Monday, November 26, 2012

True Lemon/Lime/Grapefruit Review and Giveaway

True Lemon Sent me this variety for my honest review.

I am a terrible water drinker. I have to juice a lemon and do not like it overly cold or plain. This was PERFECT! For my large reusable container i even combined a lemon and a lime to change things up a bit. Grapefruit orange was a pretty outstanding combination as well. The product is a fine powder that just needs a quick shake or stir once added to your water. I even added half a pack to my green tea. SO GOOD.

I have used this product before, but it is truly better than I remember. Its not loaded with fake sugar or chemicals like other products.

Real Flavor From Real Fruit
* 100% natural ingredients
* No artificial preservatives or colors
* Gluten-free
* 0 to 5 calories per serving
* 0g carbs, 0g sugars, 0g fat per serving
* 25 percent RDA of Vitamin C per serving

Here is a listing for their products on their site.  Nutrition info can be found here.

The only things I dont like in the ingredients are the soy and the asorbic acid. Asorbic acid can be difficult for the body to absorb.
Edited to add: I was just informed that in 2013 they will be going to a soy free version! YAY!

Overall, I love this product!!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bitsy's BrainFood Review

I was sent two boxes of these to review. They were suprisingly tasty. When I saw them at first I wasnt so sure. My daughter freaked out and wouldnt share with me. I guess that means they are a hit. This makes me happy because she is getting good food disguised as a treat. Check out the nutrition info. We try not to eat to much processed food but this will make it in our cart for special treats.

The website states "bite-sized treats packed with the good stuff to help support developing bodies and brains, like vitamins and Omega-3, and packaged with content that's educational and oh-mega cool. Plus, we've yet to meet a kid who doesn't love snacks or a parent who doesn't crave nutritious, on-the-go options. "

Office Candy Review and Giveaway

Due to some technical difficulties with Rafflecopter I may have lost all entries on this giveaway. I will be relisting a new rafflecopter in the morning (if this is the case).  I will be extending the giveaway also, and listing a new giveaway this weekend as usual. stay tuned and Thank you for your patience.

Office Candy sent me reusable wall pops to review for you all!

They came packaged in bright green paper with a sucker. Nice touch!

Zinnia Wall Pops Monthly Calendar looks like this out of this package. 4 wall pops in varying colors. You can use these for multiple schedules/kids! What a great way to keep homework in check!!

I have one for our monthly calendar, and one for menu planning. These are removable and re-usable. They add such a fun pop of color to my office area! I will spare you the messy view of my office. ;) Because i am so particular about them being straight....its a good thing they are repositionable!
*Dimensions: 13 x 13 inches
*Easy to apply (and take down)
*Comes with a Wall Pops marker" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway



Monday, November 12, 2012

Daddy Scrubs review and giveaway!

Daddy Scrubs sent me these scrubs to review for the expectant dad in your life. How fun!

Make sure you enter the Daddy Scrubs Daddy Diaper Pack giveaway also!
This was the navy blue scrub set. What a great daddy to be gift! These are huge with celebrities right now!

Check out their YouTube Video and Press kit.

This is the product feature list from their site:
Product Features:
• 65/35 Poly Cotton
• Machine Wash & Dry
• V-neck Collar
• Left chest pocket
Drawstring pant with one hip pocket & two slash pockets
• Style: Edgy
• Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X Large, 2x Large, 3X Large,4X Large, 5X Large
Here is the back view and the side of the pant leg. 
This is Mr. CrazyLifeAsMom and little B hiding in front of him. They scrubs have pants pockets which is great. This set of scrubs was a large and the Mr wears a medium. So order a size up in the blue edgy scrubs! They look big at first, but they fit fantastic.


Here is the view of the scrub set. The only down side that my husband mention is they could be softer and he didnt like the logo on the right pant leg. We have not washed the scrubs yet, so perhaps they will soften up after a few washings.

Overall, these are awesome. They will be great for the delivery room, middle of the day winter loungewear with a new baby, expectant father gift or just for fun!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Daddy Scrubs Daddy Diaper Pack review and giveaway

Daddy Scrubs sent me this awesome backpack to review and give one away to my readers!What a great daddy-to-be gift!

I am so excited about this. Make sure to enter my other review of their scrubs. This is the Daddy Scrubs Overview on the company itself.

This company seems to be all the rage with celebrities now. I find it great that a company is including the expentant daddies also!

The Daddy Scrubs website states the following features:
Features• Two roomy compartments for diapers, wipes, clothes, and toys
• Insulated cooler pocket for snacks
• Organizer pocket for keys, money, pacifiers, and small toys
• Fleece lined pocket for sunglasses and more
• Mesh side pockets for extra baby bottles and water bottles
• One Size: 19 x 12 x 9"
• Materials: 840D polyester Dobby (black)
*Accessories sold separately
The inside is one large compartment with alot of room.
The front has two separate pockets. The top has small compartments and the bottom is one large pocket which would be great for a wallet/keys or extra wipes/diaper.
The straps are slightly curved for ergonomics whigh is helpful. It has a clip to keep the straps from slipping.
The Daddy diaper pack has extra large side pockets for water bottles!

This is a great bag for dads or even an extra backpack stuffed full with baby needs. This is definitely better quality than the bags you get at an inexpensive retail location. I went through 3 diaper bags and this bag should last much longer.

Enter to win a new dad gift today!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kidorable Review and Giveaway

Kidorable sent me these super adorable boots and umbrella in Lucky Cat. I have very excited to try these.

 I have been hesitant to order because I didnt know if the sizes matched the us sizing of my daughters every day shoes. I am pleased to say YES they do. I held them up bottom to bottom and they are identical in size from the outside. Once on the feet they seem to run about 1/2 size larger. This is perfect if you have boot liners.

The boots have an odor of plastic at first but it wears off quickly. The Lucky Cat design has cats on the toe a fish on left boot with air bubbles, and a mouse with paw prints on the other. If you look at the tab on the back... it looks like a tail! ADORBS!

The umbrella is equally as cute and is much better quality than i expected. It is also the Lucky Cat style. It has ears and paws that come up off the umbrella itself and the mouse, pawprints and butterfly that matches the pattern on the rainboots.

Another cute detail is the handle of the umbrella. Its a tail! Every detail of this umbrella is done extremely well.

Kidorable states on their website "In 1997, Kidorable sprung from the minds, hearts and efficiency apartment of Liping and Jonathan Domsky. They proclaimed, "The world needs someone to create children's apparel and accessories that are both functional and fun. We can do that."" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway