Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sinful Colors Nail polish review

Sinful Colors The nail polish was fun and ironically I bought the silver two days prior to my previous review. 

Look here for the video of the unboxing! :) Its my first one so be kind. LOL
The polishes  with the shiny caps have Gel Tech technology. These are affordable and really fun colors in this collection. These cost about $2.99. The black bottle is actually a topcoat. The Gel tech polish seems a bit thicker than the regular line.

Sinful Colors bottles with black caps are the valentines day collection.
The love bombs glitter polish has sweet lavender and pastel blue glitter with heart shaped glitter as well. These run $1.99 per bottle.

Sinful Colors are made in the USA and are free of 5 chemicals. They are Toluene, Formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DPB, and camphor. With a daughter in the house we try to limit our exposure to chemicals.

Sinful Colors can be found at retailers like Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite aid and other mass retailers.

The polish itself seems to be durable and easy to apply. The second coat doesn't have any streaking when applying and has a nice weight on the nails without feeling heavy. It has a nice shine. The topcoat is nice and thin without adding another full thick coat.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Handsocks review and giveaway

These Handsocks are SO Adorable!
They are invented by a mom to help solve lost mitten problems. The neat thing about this is they also provide scratch protection, adds layers and warmth, and looks adorable doing it. They come in pink or blue in newborn to 3 years.

One thing that I love about this company is they donate to orphans.
"Casey and the Handsocks team believe that every child deserves a safe, loving and happy childhood. She decided early on that Handsocks would help children in need, and we’re proud to say that a percentage of all Handsocks sales are donated to a registered charity dedicated to offering support and hope to orphans worldwide."

They flip inside out to reveal a pattern and let the hands be free. The shape of the handsocks hold them in place and they are SUPER soft. Open, scrunch, slide and close. These are washed in cold water by hand and hang  dry.

When Virginia Mom Casey Burke Bunn forgot to pack mittens and layers for her daughter, she used a pair of ski socks to keep her hands and arms warm….and the idea for Handsocks was born!
She set out to create the perfect mitten for babies and toddlers: cozy, comfortable, warm, protecting and, they stay on without Velcro or straps. She created just what we were all wishing existed in Handsocks.

This is a fantastic creation! Here in the Pacific northwest it gets wet and cold. These are ADORABLE, soft, AND warm. A great combination when you can still access those cute little fingers! Check out the testimonials......

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Diablo Toasted Sandwich maker review

Diablo Stovetop Toasted Sandwich Snack Maker Sent me this fun snack maker! 

It’s dual sided and deep to allow for bread and fillings. I used it with Gluten free bread, eggs, and green onions.

- Unlatch the handle
- put down a slice of bread, top with fillings, top with another slice of bread ( I didn’t butter the outside to reduce calories)
- close the top and latch with clip at the end of the handle.

- I took a butter knife and just cut the excess bread away
- put on heat source and wait to flip

Diablo Toasted Snack Maker is titanium with non-stick, scratch resistant coating, and dishwasher safe. One of my favorite features is that it can be used on gas, ceramic and electric sources.

The diablo came with a recipe pamphlet to get you started. You can make great lunches or treats with this bad boy! This might step up my school lunch (or breakfast) game a bit.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Toy Network Review and giveaway

The Toy Network is the nation’s leading designer, importer, and wholesale distributor of amusement toys, novelties, giftware, and incentive merchandise. For nearly 30 years, they have been dedicated to serving our customers. They provide a one-stop source for the highest quality products, innovative designs, and best pricing; while delivering world-class sales and customer service.


These glittery Notepads are adorable and come with a mini pen with a fluff ball on the end. The pen writes really well and the paper rips out cleanly. These come in packs of 12 due to RI Novelty being a wholesale company.

These slap bracelets are SO FUN! There are white with blue snowflakes and Blue with white snowflakes. They’ve been snapped a whole bunch of times in our house and still holding up. Great quality. These come in packs of 12 due to RI Novelty being a wholesale company.

