Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hard Candy Pro! Contour and shape kit review

This is exclusively sold at Walmart for around $8. To be honest I have zero experience with most makeup as I chose more natural products. I gave this to one of my team members to try and this is a summary of her experience.

Upon opening the package the first three steps were creams while the last 2 steps were a powder. The brush was good quality for the price range and the tin be used for other uses after you use up the product. I love buying products where I can repurpose the tin.  

Here is a closer picture of the product.

Overall the product for the pricepoint seemed a good quality as well as the brush. The coverage seemed to be adequate as well as the texture of the product.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

GoSports Pop Up Soccer Net review

GOSports sent me these goals to review.

WOW! I love these! This will be great for summer! They are not too large at 4', but just enough to help hone in my childs skills and keep busy. It comes with 2 goals, 6 cones, stakes & carrying case. These seriously pop up in seconds with no assembly.  More pictures to come. I will update as soon as we get them outside. :)

I'm terrible at folding them up.  You twist them much like a cars sun visor. It appears that the nylon fabric and netting are really good quality.  The goals also have reflective fabric which helps when the light isn't as good. We also have the LED cones so can use them to mark the outside of the nets in the evenings if we are still out playing.  GOSports is amazing and has some super amazing products!Do you need some activities for the kids this summer?

Check them out on amazon and stock up! We have been using them in the house until the weather gets nicer.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Squatty Potty review

Squatty Potty sent me a potty step to review. I was going to say stool, but that didn't sound right. ;) The idea of the squatty Potty is to position your body to allow the colon to fully release and unkink, allowing easier elimination.

This is their marketing video. If you are conservative around your kids, please wait until bedtime to watch. There aren't any bad words, but the content may be a bit sensitive for little ones.

 #IscreamYouScreamAndPlopPlopBaby #PoopingWillNeverBeTheSameAndNeitherWillIceCream

The creators of Squatty Potty toilet stools and the owners of Squatty Potty LLC operate their small family business out of Saint George, Utah.

Check out their site for medical case studies.  I originally thought this would be a hysterical gag gift, so emailed the company. This model costs about $29. (great for any budget). The toilet stool works for all three of us and is easy to clean. It is very durable as well.

So after having this for a month and actually using it, I have to say #HealthyColonHappyLife. This product is actually quite amazing. Little Crazy Life has been loving this and has made her life easier (and quicker) in the restroom. I often find it being borrowed from her bathroom and put in another bathroom. We just might have to get one for every bathroom.