Monday, August 15, 2016

Pure Life Boutique Review

Pure Life Boutique sent me a pendant and a bottle of their lavender oil. I am no expert on oil qualities, but this lavender has a beautiful scent. Its an organic high alpine lavender. I love that its organic and I do like that they appear to be transparent as they list a ton of information on the source product and origin, extraction method, the part of the plant used, etc. Comparing this lavender to the one I have, PureLife seems softer and a bit less pungent.

My oldest burned herself pretty badly on steam from a tea kettle. I put this in a spray bottle with distilled water. Her arm was healed within a week!

 To open this pendant you have to take the chain off which is the only downside for me.

The pendant pictured Comes with 5 colored pads which can greatly change the look of the pendant with your outfits. I used the purple pad with lavender and the scent lasted about 3 days.

This is one of the larger pendants I have reviewed at 1.29 " across. It has a pretty decent weight to it as well for those who like that. Its an antique-bronze color locket with a 24" chain.

They are having a promotion to celebrate their launch. They retail for $27, but you only pay $5.95 on the first necklace. Pricing is discounted when you get 3 or more. There is purchase a limit of 10 necklaces per customer.

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