Friday, January 24, 2014

Golazo review and giveaway

Golazo is an all-natural energy drink and sports hydration made with the athletes in mind. These were very tasty and made of natural ingredients and nothing you cannot pronounce. These are not sugar free, however there are not any chemicals and they have half the sugar of many leading energy drinks on the market. 
Things I LOVE– Non-GMO, low sugar, gluten free and all natural. All natural is a popular buzz word so I really don’t pay much attention to it and look more at other factors.
Things I don’t love as much – sweetness. I'm not a big fan of sweetened beverages. I actually think some of the sugar could be cut out of this product. I think with the daily average of sugar consumption and so many sources of hidden sugar this should be considered. However if you are using this as an athlete then this might not be as big of an issue.  There is a sugar free version as well (which I did not review) for those who want no sugar.
Mr Crazy Life As Mom likes these for the hard weightlifting and cardio days.
All Natural Sports energy -

-Carbonated water, Cane sugar, glucose, citric acid, sodium citrate, caffeine, Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract (plant based sweetener), yerba Mate extracts, and natural flavor
-100 mg of caffeine - from coffee beans and yerba mate which is the equivalent to a cup of coffee.
-Half the sugar as many leading drinks on the market
-One can is only 90 calories
-The energy/hydration has added potassium and sodium which are electrolytes for hydration.
-Latin inspired flavors – Jamaica (Hisbiscus punch), mandarina, and Mango Limon.
All natural sports hydration-



 -Water, cane sugar, coconut water concentrate, citric acid, natural flavor, salt
-50% less sodium than leading sports drinks
-Made with coconut water which is a source of potassium.
-one bottle is 2.5 servings – which means this has 32g of sugar and 150 calories per bottle.  (Again.. not an issue if you use this as a supplement with workouts and not just as an alternative to soda or other drinks)
-The energy/hydration has added potassium and sodium which are electrolytes for hydration.
-Hydration and replenishment have electrolytes and carbs
-Latin inspired flavors – Jamaica (Hisbiscus punch), mandarina, lemonida and Mango Limon.
Golazo (go-LAH-so) n. Spanish word meaning a brilliant goal in soccer, the world’s most popular sport.  Screamed in stadiums and living rooms throughout the world, it is a cherished word that celebrates the greatest moments of the beautiful game. Often pronounced: GOLAAAAAZOOOO!!
Vision: We are the passion brand for soccer. With the ball as our compass we will create a platform for human potential and the belief that everyone is born to score!
Mission: We Fuel FĂștbol with beverages that use the best All Natural ingredients, with Latin-inspired flavors, and functionality designed for the pitch.”
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Sunday, January 5, 2014

tarpy USA review and giveaway

Tarpy USA sent me a tarpy to review and giveaway. These opinions are my own. This is a stock picture due to a glitch with my software.

Things I love about the Tarpy. This can be used under a high chair or easel for easy cleanup. Check out more pictures on their Facebook Tarpy USA

In the car this can be used for picnics, park play or in the car for many other uses. This is very compact and easy to roll and secure for easy transport.

To clean you can machine wash or wipe down.

Here are the product specifications:

 44" x 52"
100% Nylon with Protective Coating
No Vinyl or PVC's
Made in the USA

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