Monday, April 25, 2016

True citrus review

I'm terrible at drinking water. Not the mineral water or naturally flavored water, but the plain fluid that courses through our veins comprising 80% of our body.  I try to squeeze lemon and lime into a water bottle and keep it portable. However mid-day I get the visions of infomercials showing how hard it is to squeeze a lemon on the go. Yes, you can just cut a lemon and squeeze, but who wants to keep a knife and lemon in their purse?

Queue True Citrus products. I initially tried true lemon, true lime, and true grapefruit a few years ago and it was simply crystalized lemon, lime and grapefruit. I do remember my water consumption increasing exponentially.

In this sample pack I received their true lemonade, raspberry lemonade, orange mango, summer berry, watermelon fresca and black cherry limeade.

These are made with  all natural stevia and sugar. My verdict is still out on Stevia and I do limit my sugar intake, but these are great for those REALLY hot days that are coming up! I added one packet to a batch of black tea and that was fantastic! Nice and refreshing in water as well.  The packets have between up to 30 calories and 6g of sugar, however I only use a half packet per glass.

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