Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jaxx Bags - Midtown Chair Review

Jaxx Bean Bags sent me their Midtown chair. Because I love this chair SO much I am posting this in reverse order. This chair is AMAZING as a kids chair or gaming chair. This little model is 8 years old and 44" tall and you can see how it fits her perfectly.

The back doesn't support an adults head like it does a childs, but its a great chair if you cant get on the floor with the kids but still want to be close. I find myself sitting on it all the time because its super comfortable.

The midtown chair is made with smooth lines and is considered both classic and modern. It is ergonomic )especially for kids) and wrapped in a plush twill cover. We love the curve in this chair because it makes it easy to relax in.  

The cover is easily removable if it gets dirty, and you can always buy a new cover to change it up. It is made from durable urethane firm foam.  This chair measures 29.75” x 42.65” x 24” and is made in the USA (Atlanta, GA to be exact).

 This is a front view. Its listed as a Mocha color but in some light it looks gray.
 I apologize for the pictures from this point forward. Little crazy life was SUPER excited to get this out of the bag. We have the a cocoon bag that we purchased on our own 4 years ago and she loves it so we were very excited to try this new addition to our Jaxx Collection. The beanbag we purchased has shown NO wear at all. We had an issue with the cover but customer service took care of it quickly.

This is how the chair comes. Unzip the bag and...........

Voila... you see how compressed it comes.  They ship it compressed to reduce cost of shipment and environmental consciousness.

It took about 30 minutes for it to decompress, but to get fully expanded it takes about 12 hours.

Check out their Beanbags, kids, indoor, outdoor, accessories, and their sale page. There are SO many things I want! I am so impressed with their products.  

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

DragonFly Nutrition Bars Review

Dragonflly Nutrition sent me some of their amazing bars to review. These bars were cut into thirds and little crazy life snuck off with a piece of each. They are THAT good!  These are moist and have NO JUNK in them! I am almost ashamed to say we ate all of this in one night. We split each bar into thirds. They are gluten free and paleo friendly! I apologize for the bad pictures, but everyone was drooling and trying to snag all the bars!

The thing I love about these bars is that they are NO sugar or fillers. Dragonfly nutrition are a bunch of self described fitness nuts who love to eat! They wanted to make a healthful alternative to the sugary nutrition bars. They hand make these nutrition bars and are not cooked. 

Dragonfly doesn't add refined sugar or honey to their products. The only sugars are the ones come naturally from the dried fruits. Raw almond and organic dried fruit bar probably has the lowest sugars at 6.7 grams for a 50 gram bar

The one above is the their walnut bar.  They are made from walnut, organic coconut, organic date, organic  fig, organic flax seed, egg protein, and guar gum, and vitamin E (tocopherol).

Their almond is fantastic as well. Its just as moist as the others and has a similar flavor. This is made from raw almond, organic apricot, organic coconut, organic fig, egg protein, organic date, guar gum, vitamin E (tocopherol).

 This is their cashew bar and is my favorite. The cashews made it more buttery than the rest which is why cashews are my favorite. These delicious bars are made from raw cashew, organic pear, organic peach, organic date, organic rice protein, guar gum, vitamin E (tocopherols).
 The chocolate is my absolute favorite, because, CHOCOLATE! They are made from raw almond, raw walnut, organic peach, organic pear, organic fig, organic dark chocolate, organic coconut, organic date, egg protein, guar gum, coconut oil (medium chain triglycerides), vitamin E (tocopherols).

 Trail Mix was soft and delicious. This is made from Raw almond, organic pear, organic apple, organic fig, pistachio and No preservatives.

If you want to buy some there is a discount code for free shipping: crazylifeasmom

Monday, August 15, 2016

Pure Life Boutique Review

Pure Life Boutique sent me a pendant and a bottle of their lavender oil. I am no expert on oil qualities, but this lavender has a beautiful scent. Its an organic high alpine lavender. I love that its organic and I do like that they appear to be transparent as they list a ton of information on the source product and origin, extraction method, the part of the plant used, etc. Comparing this lavender to the one I have, PureLife seems softer and a bit less pungent.

My oldest burned herself pretty badly on steam from a tea kettle. I put this in a spray bottle with distilled water. Her arm was healed within a week!

 To open this pendant you have to take the chain off which is the only downside for me.

The pendant pictured Comes with 5 colored pads which can greatly change the look of the pendant with your outfits. I used the purple pad with lavender and the scent lasted about 3 days.

This is one of the larger pendants I have reviewed at 1.29 " across. It has a pretty decent weight to it as well for those who like that. Its an antique-bronze color locket with a 24" chain.

They are having a promotion to celebrate their launch. They retail for $27, but you only pay $5.95 on the first necklace. Pricing is discounted when you get 3 or more. There is purchase a limit of 10 necklaces per customer.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Carved Phone Case Review and Giveaway

Carved sent me this BEAUTIFUL IPhone Case. The pictures do not do it justice. There are pieces of shimmering shells.

