Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lipstick Review

Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lipstick This is a line that is geared to be daring. It has highly pigmented lip color paired with a great smell and very soft texture.  To me it smells like berries. The product feels very light on your lips and has argan oil to help moisturize and adds a little shine.

Here is the unboxing video. I try to do some of the videos without reading up on the product to give you my first impression.
It comes in 18 colors. The colors pictures appear to be sly-lac and heart breaker. My oldest claimed these lipsticks FAST. She actually likes to put one color on each lip and then mix the two colors.  The colors are beautiful, but not for a middle aged woman. ;)

I think my favorite colors from the swatches on paper are galacticaprowler, glisten to me, and Nudist.

These are exclusively at Walmart and run right around $5. 


  1. Middle-aged? I'm 42 & I don't refer to myself as such. All I could think of was Mike Myers Saturday Night skit of 'Middle Aged Man', after you said that.
    Thank you for testing the colors. I was hoping to find a photo or video lip swatch of Heartbreaker.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation of the swatch. I will do that next time!