Friday, March 25, 2016

GoSports Inflatable Duck

GoFloats Giant Duck PartyTube Inflatable Raft, Float In Style

This is awesome! I cannot wait until the summer gets better so we can inflate this bad boy! There is a Duck, flamingo, and a swan. I want each one because they look so fun. You could tie up a light cooler on one and tie it up in the water to help keep afloat at a river if that’s your thing. However it would be fun for a home pool party as well.  

The price point is very reasonable considering that the construction looks really good for this type of float. It is made from high quality raft material and comes with a patch kit.  The valve is a “quick inflate” type so it’s supposed to inflate 10 times faster. The valve does look slightly different that other valves Ive seen.

The measurements are about 45” wide and 32” tall which is perfect for kids about 12 and up (that can swim). The hole in the center is made to fit an adult, so I would make sure all tweenagers have life jackets if you are using this. That’s just my mom-vice (Get it, Mom advice, Mom-vice?). I will update once I inflate it. If you use a pump it’s supposed to inflate in 1 minute or 10 by mouth.

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