Thursday, April 28, 2016

RiverTree Life Essential oil gear review and giveaway

RiverTree Life sent me the following products to review. Rivertree Life is a family-owned business in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.  They have a love for essential oils and wanted to enjoy with attractive bottles, accessories, tubes and storage. In my quest for healthier living, I find that the neat bottles help me use the concoctions that I make.

Here is an overview of my first thoughts after opening the package.

The masculine poly lables are weatherproof and a great way to label your products! I wish I had some other styles now. All 110 (2 sheets) are peel and stick. You can use them on any container to label your blends. I used a permanent marker (sharpie). They are not meant for laser or ink jet printers. The labels measure about 1” tall and 1.5” wide. To insure a good adhesion, wash and dry hands prior and give the bottles/containers a quick wipedown.

Set of 3 Blank 10 ML Brown Amber Roll on bottles - I learned something new about the amber bottles. The amber color protects against UV rays and helps your product last longer. Awesome!! The 10 ml bottles are the perfect size for your purse or diaper bag. My daughter keeps one of these filled with a focus blend. She applies it in the morning before school. We have it in a pouch in a seat cover on the back of the seat in my car. She loves having her own bottle. This is great to empower and teach kids about healthy living and promote conversation. The lid screws on and is plastic.

Set of 3 Yasmine 10 ML Brown Amber Roll on bottles. These are the same as their blank brown amber bottles with gorgeous gold metallic printed on the bottle in 3 designs. It has a stainless steel roller ball. After using other brands, I find the stainless steel the best choice in most brands. These allow for even application of your oil product.

Aluminum and Glass refillable essential oil Personal Nasal inhaler. Here is a previous review as well.
I have actually done a review of this before and I find it very helpful. It is great in warm areas like a docking station at your desk if you can’t plug a diffuser in, or in a car. I find this additional use very helpful to help reduce anxiety in situation where you cannot use traditional means. This also makes it to where you don’t have to make it obvious that you are using it. These are the Mink Brown and light purple.

Here is an infographic from RiverTree Lifes website.

I wanted to make sure to remind you, when making blends that you apply (such as with these rollers) make sure you always use a carrier oil.

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  1. I like the roll ons, especially the amber.

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  3. I also like the 15ml Brown Amber Glass Roll On Bottle w/Stainless Steel Ball - Set of 3