Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Vinyl Disorder review and giveaway

Vinyl Disorder sent me this decal to review with my honest opinions.
The vinyl came in a tube like this.

I have a vinyl cutter but could not cut phrases this large. In working with this vinyl it was very easy to pull away from the backing. The lettering stayed on the transfer paper fairly well. I found that rolling the backing off slowly using an edge of the counter worked best.

After slowly peeling the transfer paper off at an angle, this is what you see. I love that Vinyl Disorder worked with me in matching the colors to my d├ęcor. Customer service was amazing and highly recommend their company.

Now enter to win!! USA only
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No Slip Gator Grip review and Giveaway!

No Slip Gator Grip sent me a bathtub mat to review and giveaway. This product is seriously awesome. They are a great touch for kids, adults, seniors and pets alike!! This product reduces the chances of slipping in a wet tub. They are made of polymer psuedo/rubber and chemically resistant to mold and mildew.

There is a self adhesive backing to stick to your tub. Just make sure there are no bubbles on the underside that can trap water, and wait a day or two before using the tub again to assure a seal.

The review item was 42" x 16" and fits most standard size bathtubs

"Easy to Clean.  Gator Grip mats were originally developed for use on Jet Ski's and boats, so they had to be EASY TO CLEAN and very durable.  GatorGrip mats are even used on US Coast Guard Boats.  Try Gator Grip in your bath tub, shower, boat or Jet Ski.  Nothing provides more traction when wet that Gator Grip"

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Child Safety & Sanus ALF109 TV mount review

I want to take a moment and review tv and furniture tip overs for a moment. I received a Sanus ALF109 TV mount to review and blog about this important issue. This was pretty easy to install and is very secure on the wall. The mount turns the tv side to side a pretty good distance. We have had a tv mount before and this is a very good quality and allows for a range of different flat screens to be used.

As a parent we look for the safest car seat, some make homemade baby food, look for BPA free plastics, refuse plastic toys, cloth diaper, selectively choose vaccines, use outlet covers, baby gates, coffee table bumpers, fireplace gates, door knob covers, window locks, play yards, bike helmets, knee and elbow pads and the like. One thing that is often overlooked is tipped tvs or furniture.

SafeKidsworldwide  shows a clip of the today show showing video of tip overs and how dangerous they can really be. They have a point of view camera showing the impact which is equivalent of an infant falling 10 stories. A mother who lost her child at two years old to this tragedy speaks.

Did you know in 2011 that a child died every ten days from a tipped tv? In the last ten years a child visits the emergency room every 45 minutes due to a tv tipping over on them. If this post can save even ONE life, I have done my job.
Safekids.org provides these tips
*assess  the stability of the televisions (and furniture) in your home.
*Mount flat screens tv’s to the wall to prevent toppling of stands
*If you have a large heavy old style cathode ray tube (CRT) tv, place it on a low stable piece of furniture. *Use brackets, braces, or wall straps to secure – Straps are less than 20 dollars to secure tv and furniture to the wall.
Check out the 2013 Overview of Child injury Morbidity and mortality in the US. http://www.safekids.org/fact-sheet/overview-childhood-injury-morbidity-and-mortality-us-fact-sheet-pdf
TV tip-over infographic