Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mess Maid NW Review of services


Mess Maid NW came out to my home and did a cleaning. I really have no pictures to show you but will include some from their site along with my personal experience.

First of all the scheduling process. I emailed them to give them dates of availability. They were prompt and courteous in their response.

The day scheduled w
e had 3 people come out for about 90 minutes. Brianna came in and introduced herself and the two other crew members. They were all very professional and polite. The staff cleaned our three bathrooms and kitchen. I had lightly cleaned them all that week as well.

The bathrooms looked amazing and I don't think I have ever seen them that clean before. I think they used some magic potion to get the rooms that clean. It was outstanding. Little crazy life talked to them a bit, but the crew didn't seem to mind and were very sweet to her. They even vacuumed our room and the hallway by the bathrooms. The gentleman wore a backpack vacuum and now I want one of those because it did an amazing job.

The kitchen got a deeper cleaning than I had a chance to do in awhile. Brianna cleaned the inside of the microwave and even got the glass cooktop sparkling clean and that is no easy task. Have you ever tried to clean one? They are horrid. The cooktop is one of my nightmares. The gentleman came down and vacuumed our rugs in the kitchen and they even moved and mopped the rugs. They were quick to get things done and the house smelled amazing.

They cleaned up behind them as they left the room and had a great system between the three of them.

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