Thursday, June 28, 2012

Diamond Candle Review - Hawaiian coconut

A candle? A ring? A ring in a candle? BLING and Bliss in one sitting!
I randomly ran across Diamond Candles a few months ago. Apparently they are all the rage. They come in a variety of scents. I have tried Coconut and Carnival. The carnival scent was a bit too sweet for my liking, but the Hawaiian coconut takes me back to Hawai'i! Here is the ring I got from the Carnival candy a month ago.

The only thing that could be improved is that you cannot order the candle knowing what size ring is inside. It would be nice to have a one or two size range to order from. I wont know if the ring fits my hand.

I ordered another and waited impatiently....

ITS HERE!! Wrapped extremely well!

Hawaiian Coconut in its full glory.

First lighting.. Smells WONDERFUL

After about an hour of burning and still far away from the gold foil containing the ring.

I couldnt wait so moved the wax around and dug the ring out!


 Unwrapped foil to see my ring in a bag

Once you get your ring out you can determine its your Diamond Ring Value here.

NOW For the fun stuff! You have a chance to win these rings!!  Fill out the rafflecopter below! :) This runs from 6/26/12 to 7/05/12 and 12:00pm.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review of the ZOKU popsicle maker

Summer is here (technically not literally)! What a perfect time for this post as the temperatures begin to rise. Most of us strive to stay cool, but what about healthy? We are examples to our children and we need to set these habits in motion early.

We avoid food dyes and High Fructose corn syrup and were looking for a way to make popsicles HEALTHY. I ran across the Zoku Popsicle Maker.

We use it a couple times a week for little B to make yogurt-sicles. We use Wallaby Yogurt most of the time because its a bit thinner and easier to pour into the mold. We also have a juicer and I have make fresh pineapple mango juice and watermelon lemon with a bit of kale juice... then froze that. However you cannot use carbonated liquids or liquids with sweetener in the mold.

This was by far one of the best purchases of the summer. Two yogurts will make 3 to 4 popsicles. Be careful to fill them up all the way to the fill line or they dont pop out of the mold.

Take a look.

We froze the container 24 hours and poured in our yogurt and added the sticks.

 Wait 12 minutes and took the orange knob and insert into the stick.

Twist knob until the popsicle pops and pull out.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Monday

I was able to snuggle with a sweet two month old baby boy this weekend. He was so sweet and perfect. As I stood in the kitchen I felt myself instinctively start swaying. I started feeling a surge of hormones and remembering when my little B was born.

This got me thinking that I need to be even more aware and thankful. I cannot take a single day for granted.  I look at my daughter, who just turned 4, and wonder where the time has gone. As I edit the pictures each week I see her growing up before my eyes. I often flip back to her baby pictures and relish those sweet memories of baby cheeks, sleepless nights, and naps on my chest.

Today I am thankful for.
-Fun filled weekends with friends
-Quiet evenings at home playing Hello Kitty memory games
-Wine after 9pm
-A job

What are you thankful for TODAY?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Water Leaks And Our Crazy Remodel

So for the better part of the last 11 months we have been repairing ALOT of damage from water leaks.
Leak one - little B's bathroom. Her toilet overflowed instead of cycling for TWO hours while we were at a birthday party. Good think we didnt go shopping after the party!! This leak took out her closet, bathroom floor and hallway. It leaked through the a/c vents and ceiling. The a/c vents were right above my work laptop. The ceiling leak was above the dining table 5 feet away.
 About 3 weeks later
Leak two - 6am we hear a POP and went back to sleep after listening to see if it was our imagination. Turns out it was the garbage disposal short circuiting from the backed up sink that drained into the dishwasher. The plumber said we are lucky we didnt have a fire.

Leak three - 6pm the SAME DAY - Master toilet overflowed. I heard dripping noises so I ran upstairs to see what it was. Sure enough water EVERYWHERE. Luckily the water had stopped about 12" from our new flooring we were having installed.

After the second set of leaks we lived without a kitchen for 6 weeks

I washed dishes in this tub for 6 weeks. We had to get new cabinets and counters which took 4 weeks to order and another 1-2 weeks to install.

Its one thing to have a remodel and be able to plan for it. Its another thing to have a remodel happen to you and throw your life into living craziness. :)

Its been awhile since Ive blogged. We had MAJOR water damage to our house 11 months ago and honestly.. I just havent thought about this. I have so much on my plate with working full time, Husband traveling for work, and little B growing up so fast. She just turned FOUR! Oh where does the time go? We had a wonderful Hello Kitty blowout at a community rec center while letting the kids run wild for an hour. Now that summer is here, and things have died down a bit, I hope to be posting more.

Let me know what you would like to see! I can do craft projects, reviews, or just share things I love.

Cheers!! :)