Monday, April 4, 2016

Loopy Cases review and giveaway

Loopy cases has sent me 2 loopy cases for review.

Meet Loopy, the first case that can stop the drop. This case is the brainchild of three brothers who have been working on the case for three years.  I was fairly skeptical that this case would be as comfortable or as useful as they say.  I was WRONG.

Phones are indeed getting larger and larger. When you add a case to it they seem monstrous. They are bulky and hard to hold, especially as a parent juggling purses, diaper bags, kid stuff and sport bags.

Install of the Loopy is a breeze. Simply slide your phone down towards the bottom of your case and snap in to the corners. EASY! There is a slight bulge in the back from where the loop for your finger is. Not a real big deal in the long run. Your finger will be slightly bent while holding your phone.

The case itself has a crack and chip resistant dual layer of TPU protection. The front half is made from a shock absorbent wrap around bumper. This also is over the buttons of the phone which allows for easy access and doesn’t inhibit the use of the buttons. Another thing I find helpful is the small lip around the front of the phone. It creates a space between the screen of your phone and the counter you set it on, protecting the phone from scratches.
The loop will lay mostly flat but when I set my phone down on the backside it typically lays down like I’m propping it up to watch a video. This has actually made it convenient for me to watch a video in the kitchen while cooking. I didn’t know that until I went to the website to do the review. Its called a kickstand. NICE!
The loop actually allows you to use one hand (left or right handed loopy) to reach all areas of your screen. I have used mine successfully in both hands without issues. I like that the loop can be made bigger or smaller based on your hand size just by pulling on the loop before install. The smaller you make the loop, the more loop will be under your case against the phone. I suppose you could trim the loop if your hands are super small, but make sure to leave enough that loopy doesn’t pop out of your case. This could send your phone flying. Don’t blame me if this happens. Its just an observation and the company doesn’t say anything about that (total disclaimer on my part)!
I personally have used it to grab my phone and keys in one hand. I simply slip my finger into the loop like I’m going to use my phone. With a quick flip the phone is on the back of my hand allowing me to have both hands available. Over the past few days I have also noticed I don’t have to use my pinky finger to support the weight of the phone. This also reduces fatigue of my hand. Yes, I suppose I could use my phone less. However when I'm scrolling through articles during downtime that’s when I find fun reviews and giveaways for you! My phone has become my primary way to find items for the blog, and I dare not deprive you all!

I don’t forsee any issues with the case breaking or chipping. The case is pretty flexible and sturdy. If you have kids it is important that there is a lifetime warranty, just in case.

One thing I do love about having the loopy is it protects your phone while being active. I would love to see a slightly textured or rubbery case for better grip for the more active people.

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised at the functionality of the Loopy. I had very high hopes for it, but was a bit skeptical. Now I can tell you how amazing it is!


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  1. I like the shock absorbent wrap around bumper.

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  3. I like that it gives you that added grip when your hands are full and that it has a shock absorbent wrap.

  4. These are cool! In addition to the lifetime warranty and protection it offers, the interchangeable loops are great for my teen daughter who is always wanting to change the look of her phone case.

  5. These are cool! In addition to the lifetime warranty and protection it offers, the interchangeable loops are great for my teen daughter who is always wanting to change the look of her phone case.

  6. My favorite thing about this case is that it has a crack & chip-resistant dual layer of TPU protection.