Tuesday, August 16, 2016

DragonFly Nutrition Bars Review

Dragonflly Nutrition sent me some of their amazing bars to review. These bars were cut into thirds and little crazy life snuck off with a piece of each. They are THAT good!  These are moist and have NO JUNK in them! I am almost ashamed to say we ate all of this in one night. We split each bar into thirds. They are gluten free and paleo friendly! I apologize for the bad pictures, but everyone was drooling and trying to snag all the bars!

The thing I love about these bars is that they are NO sugar or fillers. Dragonfly nutrition are a bunch of self described fitness nuts who love to eat! They wanted to make a healthful alternative to the sugary nutrition bars. They hand make these nutrition bars and are not cooked. 

Dragonfly doesn't add refined sugar or honey to their products. The only sugars are the ones come naturally from the dried fruits. Raw almond and organic dried fruit bar probably has the lowest sugars at 6.7 grams for a 50 gram bar

The one above is the their walnut bar.  They are made from walnut, organic coconut, organic date, organic  fig, organic flax seed, egg protein, and guar gum, and vitamin E (tocopherol).

Their almond is fantastic as well. Its just as moist as the others and has a similar flavor. This is made from raw almond, organic apricot, organic coconut, organic fig, egg protein, organic date, guar gum, vitamin E (tocopherol).

 This is their cashew bar and is my favorite. The cashews made it more buttery than the rest which is why cashews are my favorite. These delicious bars are made from raw cashew, organic pear, organic peach, organic date, organic rice protein, guar gum, vitamin E (tocopherols).
 The chocolate is my absolute favorite, because, CHOCOLATE! They are made from raw almond, raw walnut, organic peach, organic pear, organic fig, organic dark chocolate, organic coconut, organic date, egg protein, guar gum, coconut oil (medium chain triglycerides), vitamin E (tocopherols).

 Trail Mix was soft and delicious. This is made from Raw almond, organic pear, organic apple, organic fig, pistachio and No preservatives.

If you want to buy some there is a discount code for free shipping: crazylifeasmom

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