Friday, March 11, 2016

Go Sports LED light up cones review

These are fantastic!! We haven't used them outside yet. These are great to train or play in low light conditions. We've been using them in the house to practice skills and also for obstacle courses. The bright LEDs in the cones allows for them to be seen up to 100 yards.
Go Sports sent me these LED Sports cones. They have LED elements in the top and use two CR2032 batteries. The batteries last up to 24 hours. of run time.  

The LEDs produce a solid or strobe light effect. One push on the top for solid, two for strobe, and a third to turn them off.  These are about 5.25" x 5.25" base and 9.25" in height.

We just got their 4” pop us soccer nets as well and this has created hours of fun in the house during the last of the rainy season her in the Pacific Northwest.


  1. Hi there - can't seem to find anywhere to buy these ? Do you know where I can buy them from online (I'm in new Zealand) thanks :)

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