Saturday, February 6, 2016

Nonda Zus Review
 Nonda ZUS is more than just a USB charger, it’s a locator also!

A few of the features that I LOVE about the Zus is the Smart Device Detection, 2x Charging Speed (4.8A), Low Energy Bluetooth, Smart Car Locator, Titanium Coating, Data Plan Free, dual ports and so much more.

A few other features it has are as follows:
·         Designed in Germany
·         ElegantShine™ Lighting provides great usability in dark environments.
·         12-month warranty
·         US Military Grade Quality - MIL-STD-810G High Temperature Standard
·         German Bayer Material
·         ZUS Cooling System
When you come back all you have to do is open the app! It shows you a compass and a direction to start walking along with approximate distance. It appears to have some issues locating in garages or covered areas. It only remembers the last place you parked and turned your engine off. If you lend it to your wife, friend or family member, you can no longer track your location.
One other feature I noticed is a parking time alert as well which is fantastic!

The Car locator is 100% automated. Plug ZUS in, install the free app, connect, and you are done. ZUS will automatically remember where you park your car once you turn the engine off. It appears you should have your Bluetooth on while you open the app and turn off your car.

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