Friday, April 15, 2016

Nonda IHere 3.0 review

Nonda has sent me the iHere 3.0 Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder . You can find the manual here.

The IHere is a triangle about the width of most of my keys. It has a center button on one side, a small pinhole for a red/green light, a speaker and a charging port.  The top of the triangle is open to attach to your keys.  Nonda previously sent me the Zus which you can read about here.

Once you download the app and pair with your smartphone you can see the available options. There is a separation alarm which will set the IHere beeping if it’s out of range from the smart device. This could be useful with young kids or those with special needs. The alarm is connected to your smart device so if you walk a specific distance from your IHere, it will beep. If you are like me, you have a set space for your keys. You should be able to turn this separation alarm off.

When you look at the app you see a few options; Call phone, take selfies, car finder, and voice recorder. Below those options there are the words FIND and CLICK. The find option will actually find the last recorded location of the item it is attached to. We have had this for about a month now and switched it back and forth between our keychains.

It really holds up well and the battery life seems quite impressive. I suppose that is also due to the few key features it is able to do. The car finder is one of my favorite features as it can be difficult to remember things when you have kids. Like, you know, your name or what day of the week it is. ;)

Its not a huge issue for me, but I have read that people prefer a smaller button on the device as well as something other than a USB charger. To me neither are a huge drawback. I like the simplicity of this product.

In 2015, nonda won "The fastest growing startup" and "The best 10 smart hardwares" from SVACE and SVIEF, respectively; and in early 2016, two of nonda's products, ZUS smart car finder & USB car charger and Hub+ won iF design Awards.

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