Monday, October 24, 2016

Wild Zora (Meat and veggie bar) Review

Wild Zora sent me a selection of their meat and veggie bars. Unfortunately my pictures were corrupted so I am posting the two I could save. This was a bit spicy for me, but Mr. Crazy Life loved them. I loved the flavor, but I'm a lightweight for spicy foods.

Wild Zora has 5 flavors and I cannot chose a favorite. Every one of them was amazing.

If I had to pick one thing that stood out to me is that their products are allergen friendly for multiple things. In our house we are gluten, soy, and corn free. Having a product that can cover all of us is such a blessing.

I love that they are  grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, MSG-free, and milk-free (except the cheese). Meats are 100% grass-fed and free-range with no added hormones, antibiotics, or nitrites (except  naturally occurring). Each package contains a full serving of certified-organic fruits and veggies.

My daughter loves these, which is awesome, because I know she is getting quality snacks without fillers, hormones, nitrates and allergens her body doesn't like. Plus they taste amazing! They aren't  hard and chewy like jerky, so they are easy to eat and have a great texture. I actually had to keep my family from eating them all the first day.

Check out their blog, and their store locator.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Moso Natural sent a Moso Bag for me to review.

I love that this is safe to use around children and pets. The bags are reusable for up two years. All you have to do is put this in the sun for an hour once a month! SIMPLE and easy maintenance to keep this around for two years, and super cost effective. I will be buying one of these for every room. It really works well.

These are made of  bamboo charcoal. The Moso Bag continuously works to remove odors, allergens, and harmful pollutants. Because of my allergies and the carpet/previous pets from the owners before, we put the large bag under our bed. The bag has been in our master bedroom for about 2 months now. I have noticed a decrease in pet smells from the previous owners dogs. The "musty" smell is gone as well.

The 400g Moso Bag covers areas up to 200 square feet. We used this in our master bedroom, but it can absorb moisture so you could use it in bathrooms or boats as well.  It will absorb excess moisture to prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from forming.

The Moso Bag is chemical free, fragrance-free and non-toxic to keep families and pets safe.  T
he bamboo charcoal is sealed inside a stitched linen bag.

At the end of their lifespan, you can recycle the bamboo charcoal into the soil. So cool! I love products that help reduce waste in the products we use in our lives. We do our best to use reusable items instead of disposable items whenever possible. It saves on the budget AND helps our environment. Its a win/win!

When I read up on bamboo charcoal I read that it can reduce indoor air pollution. It absorbs harmful chemicals in the air, and is especially useful for absorbing formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene in the air when there is painting done. It can also absorb strong smelling adhesive is used indoors, reduce      smog as it absorbs carbonic oxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, benzopyrene, and nicotine.

Bamboo charcoal is gaining popularity because its much more sustainable. Bamboo grows very fast, usually maturing in 5 years so it can be quickly and easily replaced. Many people believe that bamboo charcoal has better properties and easily replaces the wood charcoal, as well as being extremely strong.

As always, be diligent and do your own research!

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tanners Tasty Paste Review

Tanners Tasty Paste sent me three tubes of toothpaste and a bunch of sample sizes to review and give my honest opinion.

They come in three flavors *
Baby Bling *Cha-Cha Chocolate and *vanilla Bling.

These have no Saccharin, sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Artificial Colors or flavors. It is sugar and gluten free, no foam or minty aftertaste.  Dr.Janelle Holden created this toothpaste. She is a pediatric dentist, a diplomat of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and a mom of two boys.  Like many parents she knows the struggle of getting kids to brush. I am willing to try almost any technique to get my daughter to brush. Lately flavors really appeal to her, so ive been trying to find natural options that aren't mint.

My daughter likes all of them. I like ChaCha chocolate because of the obvious reason CHOCOLATE! 
The Vanilla Bling is good also but a tad sweeter than the chocolate which is another reason I like the chocolate more.
The baby bling is vanilla ice cream, but little crazy life says it tastes like bubblegum. This one is the fluoride free version.

These are all very good flavors, made with xylitol, and I like that there are very few chemicals like most conventional toothpastes. I first found out about these when my daughters pediatric dentist started carrying these. The tube easily last 3 months because so little is needed. This is a toothpaste that doesnt concern me if she swallows a bit of it.  If you look at many commercial toothpastes there is fine print that says "do not swallow".

As always be diligent, do your own research, and do what is best for your family.
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