Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Guzzle Buddy Review

 Guzzle Buddy sent me this wine glass for review.

This is AWESOME!! Funniest product ever! This is great for entertaining, parties or a unique gift.
Pouring is boring!!! Do you suffer from wine wrist? Get this instead and Plug it and chug it!

Guzzle Buddy can alleviate all of this!

The only thing I noticed is that there is no flow back valve, so the wine goes back into the bottle. However, if you plan on drinking the whole bottle, it doesn't matter. ;) Using this as a regular wine glass really isn't optimal. However if you want to be the life of a party, this is probably for you. It is intended as a gag gift.

This needs to be hand washed, and is a great addition to your party wares.


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