Its really hard to describe the simple beauty of this case. My daughter uses it for my old phone that has been turned into a game phone. I've reviewed quite a few cases in the past, and for quality and beauty, this one wins hands down. It is lightweight, but still seems to protect the phone extremely well.  

Carved cases are made in Elkhart Indiana. You can see their video and staff members on their page.

The staff lasers the cases and hand sand each and every case with loving care. I've been watching Carved since their early days on Kickstarter when they launched in 2011. The quality and simple beauty of this case amazes me. Carved expanded to wood and polycarbonate cases in 2012.

They pride themselves on customer service, and they are doing a spectacular job. I originally ordered the wrong size for our extra phone that we use as a backup, and they kindly exchanged for the correct size extremely quickly. They are quick to respond and resolve any issues.

Check out their amazing cases here. You can even have custom cases made or use an online designer.

Enter to win one here!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mobius Nutrition Review

Mobius Nutrition send me 5 packets of their breakfast drink mix. This drink tasted pretty good. It was not as chocolatey as I had hoped, but it didn't taste terrible either. I cannot place the taste, but it had no aftertaste. 

"A Mรถbius strip is a one dimensional object represented in three dimensions. When viewing a mobius strip it looks as if it has two sides when in fact it only has one. We at Mobius Nutrition believe that the same can be said for the relation between the mind and body. While many treat them as separate entities, they are one and the same. By benefiting the mind you benefit the body, and by benefitting the body you benefit the mind.All of our products are based on this belief and are made with ingredients to benefit both mind and body."

Because there is 100mg of caffeine in each serving this is not a product for your kiddos. This is not a diet drink meant as a meal replacement. Those create a calorie deficit for your day. This is supposed to be a sustaining meal.

Gluten, Soy, Lactose and GMO-FREE! The ingredients are listed here. There are eggs and coconut. Many of the ingredients are not familiar to me SO I will do some research. Check out their blog for TONS of information.

They say to mix one packet of mix with water, but I mixed it with almond or coconut milk. I've never liked mixes with water.  
Mobius Nutrition has a great blog so go check it out.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Alternative Baking Cookie Review

Alternative Baking sent me a selection of cookies to review. Having multiple food issues in the house is tough. Baking with all the special flours can be expensive and time consuming.  With school starting soon these are great to keep on hand for a quick treat or variety in a lunch bag. Little Crazy life gets small treats on PE or activity days, so these will be awesome. We have one gluten free, one dairy/egg free, and I'm soy free. Its easier to find recipes or products that fit all of that.
Alternative baking has been in business 21 years and voted "Best veg cookie" by VegNews. These really do rival regular cookies. These are great for my daughter as they have no eggs or dairy! Plus no soy,  trans fats, hydrogenated oils, cholesterol, animal ingredients, artificial ingredients, and no refined sugar. There are 13 Vegan cookies, 5 Gluten Free cookies, and 4 Low Carbs cookies .

They use organic flour, organic sugar, as well as other premium, natural ingredients and make our cookies in small, handmade batches. There are three lines of cookies–original, Gluten-free, and One Smart Cookie.

I lost my pictures of all the items, but this is their pecan bar cut in half. SO GOOD! They are not your typical sugar filled, overly sweet cookie. I found these very balanced in sweetness. We were originally going to keep a few of these for the kids in my daughters class that have allergies, but we loved them so much they were gone before Little Crazy Lifes birthday party!

Here are their list of cookies.  As you can see, I didn't get to try all of them. The cookies I did try were all fantastic. Check out their FAQ page for more info.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Urban Organic Seed of the month club review

Urban Organic Gardener sent me their a selection from their NON-GMO seed of the month club! If you are looking for places to purchase NON-GMO seeds, check out their page here.

I have to garden in containers due to run off from the neighbors who use roundup and other chemicals. I also co-plant to help naturally kill off and repel bugs/pests.

Out of these seeds I co-planted cucumber, kale, carrots and I added dandelion. They have been planted for a week and are all starting to sprout. I mixed in Epsom salt with warm water to dissolve and then added to a watering can.

If co-planting and Epsom salt effects these plants like my tomatoes, I am going to see a HUGE yield. My 4 tomato plants are currently 5'5" tall and have over 70 green tomatoes! I have never had success like this with the plants on their own. If you do co-plant make sure to double check which plants are compatible. Some do not get along.

We try hard to stay away from chemicals and pesticides. Even if that means growing our own! My goal this winter is to turn part of our garage into a greenhouse so we can have fruit and vegetables at our fingertips! You can read more about pesticide related health risks.

Nutrition is the key to a healthy body. If you think of food as fuel, your body will thank you.