Saturday, December 27, 2014

CarAroma by GreenAir review and giveaway

New Green Air sent me this handy little car diffuser! This diffuser plugs into your car's lighter and instantly delivers a fine aromatherapy mist throughout your car.

Check out how compact it is! Mr Crazy life commutes 45 minutes each way and this little bottle (filled with immune formula) lasted a whole week. The little line allows you to see how empty the bottle is.

It was a bit harder to fill, so I suggest using the little pipette. Recommended:  Dilute 50 % of essential oil  with 50% water.
The diffuser does a little chirp when it diffuses which makes little crazy and myself giggle. Its a great portable option and is great to have for commutes or staycations. This is a great way to keep your family healthy on the go as well as make your car smell good without harmful chemicals!

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Nebair Diffuser by GreenAir review and giveaway

Greenair sent me a different type of diffuser for review this time.

This diffuser is genius. You screw the bottle of oil, directly into the unit. No water to mess with! Mr Crazy Life stole this review item for his office. Mr Crazy Lifes favorite setting is the 120 minute setting with 10-15 seconds of diffusing and 30 seconds off.  While diffusing I put my finger right over the dispenser and there was no visible oil or moisture on my hand.

NebAir Smart System Features 48 settings. My favorite thing about this product is how its customizable diffusing by adjusting the settings. The first button on the left is your on time in intervals of 5 seconds. The second time setting is the full length of time for your diffuser to run (up to 120 minutes), and the third is the off interval.

• 4 stage Timer Modes
• 16 Smart Interval Settings
• 64 pre-set Smart Setting
Slide the cap directly onto the bottle full of oil. Here I have a grapefruit essential oil. The cap will fit on most essential oil bottles.

Next line up the cap/bottle with the mechanism on the unit.
Slide the cap/bottle upwards until it clicks.

This plug can be a USB adapter or plug into the wall converter.
This has to be one of my favorite diffusers for the office because its great for a specific time limit and you can customize the diffusing. There is no moisture involved so the threat of water near electronics is not a worry anymore. Because you can customize the time of dispensing you can make your oils go further as well. You can easily go a whole week or more on one bottle if you want. The unit is unassuming as well so can easily be used in the workplace on a low dispersing interval!

I might have to steal this one back from the Mr. ;)

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