as it’s a fortified juice very similar to those promoted for kids. I prefer juice straight from my juicer instead of juices from concentrate.

Day two consists of 3 packages –  (Which I estimate to be about 600 calories)
-Oat pro - I mixed with almond milk. It didn’t taste amazing to me and seems a little pasty, but wasn’t bad.
- Kicker powder -
-crave control supplement pack – polydextrose, artificial flavors, caffeine, acesulfame potassium, sucralose and yellow #6, b vitamins and green tea extract.
-Sedona Detox juice

As far as my results I did not see a significant weight loss, only 2 ½ pounds.

I was not hungry through the program but I am familiar with 2 day juice fasts. Your results, will of course, vary. I think this is due to only having 15 to 20 pounds that I would like to see lost. I eat clean and healthy 90% of the time, and this program didn’t create a huge calorie deficit, so I don’t think this was effective for me. I do like the fact that they recommend exercise with this program as diet alone will not cause significant weight loss.


With this program it is recommended in their flier to do 30 to 90 minutes of exercise each day with this program. For me that is not a big deal as I do about 30 to 45 anyway. However for those who are not used to working out this might be difficult.
The things I like about this program;
-Portions things out and details the program well.
-Lists water and exercise as key components for optimum results
-Has a plan to reintroduce food for a few days after being on the plan
-Use of whey protein and not soy

The things I would like to see changed
-The b12 that is used is cyanocobalamin. This has a much lower absorption rate that Methyl sublingual b12

-Use of non –nutritive sweeteners. These are not needed and many have sensitivity to them
-Very restrictive of calories, but this program is only 2 days so probably has minimal effect on the metabolism
-Smart soup has isolated soy protein, hydrogenated soybean oil and sucralose. Soy is the most heavily sprayed with pesticide and GMO crop.
-the artificial coloring, flavors and sweeteners removed.

*This items in this review were provided in exchange for my honest opinion. I am not a doctor or a medical professional. Your results will vary. Please check with your doctor before starting any program and contact them with any concerns prior to starting.
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  2. I like that it is a quick yet at least semi effective cleanse

  3. I appreciate that they have a more comprehensive view and talk about both exercise and reintroduction of food

  4. A good cleanout for the body, much needed with the amount of rubbish we put in

  5. I think itd be a ry great detox! Mint C here!

  6. I like that it is a 2 day cleanse, not something like a week..

  7. I like the crave control, which is something I could use!

  8. That is jumpstarts weightloss and burns fat!