Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jaxx Bags - Midtown Chair Review

Jaxx Bean Bags sent me their Midtown chair. Because I love this chair SO much I am posting this in reverse order. This chair is AMAZING as a kids chair or gaming chair. This little model is 8 years old and 44" tall and you can see how it fits her perfectly.

The back doesn't support an adults head like it does a childs, but its a great chair if you cant get on the floor with the kids but still want to be close. I find myself sitting on it all the time because its super comfortable.

The midtown chair is made with smooth lines and is considered both classic and modern. It is ergonomic )especially for kids) and wrapped in a plush twill cover. We love the curve in this chair because it makes it easy to relax in.  

The cover is easily removable if it gets dirty, and you can always buy a new cover to change it up. It is made from durable urethane firm foam.  This chair measures 29.75” x 42.65” x 24” and is made in the USA (Atlanta, GA to be exact).

 This is a front view. Its listed as a Mocha color but in some light it looks gray.
 I apologize for the pictures from this point forward. Little crazy life was SUPER excited to get this out of the bag. We have the a cocoon bag that we purchased on our own 4 years ago and she loves it so we were very excited to try this new addition to our Jaxx Collection. The beanbag we purchased has shown NO wear at all. We had an issue with the cover but customer service took care of it quickly.

This is how the chair comes. Unzip the bag and...........

Voila... you see how compressed it comes.  They ship it compressed to reduce cost of shipment and environmental consciousness.

It took about 30 minutes for it to decompress, but to get fully expanded it takes about 12 hours.

Check out their Beanbags, kids, indoor, outdoor, accessories, and their sale page. There are SO many things I want! I am so impressed with their products.  

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