Tuesday, July 12, 2011


ok, so working full time and chasing after a 3 year old has taken over my life. Trying to manage a household (with a recent overflowed toilet for 2 hours) a close second. Trying to excercise has been a distant third. So i have put on a few pounds.. sue me.

I recently watched a movie "Fat, Sick, and nearly dead" on Netflix. I have been inspired and have recently joined the reboot! (www.jointhereboot.com).

Here is a review of my progress so far
Day 1
I opted for the baked apple dish to ease me into this whole juice fast. Very tasty. I made a few of the juices and really enjoyed them. I wasnt really hungry, but i had a killer headache from the lack of my morning coffee. OUCH.

Day 2
Down 2.6 pounds
I made the baked apple juice and a small spinach salad (spinach, jicama and tomato) with 2tsp of dressing on the recipe section. Pretty good. No headache! :)

Day 3
Down 3.4 pounds
Started the day with a "Green lemonade". Pretty tasty a bit to much lemon perhaps. had a small spinach salad like on day 2 to help with the need for chewing and a slight twinge of a headache. Its only early evening here, so we shall see what the rest of the night brings.

The website seems pretty easy to manage and navigate. I like the different topics that are covered, but I am preferring the facebook page "fat sick and nearly dead". There are alot of consumer tips and tricks.

Day 4
Down 4.8 pounds
I drank an apple, beet, cucumber,spinach drink this morning upon wakeup. YUM! I am really liking the whole juicing process. The drinks are SO good, and all the sluggishness that I previously had is gone. I was at a point with the sluggishness where I would fall asleep if I sat down more than 5 minutes. I actually had a doctors appointment scheduled for yesterday which I cancelled. I see tremendous changes in how I feel. I dont know if my energy level is up since I am taking allergy meds. We had a toilet overflow for TWO hours sunday and the water/mold abatement team has 5 fans and dehumidifiers running 24/7. The carpet is all pulled back, no linoleum in the little ones bathroom, and a huge hole in our ceiling taped up and running to a dehumidifier. Fun times. I guess this is a perfect time for a detox!! :)

Day 5
down 4.8 pounds (no change)
I think this may be due to not drinking enough juice or water today. Upping the juice and water today. We shall meet again tomorrow, same time, same place!

Day 6
Down 4.8 pounds (no change)
Hmm drank tons of water and and extra juice. Still no change. Our house is in turmoil but must get a workout in. I suppose I wll put toys and such on the couch to try to make room to do the 30 day shred with my gal Jillian Michaels.

Day 7
Down 6 pounds
Finished 6 days of juices and small salads. Today is day 1 of 5 of JUST juice. C'mon lean green... keep me full! :)

Day 8
Down 6 pounds
Today is day 2 of just juice. No cravings to speak of. Making cookies with my daughter and its been a temptation, but I have my eye on the bigger prize.

Day 9
Down 7.4 pounds (17.6 to go)
Drinking my green tea prior to juice. I am in love with the mean green. Added more ginger yesterday and wow.. that packed a punch!

Day 10
Down 7.4 pounds (no change)
Starting to LOVE decaf green tea with lemon. Its amazing how I am no longer hungry and my stomach never growls. Day 5 of strictly juice complete. I think I am going to do another couple days of just juice. I love the way I feel. I was falling asleep in the afternoons at 4, but now IM not. I almost had gone to the doctor to figure out what was wrong. DUH...Im not feeding my body what it needs!! THanks FS&ND!! Joe Cross, you are amazing.

Day 11
down 7.4 pounds (no change)
SUPER frustrated. Not sure why no change in 2 days.