Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mobius Nutrition Review

Mobius Nutrition send me 5 packets of their breakfast drink mix. This drink tasted pretty good. It was not as chocolatey as I had hoped, but it didn't taste terrible either. I cannot place the taste, but it had no aftertaste. 

"A M√∂bius strip is a one dimensional object represented in three dimensions. When viewing a mobius strip it looks as if it has two sides when in fact it only has one. We at Mobius Nutrition believe that the same can be said for the relation between the mind and body. While many treat them as separate entities, they are one and the same. By benefiting the mind you benefit the body, and by benefitting the body you benefit the mind.All of our products are based on this belief and are made with ingredients to benefit both mind and body."

Because there is 100mg of caffeine in each serving this is not a product for your kiddos. This is not a diet drink meant as a meal replacement. Those create a calorie deficit for your day. This is supposed to be a sustaining meal.

Gluten, Soy, Lactose and GMO-FREE! The ingredients are listed here. There are eggs and coconut. Many of the ingredients are not familiar to me SO I will do some research. Check out their blog for TONS of information.

They say to mix one packet of mix with water, but I mixed it with almond or coconut milk. I've never liked mixes with water.  
Mobius Nutrition has a great blog so go check it out.

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