Monday, March 14, 2016

Furinno Desk 14054EX review

Furinno 14054EX A frame computer desk is the subject of review today. This is a great kids desk that still looks great in your home.

This A-frame study desk is for my 7 year old to use for a designated homework area. I might steal it for the blog instead of using the dining room. ;)  It is designed to fit your space, your style and your budget. It has a built-in desk hutch to serve as stationery storage. It is simple and functional. 

Here is a picture of the parts. The off colored piece is the back of the desk, so it needs to be put against a wall.
This unit is made of CARB compliant composite wood and it has a simple industrial look. The Furinno desk is about 20-25 pounds and measures 19.1 x 31.5 x 35.5 inches. It seems pretty sturdy for the price and is great for kids. I wont mind if this desk gets beat up as its very affordable. Putting it together was very similar to most put together furniture and nothing out of the ordinary.

The instructions were good, however pay VERY close attention to the screw sizes. There are no indications in the instructions of what size to use and one nearly pushed through the top of the desk, Luckily we noticed so the blemish is pretty small. I imagine with use it will eventually need a small patch done.

Overall this desk was worth the money. Its inexpensive and looks nice while saving space in your home.

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