Monday, August 1, 2016

Urban Organic Seed of the month club review

Urban Organic Gardener sent me their a selection from their NON-GMO seed of the month club! If you are looking for places to purchase NON-GMO seeds, check out their page here.

I have to garden in containers due to run off from the neighbors who use roundup and other chemicals. I also co-plant to help naturally kill off and repel bugs/pests.

Out of these seeds I co-planted cucumber, kale, carrots and I added dandelion. They have been planted for a week and are all starting to sprout. I mixed in Epsom salt with warm water to dissolve and then added to a watering can.

If co-planting and Epsom salt effects these plants like my tomatoes, I am going to see a HUGE yield. My 4 tomato plants are currently 5'5" tall and have over 70 green tomatoes! I have never had success like this with the plants on their own. If you do co-plant make sure to double check which plants are compatible. Some do not get along.

We try hard to stay away from chemicals and pesticides. Even if that means growing our own! My goal this winter is to turn part of our garage into a greenhouse so we can have fruit and vegetables at our fingertips! You can read more about pesticide related health risks.

Nutrition is the key to a healthy body. If you think of food as fuel, your body will thank you.

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