Monday, March 21, 2016

HollyBeth Organics review

HollyBeth organics has some AMAZING stuff! There is such a wide variety of items that it was hard to choose.
Their mission statement is awesome. They focus on simple natural ingredients that are non toxic and help maintain a world of beauty.  These are all things I try to live on a daily basis.  As a company they also use earth friendly packaging and shipping.

Eye Cream This is 100% Organic USDA certified. This was the very first product and by far the best seller. The eye cream has Camellia oil which offers UV protection. You have to love that!! A little goes a long way! The jojoba and sweet almond oil helps moisturize.

Lemon Lime Shea Butter Cream – This is also 100% organic USDA certified. This stuff smells fantastic! Shea butter helps protect and heal skin. HollyBeth Organics uses infusion process with lemon and lime essential oils.

Orange peppermint shea butter cream 100% organic pepperpint and orange peel essential oils make this my favorite out of the three. I LOVE The combo.

I am very natural in my skin care regimen, so these products are items I would use on a daily basis. They are natural and appear to be very pure and gentle on the skin. They absorb really quickly and leave my skin super soft.

For those concerned about what items you use on your skin, these appear to be a pretty clean choice.

They have Retail locations and a blog if you want to read more about them.

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