Thursday, April 21, 2016

Vermitek Worm Farm Review

Vermitek sent me an ITower to review. VermiTek designs, manufactures, and distributes multiple items from Worm Compost Bins and Bokashi Compost Kits to barrels and gardening accessories.  
The Itower Accessories includes: 1 thermometer, 1 coconut brick, 1 coconut fiber mat, 1 fertilizer cup, 1 worm bed handling claw, 1 scraper, 1 tong, 1 pc of working tray support board, and 1 user's manual

Little Crazy Life decided she wanted to start a worm farm for her summer project. I figured this is an awesome project for her and dad. LOL. I am learning A LOT about worms, and this will be fantastic for her as well as my feeble attempt at gardening.

The coconut fiber mat reduces fruit flies from the feedings.  A plastic board on the bottom supports the working trays. Using this prevents the worms from dropping out of the working tray.

Step one is to place the legs into the base, step 2 is to put the spigot on the front of the unit. From there you put the support board for the working tray, and one tray.

We soaked the coconut fiber in water, and then lightly mixed in newspaper scraps.
 We then added the worms (we purchased from Uncle Jims) and covered with newspaper, sprayed with water, and then put the coconut mat on top.

After we topped with damp newspaper we layed down the the coconut mat and put the lid (pictured on the left).

We now have the Itower into the garage and checked on it every two days. After three to four weeks we are now feeding them food scraps every other day or so. In three months they will double in count. Looks like we might have to buy another one of these next summer!

I love not wasting all our food scraps! There are many of their products and accessories are made from recycled materials. 

The iTower is the third generation in the Worm Compost Bin series. It contains the basic features of the VermiHut and iHut with additional features. There is an elevated tray that allows more air flow. This is an increase of 25 times the air flow.
New features lowers the worm bed temperature several degrees lower than VermiHut and Worm Factory for those in warm,  humid conditions. 


  1. What did you do with the coconut fibre mat? Im also confused with the drain cloth. Wishing the instructions were a little more clear!

  2. The coconut fiber mat goes on top to help keep moisture in the soil. I didn't get a drain cloth with mine. I think that might be for when you get to the bottom tier and have compost. Their customer service is amazing! If you have any questions, call them.

  3. I put the damp newspaper over my new worms yesterday. As suggested, I kept a light on to help them go down into the bed. This morning, I checked on them and they were just under the damp paper. Is that normal?