6” star shaped pin art is so fun. I keep grabbing it whenever my daughter sets it down and playing with it. We have started a guessing game to see what random things we can find and trick each other with. Its SO FUN!

These coloring mugs are super cute and a fun project for kids. The mug comes with 2 pages that you can color. You can either flip them over or cut extra plain paper the same size so we can color other pictures and change the mug. These come in packs of 12 due to RI Novelty being a wholesale company.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

K-Tor Pocket Socket review and giveaway

K-Tor Pocket Socket sent me this amazing human power generator! This is their Hand crank version and they have a pedal version as well.

Alternative Energy by using human energy. This is fantastic for if your power goes out and your electronic item is dead. This is so easy to use! just plug your item in and wind. VOILA! its that easy!

K-TOR® generators deliver sustainable, green power whenever you need it – regardless of the circumstances.

I originally found this as I was looking for items for emergency preparedness.

Human powered generators can be used in the event of natural disasters, search and rescue missions, blackouts, or any other emergency situation to charge essential electronic devices. Back packers, boaters, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts will also find K-TOR® products useful. They have bot a  pedal power generator and hand crank generator to bring my iPhone from fully dead to operational in just minutes!

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mission Belt review

Mission Belt sent me this fantastic belt to do a review on and what a gorgeous belt it is!

The mission belt is Genuine Leather - 1.5" wide leather with no needless holes to crack or wear out. It’s a Perfect Fit Every Time - Scratch resistant, brushed stainless steel ratchet buckle and 1/4" spaced teeth in leather adjusts to the exact size you need

The buckle is removable which is fantastic swapping buckles or going through security at the airport. This also allows you to cut leather down to a smaller size if necessary. There are no holes to stretch or wear over time and wear.

The tip of the belt inserts into the ratcheting belt buckle. The locking mechanism then holds the belt in place from the back. For removal of the belt, press the small metal lever on the bottom of the buckle allowing the belt to slide out of the buckle. You are not confined by traditional hole settings but can achieve a perfect custom-fit every time.!

When you buy a Belt you Feed a Family!! A DOLLAR from every belt goes to fight global hunger so you can be part of the mission.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Klutz Books Review - Coloring Crush and Toolbox Jewelry

Klutz books sent me two things to review.  First of all lets do a bit of a backround on Kllutz. They were founded in 1977 and has been getting kids engaged for years. There are literally thousands of books and products in print. As of today there are more than 175 klutz products in circulation. For those of you who may not know Klutz is an imprint of Scholastic. For more information visit this link.

Now on to this 60 page coloring book! It includes 5 double tipped pencils and intricate prints to color. With it being cold outside this could provide HOURS of entertainment for you or your kiddos.

 The book even describes strokes and ways to fill in the prints with shading, blending and textures. This has great instruction for the beginner. The colors are bright and vibrant and the paper is high quality for kids to color on and even frame the prints for their room. How fun would it be for your child to display their artwork as decorations for their room!

 This fantastic book is SUPER fun and makes cute industrial jewelry.  Toolbox Jewelry provides shiny nuts, star washers, fasteners, cord, satin ribbon, beads, and earring wires to make 10 different projects. This would be great to make presents for valentines day!

The book contains 60 pages of clear, simple instructions, 180+ nuts, washers and fasteners, three colors of cord, earring wires, beads, two colors of ribbon, resealable storage trays, and a slide-out work surface 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Modern Oats Review

Modern Oats  are fantastic!!! These babies are great to keep at work for when you feel the need to each junk.  They are all natural and portable! They contain 8 grams of fiber and have some fantastic flavors. They were founded in 2013 and their goal is to change the perception of oatmeal. In my opinion, they have.

I tried the 6 above and they were all amazing.

What I love is they actually have a recipe section, and you can make a small batch of cookies with each container of oats! That's so cool! Talk about portion control!  
The cups are portable and RECYCLABLE!

