Monday, January 28, 2013

RUNNUR review and giveaway

Go Runnur sent me me their product to review with my own opinions and give one away.

Runnur is very practical and has a ton of pockets! For a mom or dad on the go this is awesome. This is a front and back view. The Runnur has a reflective strip on the front pocket. There are pockets for sunglasses, keys, wallet, water bottle or baby bottle, etc. There is a carabeener on the hip.
The only thing I would like to see changed on this is a rubber grommet for the carabeener, and double stitching on the item. Other than that this is a fun and easy way to carry all your kid items without having to carry a backpack.
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fitness Friday - Involving kids/ giveaway

Wod Toys has agreed to do a giveaway. I did not receive an item to review so this weeks posts is about how to involve your kids with your workouts.

WOD Toys has great items to involve kids at a young age. This will help give them building blocks for life long exercise. Kids love to mimic their parents and what better way to teach them than to SHOW them by making this a family affair!

What do you to be active?? Its been pretty cold around here so we try to use the mini trampoline and go on walks when we can. We turn on the music and have a dance party, we go to the mall and use the play area, we keep her in programs (swimming and gymnastics) that keep her moving and when it warms up we walk ALOT. Little b is almost 5 now so we sold the high weight stroller and are getting her walking now. We had the high weight stroller so WE could get exercise but little b has become increasingly bored and antsy to get out and walk. Before the little one we used to walk for hours, hike, kayak and try to do other fun things. Now that little B is getting a bit older we are able to start doing more things with her and getting her out whenever we can (and try to tire her out a little). ;)

WOD Toys line of affordable kids exercise equipment consists of the following- Kettle Bell - Medicine Ball - Barbell Mini - Plyo Box mini and Baby WOD. I cannot speak to the quality of the item, but from what I read, these are very good quality. But most important you are giving your children a thirst for exercise and healthy living. That to me is the best investment ever.

Now for the fun. You can win a Barbell Mini from WOD toys
- It's light, durable, and so much fun! Comes with four plates made of lightweight durable plastic. Now your kids can join in the fun of overhead squats, cleans, & all those lifts you love to do.
  • Length: 36 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Age: 3+ years
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tanners Tasty Toothpaste

Tanners Tasty Paste sent me three tubes of toothpaste to review and give my honest opinion.
The thing I like best about this toothpaste is that it is
-No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
-No Saccharin

They come in three flavors *Baby Bling *Cha-Cha Chocolate and *Banilla Bling.

My daughter likes the Cha Cha Chocoloate.. because of the obvious reason CHOCOLATE! She says it tastes like chocolate. The Banilla Bling is good also but a tad sweeter than the chocolate. The baby bling reminds me of a bubblegum. These are all very good flavors and I like that there are very few chemicals like most conventional toothpastes. I have found that our dentist carries these now. I am very excited about that. One tube will easily last 3 months. We go every 6 months so I will be letting my daughter pick 2 tubes each vist. This is a toothpaste that doesnt concern me if she swallows it. If you look at many commercial toothpastes there is fine print that says "do not swallow".
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Friday, January 18, 2013

First Fitness Friday!

Where I began
Many of my readers might not know this, but when I met Mister Crazy Life. I was overweight by about 65 pounds. My motivation at that time was gall bladder removal after four visits to the emergency room with severe pain. I cut out all the fattening foods and started walking within two weeks of surgery. Within 6 months I had lost 60 pounds. Did I allow myself treats? YES! However I altered how I looked at treats and chose better foods instead of cake, ice cream, brownies and the like.

As a child I was told I was not worthy which is why this video from Drew Canole hit home. You need to have positive self talk. If you tell yourself “I can’t eat that” you have a better chance of feeling restricted and being on a diet. I chose to say “I don’t eat that” because it’s a choice and a lifestyle change. Up until little crazy life made her debut we would walk for an hour every night. As a mom, that is nearly impossible without on billion stops per trip and even more so now that she is nearing 5. So how do you exercise with a little one?

Do you work out with Apps, a friend, or by yourself?  As a working mother who also attends school online, I am having a hard time fitting exercise in. Now that I was laid off from my job, my problem is motivation. How do you motivate yourself?

If you are just getting on the health bandwagon you really need to focus on changing your eating habits and exercise. 
Here are some of the Apps and fitness tools that I have seen recently. My problem is not entering the data into these programs.
Lose it (FitNow. Inc)
Healthy Recipes (Smart Recipes)
Primal Smoothies (leaf Cutter studios)
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Crunchy Mamas review and giveaway

I received 3 items from Crunchy Mamas to review with my honest opinion.
Go check out their facebook and let them know I sent you! They are just getting started so go show them love!! Great ladies with a great mission!
My first mistake was opening this package in front of the family. What can I say.. I was excited!! Mr. Crazy Life was sick and he wanted the vapor rub. Little Crazy Life stole the hand sanitizer and I was left with the lip balm.

The hand sanitizer smelled amazing! I am keeping this in the car to spray my daughters hands after we leave play places from now on. After our incident with a dairy farm and pink eye.. this might also make it into my purse and one for home also. It is not over powering and its a nice compact size.

The vapor rub has an organic unrefined coconut oil base. First of all, I LOVE coconut oil products so this is a big hit for me. I dislike using other products similar to this because of the chemical bases. I sat there smelling this for a good 5 minutes. ;) The coconut oil in it also healed the sore red areas under little crazy life's nose from having strep a week prior. YAY for coconut oil!

The lip balm was SUPER. It also has a coconut oil base with beeswax. I think it is perfect for winter. Coconut oil turns to liquid around 73 degrees. I think the beeswax would keep it stable. It cannot be kept in a pocket or hot conditions - although I have found with coconut oil not much is needed as it is very hydrating. I have only needed it in the morning and once in the afternoon.

The prices are extremely reasonable and since they are fairly local to me... I can guarantee that their products will become essentials for me.  There is a sale for the remainder of today if you want to order.
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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Simple Squares review and giveaway

Simple Squares Sent me 3 bars for my honest review.

These babies were SO GOOD. Mr CrazyLifeAsMom is gluten free so we as a family have tried many Gluten Free (GF) products. SO many are dry and not very tasty.

Simple squares website states these bars are ;
"Savory-Sweet, Whole food snack bars infused with Vanilla and Herbs. Free of Wheat, Gluten, Dairy and Soy. No Refined Sugars. Kosher. and Organic. made with just 5 simple ingredients."

As a mom I am thrilled to find out that these are also Non-GMO, and never baked/cooked. What a great option for  non processed snacks!

These bars were moist and tasty. The flavors were mild and even our near 5 year old liked them. As a mom, you know how tough this can be. While my child doesnt have food allergies.. those who do will love this option.

Read more about them

Now for the fun part! Win your own simple squares!
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