Monday, April 11, 2016

Redmond products Review

 Redmond Trading sent me a selection of products to review. I am always for looking for alternative products without chemicals.

Earthpaste is different  than your typical toothpaste. Its not overly sweet or filled with chemicals and additives. I love that. We are very picky about the products we use and try to buy as natural as possible. One thing I noticed when brushing my teeth is that is feels different. I can’t explain the feeling other than clean with no chemical aftertaste. After an entire day at work (complete with eating, drinking tea/water), my teeth still feel amazingly clean. Mr Crazy Life doesn’t care for it as much, but I love it.

The lemon Earthpaste is made with Purified Water, Food Grade Redmond Clay, Xylitol, Redmond Sea Salt, Essential Oil (lemon, lemon verbana, tangerine and lime). This line of product was originally made due to the lack of a natural toothpastes that they loved. Most brands of toothpaste contain foaming agents. Our family tries to eliminate products like SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). In reading RedMond Trading website I found that chemicals like titanium dioxide to make the paste bright white. I don’t care if my products look appealing if they are made to work with natural ingredients.

There are a few salt products.  I was given was the Real salt shaker , Organic seasoningsgarlic and seasoning salt. These have great flavor , so I'm not sure if its any better than other product, but I do enjoy the flavor. Real Salt is real, authentic salt that is Unrefined. It contains naturally-occurring minerals,. Mineral analysis can be found on their site.

Bath salt plus contains naturally occurring minerals and is unrefined. It is sourced from an ancient dead sea and has a higher concentration of minerals than many other brands. One thing that I love is that it is mined in the USA.  There are no added ingredients, fillers, or scents, just 100% natural minerals. There are at least 60 naturally occurring minerals. Our bodies need all trace minerals to function without disease so this may be helpful for many people. Especially considering the fact that our food now is void of many minerals and nutrients due to multiple factors.

Redmond Mineral Clay has been used for thousands of years for home remedies prior to modern medicine. According to their site Geologically, Redmond Clay is volcanic ash that was deposited in sea water approximately 150 million years ago. Technically, Redmond Clay is a swelling-type sodium bentonite. Redmond Minerals brings this “clay of a thousand uses” to market in its natural state with no additives, chemicals or preservatives. Its very minimally processed with being crushed and screened. There are no studies that indicate if Redmond Clay is effective in curing any ailment, so please do your research. You can use the clay externally by mixing with water to create a gel that’s the consistent with mustard. You can use it directly on the skin for bee sting, mosquito bite, boil, and spider bites just like you would baking soda/water. If left on the skin uncovered it will dry out and you will feel it draw and pull. You can use this for facial for acne, pimples, or minor cuts, leave it on until it is almost dry and then remove. This would be the same as the facial mud which is the clay and purified water. You can also prepare a Pre-mixed ready to use gel by mixing water and clay in a 2:1 ratio and shake/stir. In 3-4 hours the clay will activate and you can keep in a non metallic container. If it becomes thick just add water and mix. Redmond Trading also suggest internal uses such as a spoonful in water/juice. I don’t know much about ingesting this product, so please do your research prior. I imagine it would be much like taking a charcoal pill or reducing your body ph to help with acidity, sour stomach or food poisoning. I will have to do more research on this before recommending for myself. Everyone is different in their needs so you will have to make that decision.


Earthcure soap is a natural glycerin soap. This particular product is made from distilled water, coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable glycerin, castor oil, jojoba oil, peppermint essential oil and spearmint essential oil.

Natural soap customers appear to have a common issue with soaps being too drying. My hands have been VERY dry with all the weather changing to spring. My hands have been suffering the most. Earthcure has a slight tingle after use and appears to keep my hands softer without harsh chemicals. I haven’t researched much in regards to the world of glycerin, but we all need to make our own choice based on what is best for us. For me, this product seems to really work. My hands don’t feel tight and dry.  

Facial Mud -   Pre-hydrated Redmond Clay in a convenient tube, ready to apply as a natural, cleansing facial mask.  
Overall I really like these products. However I am not in love with them. That comes my personal choice of not using items from the sea. For those who do not care about that, this will probably be  perfect products for you.

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