Find a store location near you with their locator!

Certifying Agencies

Bella Housewares review

Bella Life sent me their Bella DOTS 2.0 toaster to review. This is a pretty addition to our countertop!

It has even and consistent toasting while looking gorgeous on the counter.

 See the 6 back lit buttons? - toast, reheat, defrost, bagel, waffle and gluten-free
·         -High-lift lever
·         -Variable browning slider bar (under toast in this picture)
·         -Cool-touch exterior
·        - 12.1 x 8.4 x 7.5 inches
·        - Extra-wide slots


The Bella Dots collection 2.0 has a black/stainless finish with extra wide slots with self centering slots that accommodate different breads.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Boot Scoot Bikes review and giveaway

There are a few bikes without pedals out there. However the designs of this bike are very cool and my first bike I get to review. I'm very excited to bring this to you.

Founder Katie Stirling could not believe it as a toddler zoomed past them on two wheels on a trip to Europe. To her surprise, the pedal-less “walking bikes” had been popular for years in Europe.
Upon returning home her search for a similar bike for her son revealed shocking prices of the European wooden versions. Unable to find exactly what she wanted at a reasonable price, she developed and manufactured a more cost-effective and durable bike. Talk about having a mission!

Boot Scoot Bikes are very durable and the pictures don’t do it justice. These are great to teach a child or younger sibling how to ride. This is the cruiser model in pink which is make for 4-6 year olds. The Color Options are Grass Green, Sky Blue, Sunrise Pink, Orangesicle.

·      - Quick-release padded saddle, adjustable seat height: 17″-20″
- height-adjustable handlebars
-Lightweight steel frame that’s built kid-tough
·        -weight: 10 lbs
·       -  -33″ L x 17-20″ H x 17″ W (at handlebars)

·       -  12″ rugged inflatable tires
·      -   Steel rims
·       -  Plastic fenders with chrome appearance
·       -  Quick and easy to assemble
·       -  Certified lead-free paint

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Sun Basket review and giveaway

JPEG Image

 SunBasket makes eating healthy SO EASY! If you love to cook….this is for you.  I was extremely impressed with the packaging of the food and the quality of the ingredients.
 The breakfast items my 7 year old was able to make which was really fun. She made the Pina Coladas and egg scramble. 

Each week you purchase there is a menu of available meals. There are paleo, gluten free and vegetarian options.  

Next up Kale soup which was AMAZING.

Lastly was the chicken and celery root smash. This was good, but a bit heavy on the onion/peppers for me.

The directions were extremely clear and easy to follow.

Things I LOVE about this company.
-fresh non GMO produce from west coast farms
-Sustainable and responsible sourcing
-Healthy and nourishing recipes
-pre-measured which creates less waste
-includes Paleo, gluten free and vegetarian options
-return label for the packaging (FREAKING AWESOME)
-free delivery to CA, WA, CO, UT, OR, AZ, NV, and ID You must live in one of these states for the giveaway.

Now.. the cost. Each of these meals serve two. All the shown meals for 2 cost $68.94. Sunbasket  uses quality ingredients that are pre measured and shipped for free.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Grip6 Belt review and giveaway

WOW! We love this belt! This Grip6 Belt is a minimalist belt and its pretty awesome! It has a clean, symmetric design. The belt comes protected with a cover that also shows how to thread the webbing on the inside.

Read here for the founders bios. Fascinating stuff.

They started their dream with Kickstarter!

The buckle and webbing can be customizable into almost any combination you can imagine. The buckle low profile and flat as to not add bulk to an outfit. The buckle is a solid piece of aluminum. The belts webbing is durable military grade material and a unique locking mechanism to keep it from slipping. Their website is SO slick. You can change the different options to see exactly what the belt looks like. The pictures are amazing and really showcase the quality and beauty of this belt. It is simple and amazing. Check out how they are made here.

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