Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Nick Sticks Snack Sticks review and giveaway

Nick sticks sent me some of their meat snacks to try.

I’m not a huge fan of meat snacks or processed food in general. Perhaps during the apocalypse only if I needed to eat. I'm a huge proponent of eating real food.  That being said, I do keep emergency snacks in the car.

With the weather warming up I need to switch items that are shelf stable and won’t be a mess. Each day If we are out for extended periods of time I pack a small cold bag with snacks and water.

Things I LOVE about Nick Sticks is they are 100% grass fed and free range beef and free range turkey!

·         No MSG
·         No Nitrates
·         No Antibiotics
·         No Hormones
·         No Sugar
·         No Red Dye
·         No Gluten
Did you know that the industry standard don’t require snack sticks to label red dye as an ingredient? I didn’t know that! With so many food sensitivities these days, it is important to know whats in our food.

If you want to know more about Nick, check out their page. http://www.nicks-sticks.com/about-nick/

He’s from Iowa, has a year of culinary training, cancer survivor and look at that adorable family!Nick Sticks supports the fisher house. It’s a private-public partnership that supports the military in their time of need! https://www.fisherhouse.org/ How incredible to give back to the soldiers and their families in their time of need. As a military family, this is awesome to know that companies care

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  1. I love Nick's Sticks spicy beef sticks! Yum.

  2. My favorite is the Spicy Turkey sticks

  3. I like the Traditional Beef Jerky.

  4. The spicy beef sticks look yummy.

  5. favorite item is the SPICY BEEF SNACK STICKS